When I first started seeing Dr. D’Antonio, he insisted that I needed more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep at night if I wanted to build bone. I asked, “What does sleep have to do with bone density?” Turns out…plenty! Inadequate sleep causes the body to stress, which causes a cortisol reaction, a/k/a the “fight or flight” reaction. When the body is continually stressed, it doesn’t worked on re-building. It works on surviving! And all the while, the adrenal glands are being pushed beyond their normal limits, until they get worn out and unable to function as they should.

The remedy? Eight hours of sleep every night! (Dr. D’Antonio said he would accept 7 in a pinch.) While you are sleeping, your body is busy healing itself. Your immune system and detoxification organs are focusing on cleansing your body of accumulated wastes and on repairing cellular damage. Adequate sleep increases productivity, decreases accidents and mistakes, and gives you an overall feeling of energy and well-being. Your relaxed, rested body is not a “lazy” body. Rather, a fully rested body is alert and ready for whatever challenges come its way–including the business of building bone!

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