Breakfast: Kamut pancakes (See Recipes) with applesauce on top, Greens shake with BioChlor, tart cherry juice with Corvalen (D-Ribose), water, and supplements

Snack: Zymepro (This is the supplement that Dr. Rogers prescribed to help me digest whatever foods I haven’t digested on my own. It must be taken at least 2 hours after eating and at least 1 hour before eating.) and water

Lunch: Turkey loaf (See Recipes), and Steamed Cabbage (See Recipes), water with lemon

Snack: Cherry tomatoes and almonds

Supper: Sweet Potato Medallions (See Recipes), Mushrooms & Onion (See Recipes), Summer Squash & Tomatoes (See Recipes), Raspberry Tea with Beyond C Powder, Water with lemon

Bedtime: Supplements and water

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