Shoulder Fracture

Who would have believed that one year after my shoulder fracture I would be mountain climbing?  The good news is that’s exactly what  happened! In our recent trip to Caritas, Alabama, George and I joined hundreds of others in climbing a mountain to a Marian grotto carved into the side of a mountain.  Near the […]

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Kathy on February 16th, 2009

First came the break! 6-20-2008 – An Unexpected Break Second, the Treatment: 6-22-08 – Faith Reflection – Give Thanks in All Circumstances 6-22-08 – Weekly Workout While My Broken Shoulder Heals 6-26-08 – Hydrocodone/APAP for Pain Relief: Product Review 7-1-08 – Progress Report: Visit to Dr. White on Monday, 6/30/08; Faith Reflection – The Scenic […]

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Seven months ago I fractured my shoulder in four places in a bike accident.  Following the instructions of my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. White, I initially kept the injury immobilized with a sling and swath, and eventually I started physical therapy. Using a combination of therapies, including chiropractic adjustment and massage therapy, the pain resulting from […]

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Today was my last visit with Dr. White because…my shoulder fracture is healed and mobility is nearing 100%! Dr. White did have some words of advice as he sent me on my way.  Continued stretching, he said, is essential over the next year.  He suggested finding a door in my house that is strongly hinged […]

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Kathy on September 28th, 2008

A beautiful, sunny, Autumn day with a  tropical breeze created the perfect setting for gardening…and shoulder strengthening. Saturday afternoon I grabbed my shovel and hand tools and headed for the butterfly garden in the front yard.   Because I fractured my shoulder in June, I had been unable to work on this area of the yard […]

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Kathy on September 9th, 2008

Yesterday in physical therapy, Jeremy stretched my shoulder joint vertically to about 165 degrees (out of 180).   This means I have recovered most of my range of motion since my shoulder fracture in June, but not all.  Jeremy said the last degrees are the hardest in stretching out a “frozen” shoulder, where the tough capsule […]

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Kathy on August 29th, 2008

What an exciting visit today with Dr. White to review the progress of my shoulder fracture! The shoulder x-ray showed complete healing of all four breaks! Then, Dr. White moved my arm around to test for current range of motion and was quite pleased with my progress. He said that four more weeks of physical […]

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