You might ask, Don’t you every get tired of this routine?

Yes, I do get tired of the routine. Every so often I throw a regular pity party for myself! In fact, tonight’s the night.

So, what do I do to beat the blues? First, I complain. Yup, I list every woe I can think of. (So much for thinking positive!) But for me, it works.

You see, after getting out all the woe, there’s nowhere else to go…but UP!

Try this out for size: I complained about an argument I had at work with a colleague, about one of my classes that gave me a particularly hard time today, about the taste of the new liquid mineral supplements I have to take, about the sheer number of pills and conconctions I have to take, and more. I even cried aloud, “What terrible sin have I committed that I have to put up with this miserable routine?” To which my husband replied, “You abused your body for 30 years with overwork and stress.” That made me feel better–NOT! The fact that he was right made it even worse.

After that, though, there was no place to go, but up. I could be thankful for the fact that I have a caring, competent team of doctors who are helping me to get well. I could be grateful for the progress that’s been made. I could enjoy the stimulating exercise that has become a mainstay of my schedule. I could even look forward to the fact that perhaps my daughters will not wind up fighting osteoporosis in their postmenopausal years because they learned early how to prevent it.

Finally, I remembered that I have my on-line, bone-building pals to write. Let’s encourage each other to keep on keepin’-on the path to stronger bones and good health!

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