On my first visit to Dr. Rogers, he took a drop of my blood and put it on a slide. He then performed a “dark field examination” using a combination microscope/TV viewer, so that I could see my blood in action. What I saw shocked me! Damaged, misshapen blood cells stuck together in clumps of 50 to 100 cells. I asked, “Why does my blood look like that?” He said that my blood was highly acidic, which was confirmed by Ph testing.

Thus, the mystery of my osteoporosis was revealed. I learned that the blood must maintain an alkaline level of about 7.4 in order to function properly. Because my blood was acid, my body was leaching calcium from my bones to neutralize the acid–but even that wasn’t enough. Dr. Rogers said the acidic condition would unless I changed my diet to eat foods that left an “alkaline ash”, thus allowing my body to use the calcium I eat to rebuild my bones.

Over about a month’s time, I switched to the Positive Ph diet. I also started taking a list of supplements that Dr. Rogers recommended, in addition to those that Dr. D’Antonio had prescribed. Within three months I had lost 23 pounds (down to 119 from 142), and the next dark field exam showed improvement in the blood.

I feel sure that my bones are improving, too. However, I must wait until January to take my next bone scan (Dexascan). Then we’ll know for sure!

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