Well, this wasn’t an ideal day for the pro-bone diet, but it didn’t turn out too bad, I guess. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Breakfast: 2 slices of Ezekiel break, tart cherry juice with Corvalen (D-Ribose), Greens Shake (See Recipes), supplements, water, raspberry tea with Beyond C Powder

Snack: None–no time

Lunch: Celery and almond butter

Snack: None–no time

Supper: Out to dinner at Main Street Grill: Blackened Chicken Main Street Salad, three large glasses of water with lemon

Snack: 3 raisin millet cookies, cup of blueberry tea with Beyond C powder

Snack: All Bran Garlic Herb crackers

Bedtime: Sunflower seeds, water, supplements

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