After six months on this regimen to build bone mass, my weight seems to have stabilized at about 110, give or take 2 pounds. However, I note that if I miss exercising for even a couple of days, the weight tends to creep back. I must keep my body moving, both to keep the weight down and to build bone.

The other area that I’m struggling with is desserts! Tis the season, you know. We’ve got lots of holidays and special occasions coming up that feature sweets and fats that leave acid ash in the body and cause bone loss and weight gain. I need more yummy “instead of” dishes to enjoy when other people are eating cake and pie and candy. Otherwise, I’m going to feel sorry for myself big time, and resentment isn’t good for the body or the soul. So, be watching for more healthful dessert recipes in the coming weeks.

My next Dexascan (bone scan) is in November. Then we’ll see if this regimen has made a difference.

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