I received some words of encouragement from Dr. Steven D’Antonio, the naturopathic doctor who first started me on the healthier diet and supplements that grew to become my OsteoDiet for reversing osteoporosis and promoting bone health. When he read about my biking accident, Dr. Steve wrote:

“Sorry to hear about your fall. With all of the nutrients you take you should heal quickly. Congratulations on the upcoming babies. [Two of my daughters are expecting and are due this winter.] You should be good and strong by that point.”

He added that he would keep me in his prayers.

I have reflected over and over on Dr. Steve’s encouraging message. His words gives me hope as my broken shoulder heals, as I picture myself in the future rocking my two new grandbabies in my two strong arms.

BTW, Dr. Steve is in the process of adding acupuncture to his medical practice. He has only one year left of
acupuncture school. I’ll let you know when he officially completes his training.

Thanks, Dr. Steve, for the difference you have made in my life!

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