Orthopedic surgeon Dr. George White and his physician’s assistant, Mr. Steven Anderson, had another X-ray taken of my arm to see if the shoulder bones are staying in the right position for healing. They are! So, now it’s two weeks down, ten to go in healing from the fractures. I go back again next week for another X-ray.

In the meantime, I am continuing to sleep in a recliner to keep the bones hanging straight–doctor’s orders–and I enjoying time with my children. Yesterday, my 19-year-old daughter Kelly drove me to the doctor in Orlando, then to my part-time secretarial job at my son’s web design business in Port Orange, and then to my ASL (American Sign Language) class in Daytona Beach–and I enjoyed her company tremendously as we talked about life and love and music and more. When we got home, Kelly helped me get a real bath–which is quite a challenge with a fractured shoulder. Then she made us a scrumptious dinner of turkey pot pie with pumpkin pie for dessert, which we ate while watching the “Celtic Women” Concert on DVD together.

My broken shoulder may be a difficult challenge right now, but I treasure this day spent with Kelly–and it would not have happened if not for my bike accident. Who’s to say whether an unexpected curve in the path of life is an inconvenient detour -or- an awesome invitation to enjoy the scenic route? With God as our tour guide, we know He is working all things to our good. So, we can let our hearts relax and keep our eyes open for the blessings He showers on those who love Him–even in the rain.


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