*Note: Because I read only the front of the Trident Gum Package and not the fine print on the back, I didn’t notice that Xylitol wasn’t its only sweetener. Trident with Xylitol also contains Aspertame and Sorbitol, which Dr. Rogers does not allow because of their harmful effects on the body! Please see my revisions to the original product review below.

This week at Wal-Mart I discovered a new treat to add to our OsteoDiet for reversing osteoporosis and promoting bone health: Trident Gum with Xylitol!

Correction: Sorry…I can’t add this product to my diet after all. 🙁

What it’s for: Chewing enjoyment! Great taste! Fresh breath!

Correction: Tastes great, but I still have to avoid it.

What’s good about it: Xylitol! My doctors do not allow me to include processed sugars (sucrose, fructose, etc.) or artificial sweeteners (Aspertame, Nutrisweet, Sorbitol, etc.) on my osteoporosis diet, but they DO allow Stevia and Xylitol. Now, to me, Stevia has an strange aftertaste, but Xylitol tastes just like table sugar! Xylitol also inhibits the growth of bacteria on the teeth and reduces tartar.

Correction: Trident, you’re on the right track adding Xylitol. Now to get rid of the Aspertame and Sorbitol!

What’s bad about it: Nothing that I know of!

Correction: Aspertame and Sorbitol, as well as food coloring and preservatives.

It’s better than: Spry sugarfree gum with Xylitol. They both taste great, but you get more gum for your buck with Trident.

Correction: Turns out that Spry sugarfree gum is the real hero.

It’s not as good as: Double Bubble bubble gum, but hey! I can’t have sugary bubble gum anyway, if I want to put maximum effort into building my bones.

Correction: Spry sugarfree gum uses Xylitol as its only sweetener.

Why I use this product: Convenience! I visit Wal-Mart more often than the health food store, and it’s great to be able to buy gum that I’m allowed to chew when I’m buying groceries.

Correction: It’s back to the health food store for me! Health is more important than convenience.

Best place to get it: If Wal-Mart has it, it’s bound to be available in most grocery stores.

Correction: Spry sugarfree gum is available at DeLand Bakery & Natural Market and at other health food stores.

For more information about this product: Visit Trident’s website at:

Correction: For more information on Spry Sugarfree Gum, visit and visit the “shop now” section.

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  1. John says:

    I don’t know why the dangerous chemical aspartame still used in gum,, why they don’t add stevia which is completely natural and has been used for thousands of years?? maybe they don’t want to create real “safe” gum? aspartame gives me terrible migraines..

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