Yesterday was the last day of school before the Winter break, and the last day of school can be a wild time for middle schoolers.  Rather than embracing the party atmosphere my 8th graders hoped for, I gave the unit test.  The predictable moans and groans ensued, but order prevailed.  Most did well on the test, since the material was still fresh in their minds.  Accountability led to success.

I arrived home plum tuckered out from dealing with sugar-crazed, holiday-hungry students.  I went to the fridge to find something healthy to eat. Finding nothing, I grabbed the package of Edie’s Frozen Yogurt out of the freezer and thoroughly enjoyed a forbidden treat that I had not tasted in about a year!

Later that evening, my husband said, “Are you going to put that in your Daily Diet column?”  I replied that I hadn’t written a Daily Diet column in a while because I had gotten bored with it and figured my readers had, too.  But then, I got to thinking this morning that the built-in accountability that goes with writing the Daily Diet column is good for me.  I am more attentive to maintaining a well-rounded, non-acidic diet–and to drinking more water–when I have buddies to keep me going.

So, dear Readers, thanks for allowing me to look to as my accountability partners.

Accountability = Success!



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