Today’s visit to the orthopedic specialist yielded terrific news: The x-ray of my shoulder revealed that the shoulder fractures have healed! The doctor said I no longer need the sling or the swath, and I am to begin physical therapy right away.

My left arm has very little strength or range of motion after having been basically immobilized for six weeks. How much range of motion I recover depends partly on nature, he said, and partly on my determination. The doctor noted that I showed considerable motivation, and while he encouraged me to keep pushing the stretching and range of motion, he also warned me not to overdo it right away. He said I could look forward to four to six weeks of rehabilitation by the physical therapist and probably a year of continued therapy on an at-home program. I will return to the doctor for another checkup in three weeks.

In the meantime, I am allowed to return to running! I can hardly wait! No driving yet, and no weight training involving the left shoulder…but soon! And I can return to sleeping in a bed, instead of a recliner.

I am so grateful to God for this healing! The doctor had said that it usually takes six to eight weeks for shoulder fractures to heal, and I am just barely at six weeks–another indication that the OsteoDiet of 80% alkaline foods plus appropriate supplements works for bone healing. I am due for my one-year Dexascan (bone scan) in November, so in four months we’ll see if the OsteoDiet has made a difference in the bone density of my hip and vertebrae.

I am greatly encouraged by today’s events. I’ll keep you posted as further developments occur!

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