Both Dr. D’Antonio and Dr. Rogers accented daily exercise as being of paramount importance in the process of building bone. With bone mass, it’s another case of “use it or lose it.” Putting stress on the bones by exercising tells the body to make the bones stronger! So everyday, I do at least an hour’s worth of exercise, choosing from these activities:

  • Walking, especially with a backpack.
  • Jumping on our mini-trampoline, available from Sports Authority. This activity also promotes lymph drainage.
  • Weight training/muscle toning, either at the YMCA or at home using the “Beauty to the Bone” DVD by Margaret Richard.
  • Yoga, using either the “Simply Yoga” DVD with Yolanda Pettinato -or- “Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss” with Suzanne Deason.
  • Stretching, using the “Muscle & Grace: Stretching” video by Margaret Richard.
  • Swimming, either at the YMCA or the beach
  • Boogie boarding at the beach.
  • Yard work and gardening.
  • Belly dancing, either at the YMCA or at home, using music CD’s. Belly dancing at the Y is lots of fun and great exercise–and it’s only $25/month for members. I’m also in the process of buying some belly dancing DVD’s to use at home.

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