My bone-building diet hit a snag when the school year started and I returned to the classroom. All of the sudden my digestive tract seemed to go haywire, with loose stools and the development of hemorrhoids! I called Dr. Rogers’ office, and he suggested that I try Sonne-7, which is a blend of bentonite clay that helps eliminate toxins from the body. I tried that, but the condition didn’t go away. So, I contacted Dr. D’Antonio (See Foundations) and made an appointment for Tuesday, August 21, 2007.

Using his LAS computer system, he checked all my supplements to see if their electronic signature resonated with my body. He said all the supplements were working fine and represented money well spent.

Then he said, “Let’s check out your emotions.” Remember: Strong emotions that are not processed are stored in various organs of the body as polypeptides. Dr. D’Antonio’s LAS can detect the signatures of various emotional chemicals, and that day he hit the jackpot. My emotions that displayed on his computer screen were: “Feelings of self-denial, feelings of being strict with self, fear of loss of self-control.” He asked, “Is that how you’re feeling?”

His question brought tears to my eyes. I said, “How else could I feel right now? It’s so hard sometimes. I mean, yesterday was my birthday, and everyone else had cake, but me.”

Dr. D’Antonio then said it won’t destroy my bone-building program to let go and have a treat once in a while. The body can adjust and recover from an occasional dessert. It’s the constant, day-after-day treats and junk food that push the body beyond its ability to cope and cause disease. He prescribed two BioActive Homeopathic remedies: Bio Cherry Plum 6X and Bio Rock Water 6X to relieve upset and fear. Within two days, my stools returned to normal and the hemorrhoids disappeared! It truly amazes me the enormous effect that emotions have on the body!

So, this snag in the program has been smoothed out. Full speed ahead!

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