Six weeks ago, I fractured my shoulder in four places in a bicycle accident. It was a miserable break, requiring morphine in the ER. Now, six weeks later, x-rays reveal that the bone is healed, and the sling-and-swath device can come off! If you have broken your shoulder and wonder what to do to make things better for yourself, try these top 10 tips for surviving a shoulder fracture.

1. Move the recliner into your bedroom.
You’re going to have to sleep basically sitting up, and the most comfortable way to do that is to sleep in a recliner. Through the grace of God, my parents had just given us a recliner a few days before the accident. My husband made it into a “bed” by covering it with a sheet and a light comforter, and I slept there for the entire six weeks that my shoulder was healing. I kept different pillows handy to help prop up my body where needed. I also kept an ice bag nearby to reduce swelling and plugged in a heating pad by the recliner to help relieve muscle pain.

2. Take pain relievers as prescribed until no longer needed.
The doctor prescribed Hydrocodone APAP to use at home for pain. I took it for 11 days, until I felt I could get by okay without it. There’s no need to play the hero by going without pain meds! Powerful narcotic analgesics, such as Hydrocodone, can be habit forming if taken for several weeks, but I didn’t have any trouble weaning myself off of it. You might feel a bit lightheaded and dizzy from the medication, but it’s a lot better that suffering in agony!

3. Drink LOTS of water.
Your body needs water in a big way right now! The body is protecting and surrounding the injury with fluid, rushing nutrients to the affected areas, and processing dead cells and byproducts of healing. All of these activities require a supply of fresh water for maximum efficiency. Also, narcotic painkillers tend to cause constipation unless you drink plenty of water and eat fiber-rich foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

4. Don’t be too proud (or modest) to ask for help with personal care.
Everyone likes being independent and capable, but right now you need to accept your limitations and seek help. For the first two weeks, it was too painful even to attempt to wash myself. Instead, either my husband or my daughters gave me sponge baths and washed my hair when needed. By week three, I was able to sit in a couple of inches of water in the bathtub, wearing a spare sling-and-swath, but I still needed help to wash. By week five, I could stand in a shower, still wearing the sling-and-swath, and wash myself one-handed. You won’t be able to shave your armpit for at least a month, but just getting cleaned up and sweet-smelling will make you feel better!

5. Switch to an easy-care haircut.
After a few weeks, I went to the hairdresser and got a shag haircut that I could blow-dry one-handed. I really enjoyed the emerging independence of being able to style my own hair!

6. Invest in devices that will help you to do one-handed what you used to do with two.
For example, we bought an electric can opener that would allow me to open cans with one hand. Because I could no longer use two hands to floss my teeth, we bought “dental flossers” that that I could used one-handed. They look kind of like little plastic swords on one end with a short stretch of tooth floss on the other end. I bought Plackers brand dental flossers– “gentle FINE: Perfect for Tight Teeth” with “New improved super tuffloss–Engineered not to shred or break during use–The same fiber used to make bulletproof vests.” I like these dental flossers so much that I’m going to continue to use them even now that my shoulder has healed.

7. Prepare for the “itch.”
The bruising and swelling that is normal for shoulder breaks will eventually start going down, and when it does, it’s going to itch like crazy! I tried several ways to relieve the itch, but here’s what worked: 1) Dry brush massage, using strokes in the direction of the heart, 2) Drinking a big glass of water, 3) Herbal tea with non-acidic Vitamin C powder, and 4) Applying Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion to the arms, shoulder, chest and abdomen, which all itched beyond belief. I would wake up in the middle of the night tortured by the itching! However, once I figured out this routine, I could get the itching to stop completely within an hour or less, and then go back to sleep.

8. Exercise any way you can.
Before I broke my shoulder, I used to exercise by running, bicycling, belly dancing, and weight training, as well as stretching, sculpting, and aerobic workouts with Kathy Smith and Margaret Richard DVD’s at home. While the fracture healed, my exercise routine had to change, but it didn’t disappear completely! My usual routine (after the first two weeks) was: walking slow and easy, stationary biking, stretching, and modified belly dancing–isolated to just the lower body. It wasn’t what I was I was used to, but it was better than moping and laying around all day. Exercise can really lift your spirits, even when you’re recovering from an injury.

9. Eat a balanced diet that includes the recommended amount of calcium, and consider taking supplements that provide nutrients for bone-building. For a quick listing of great foods for encouraging bone health, check out my article, β€œTop 10 Bone-Building Foods.” For a more extensive listing, see the β€œFoundations” category of this website. As for supplements, I’ve been drinking a concoction that I fondly call “Bone Cocktail,” which is made of these ingredients from Eniva Corporation: 1 oz. Cell-Ready Minerals + 1 oz. Cell-Ready Cal-Mag (Calcium-Magnesium) + 1 oz. Cell-Ready Strontium + 2 oz. of pomegranate juice + 8 oz. water. For a complete listing of the supplements I take to reverse osteoporosis and build bone density, check out my article, “What I’m Taking Now and Why.”

10. Celebrate every step toward healing!
There are certain stages of healing that are common to the majority of shoulder fractures. As you reach each of these milestones, celebrate your progress and give thanks for your continued healing!

Initial treatment at the ER

Initial visit to the orthopedic doctor

Discontinuing prescription pain medication

Permission to begin extending and flexing the forearm while holding the elbow

Permission to bend at the waist and allow arm to hang and to rotate passively in a circle

Permission to begin passive movement of the shoulder area by having a friend or family member move the forearm to the front, back, and side.

Permission to remove the sling-and-swath and begin formal physical therapy.

This last step is where I am right now. In fact, my first appointment for physical therapy is at 4:30 this afternoon. I have been warned to expect major pain. This is one of those circumstances where it really is “no pain, no gain.” I’ll let you know what happens!

Bonus Tip: Yes, you can still have sex with a shoulder fracture!
Your partner is going to have to be v-e-r-y gentle and careful of your injury, but it’s wonderfully consoling and strengthening to enjoy that special closeness at a time when you are struggling in other areas of life. Having several pillows handy can be helpful in finding a comfortable position for lovemaking. Note: Ladies, don’t expect your body to experience orgasm while it is tense with pain and discomfort, but you can still enjoy your husband’s tenderness and affection, even if you don’t climax. And don’t worry: As your injury heals, your sexual responsiveness will return. πŸ™‚

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588 Comments on Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture

  1. Nick says:

    Hi ,

    Just to share a few thoughts regarding my case as well.

    I had suffered a broken shoulder injury last year ( tripped and fell on the pavement).
    Fortunately there was no bone dislocation ( meaning no surgical intervention)
    but there was a gap shown by X-ray in the greater tuberosity area of the humerus – with minimal displacement.
    Plus some other finer crack at the bottom of the humerus.
    I had needed to have the right shoulder strapped for cca 3-4 weeks – followed by just wearing a sling thereafter.

    I want to share with some of the modalities of recuperation especially because the comments from this forum had helped me a lot.
    Thank you to all the people who had contributed to this forum!
    Maybe some other people could benefit from my shared experience now.

    To get into details, after 6 weeks with the arm strapped (and after several XRays) , the doctor had persuaded me to remove the sling and start the physiotherapy program .

    All in all , there are several areas of treatment that I need to mention here.
    It is difficult to ascertain which one was more effective – but , anyway I have used the following approaches:

    = Pain management + Vitamins =

    Calcium supplements
    Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM
    Vitamin D
    Arginine, ornithine and lysine

    DMSO liquid – applied topically on the shoulder – once the sling was off
    See more details about this miraculous liquid at

    Infra red lamp – this had helped with the blood circulation

    Homeopathy remedy – Cantharis

    = Nutrition =

    Lots of dishes involving proteins (meat primarily).
    Supplemented periodically with Whey protein powder.
    Foods rich in Iron – like spinach

    Alkalinity – I took the habit of measuring the acidity of my food because acidity can be damaging to the bones.
    This can be measured with the so called PH strips. A sprinkle of bicarbonate of soda can rebalance the PH level
    (and avoid fizzy drinks !!! the have acid in them)

    = Acupuncture =
    I had taken 8 sessions of acupuncture once the sling was off.
    Curiously enough the acupuncturist said that I should have come earlier for treatment – perhaps even 10 days after the accident !!!.
    The treatment entailed not only acupuncture per se – but also cupping and moxibustion .
    I think that acupuncture had speeded up my recovery period somewhat .
    And it also gave me extra confidence seeing the shoulder moving a few degrees better after each session.

    = Physio treatment =

    The most difficult part was the physio.
    You need to execute MORE THAN THE THERAPIST is telling you to do at home .
    Probably TWICE the number of exercises the physio is recommending.
    Look also on Youtube for alternative exercises – that are appropriate to your injury type.
    I know that there are people with surgical interventions and specific circumstances but usually
    the therapists do not want to over-advise because of legal implications in case some patients are over exercising and damaging the fracture even more .
    Having said that , be conscious of the fact that after a set number of months the recuperation becomes more difficult.
    Be as aggressive *as you can* whilst still inside the propitious “time window”. You will be able to feel the thresholds yourself.

    = Trust nature =

    The body will eventually fill the gap inside the damaged area – with bone tissue.
    You need to trust the programming embedded in the human genes.
    But , by the same token : pe patient!.
    And diligent and disciplined!

    All in all , the timetable for me was:

    6 weeks with the arm strapped or in a sling
    4 months of assiduous physio.

    At the beginning of the 5th month of physio, the therapist had told me that I had achieved 98% of the recuperation goal.
    All in all : 5 months and a half since I had initially broken the humerus.

    I hope that these pieces of advice can help some other people as well .

    Good luck with the recuperation and

    Nil desperandum!

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  4. Mary says:

    i fractured my shoulder 6 weeks ago. i am out of sling and told to start the exercise of holding a broom stick with both hands and raise as high as i can . well on the 3rd day of this when i was going up something cracked and intense pain made me drop my arm and now i can’t raise it or hardly move it. could i have refractured it. all the pain is coming back.

  5. SportsCare says:

    Well worth a read. Got great insights and information from your blog. Thanks.

  6. Martha Doan says:

    A year ago, I broke a bone in my right shoulder. The doctor I went to said I either had to have a year’s worth of physical therapy (I went twice, and they could hear me screaming, in the waiting room), or he wanted to remove my arm at the shoulder, turn it around backwards, and sew it back on(I thought he was out of his mind). I refused. I still haven’t gotten back on my treadmill, because I couldn’t raise my arm high enough to hold on to the handlebars.

  7. says:

    How in the world do you pull up your pants after peeing? Any tips? Just fractured my shoulder.

  8. Carol Diffendaffer says:

    I was taking pictures of my childhood home and not paying attention tripped into the bathroom counter from the bathtub severely jamming my entire arm, elbow, and resulting in a proximal non-displaced fracture of the humerus. 44 days later I am thankful for the ability to mostly dress myself, take showers independently, drive around our small town to get to therapy and the grocery store, and to move around much better. I was given almost no information nor adequate discharge instructions from our ER. The type of sling I was sent home in resulted in no immobilization and I could not even hold a glass, feed myself, or go to the bathroom by myself as I had to hold my left arm with my right to survive the pain level. We supplemented with Ace bandages until my orthopedic appointment where a better sling was provided. No one has ever given ideas on changing clothes or bathing which we had to figure out on our own. I started physical therapy at 3 weeks and my therapist has been wonderful. I have accepted this will be a terribly long recovery and I hope for as full of recovery as I can get. To date my shoulder is not frozen and my pain is not coming from the shoulder but the muscles, tissues, ligaments, and just plain pain due to the whole arm being severely injured. I am concerned that the pain is greater than it should be at this time. I take alternatively ibuprofen and acetaminophen having gone off of hydrocodone after several weeks. I cannot sleep adequately or stay on task for a length of time as the pain is always present and wearing on me. The lack of strength and weakness is hard to deal with. Going to therapy wears me out for the rest of the day. I have been astounded how just my exercises flatten me out. My pain is not excessive but is anywhere from a 2 to a 6. If I could figure out out to naturally reduce/eliminate my pain I know I would gain energy faster. My therapist is pleased with my progress but I would like to know if I really can hope for a full recovery and eventual reduction or elimination of pain. I am in overall good health and am a very active person. I have always eaten healthfully. I am 68 years old.

  9. Karla LaMunyon says:

    Wow. I am not alone! At age 61 on March 20, 2017, I fell while bike riding on vacation. I’m used to pedaling 100 miles a week with my husband and we were excited for this biking vacation. First ride out and only 5 minutes into the ride, I fell and I fractured my left hip and shoulder. I had total a hip replacement that night. Two days later, the shoulder surgery took place to repair a quadruple proximal fracture. Definitely a life changing event. I fell HARD on a big metal plate in the road! Spent 5 days in the hospital and then was released to the care of my eldest daughter.

    We were visiting my daughters while on vacation in another state. I was not released to travel home for FIVE WEEKS! I slept in a recliner in my daughter’s living room. There was a powder room close by so I could hobble into the bathroom whenever nature called. I spent a lot of time in that recliner resting and healing. She helped me shower and dress every morning. Very humbling to require assistance with these personal tasks. At least I could go to the bathroom by myself, though it was challenging to take down and pull up pants with one arm and over the incision from the hip replacement. My sister bought me lots of knit PJ bottoms that were easy to manipulate, and I borrowed some over-sized T-shirts from my middle daughter. We did lots of slow walks around the neighborhood for the hip therapy. She kept a journal of my meds and when I needed to take them. She did my laundry, washed my hair, put on my lotion and deodorant, made sure I was as comfortable as possible. I can never thank her enough!

    I started physical therapy on the hip the day after surgery with my injured shoulder still taped to my body. Walked up and down the hall a few times a day with a one-sided walker – graduated to a single forearm crutch on day four. We contemplated going to a rehab center for a couple of weeks, but decided my daughters could take care of me. Good decision! I credit my remarkable recovery to their TLC. She prepared incredible, delicious, and nutritious meals. I was able to have one-on-one time with my grandchildren and my daughters that helped ease my homesickness for my husband who had to return to work the day after I got out of the hospital. I did shed some tears during that time. My body was broken, and my spirit was also broken because I had lost my life as I knew it. I’m very active. I have a full-time job, play piano and organ at church, go cycling after work and on Saturdays, love cooking and sewing. I couldn’t do ANY of these things!
    At 5 weeks out, I was able to fly home. It was a painful journey, and exhausting! We had to buy an electric recliner, so I had someplace comfortable to sleep. I think I started sleeping in my bed off and on in July, using different pillows and things to prop up the shoulder and keep the hip comfortable. Sometimes I had to roll out of bed and go back to the recliner. It was quite a battle. We decided to hire a housekeeper for a couple of months to ease the burden of caring for our home. It helped us out a bunch to have that task done by someone else with everything else going on!

    I started physical therapy for the shoulder after 7 weeks of being in a sling/swath. It was painful. I knew it would be. But it has been so worth it. I still go. My physical therapist also had me do exercises for my hip. Sometimes my sessions would be 2 and a half hours. I started back to work after being out for 3 months. I could only work a 4-hour day at most for quite a while. Physical therapy is the most important thing I do, so that came first. I just didn’t have the stamina to do hours of physical therapy and work a full day. I am down to one hour of PT daily, and work the hip and shoulder on alternate days. I’m still working to get my arm all the way up above my head.

    I started doing very simple cooking tasks when I returned home in May. I couldn’t peel potatoes for a while, though. That was pretty painful! We got a lot of prepared food at Costco, so all we had to do was put it in the microwave. I put my socks on by myself at the end of July. I started riding my bike again in August (a little – longest ride so far is only 24 miles). Riding is painful for my shoulder and my hip, but I want it back so badly! I can now play the piano and organ in church, though I have a sore arm the rest of the day. I started sewing the week of Thanksgiving. I have a little side business making memory bears. The sewing is quite painful as the small motor muscles in the shoulder are still very weak. My left wrist and hand are also weak, though I am playing with “putty” to strengthen both.

    I asked my physical therapist if I would ever again have a day without pain. He said, “sure, but it will be a couple of years.” Ahhhhh! But at least there is an end in sight. I am now 9 and a half months out and feeling strong. I still have pain every day, but it is no longer debilitating. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My stamina is slowly returning. Hang in there all of you! Aren’t our bodies miraculous in the way we can endure injury and the healing process? I’m now 62, and my goal is to do a century ride in August 2018 – that’s in 8 more months. It will take lots of work to prepare, but I’m willing and ready!!

  10. Suzanne Miller says:

    I was in an car accident 3 months ago and in PT since with 6 more weeks just added.. my concerns are that the arm throbs and hurts all day is this usual??

  11. terry gentry says:

    so happy to have found this site. 11 days from the break, careless trip, arm out and excruciating pain. i have never experienced such pain. however, mostly at night and in the morning now. splitting the night between recliner and bed, mostly recliner, getting out of bed too painful and scary, i might fall !!! am appalled to know how long this might take to get back my independence, i need to drive, i live alone in my daughter’s basement, while she has been very helpful, she cannot drive me to work for 6 months, or the grocery store, hairdresser etc. now regarding this as not just a couple weeks inconvenience, much more serious and i need to plan. no surgery thank goodness, can hang my arm and do circles already, very carefully πŸ™‚ lack of sleep doesn’t help positivity. working helps a lot, though tiring, i am a psychotherapist and being around people lifts me, thank you all for giving so much information and the tips. so glad i found you.


    • Debbie says:

      Thank you So much for sharing your experience! I broke my shoulder September 1st.I was a little Leary by what the doctor told me, reading what you have been though is right on…even the ‘itching’ it’s about to have me go out of my mind! THANKS SO #VERY MUCH..I WILL GET BACK TO SEE HOW YOU ARE AND TELL EVERYONE HOW I AM!!!!

  12. Tracey says:

    I broke my humerous in 3 places a couple of days after Thanksgiving. I am a single 60 yo woman and I am a MFR therapist trained in the John Barnes technique . Very very painful injury indeed. As soon as I was able to drive (about 4 weeks) I would go to see a MFR therapist every week and an acupuncturist (every other week) to help me gain mobility and ease the pain. I do not go to PT. I do many of the home stretches and find that I’m gaining range of motion and virtually pain free. Luckily my break was not my dominate arm, non the less it has been a journey. At this point I am able to bring my arm forward and up to about 100 degrees and to the side at about 80 degrees and I have my grip back. This week I started seeing a few of my clients and realize I need to keep the appointments limited until I get more range and open the fascial restrictions. For me the MFR is what has helped me the most in regaining my ability to live my life .

  13. Jeanne Long says:

    I am grateful to have found this site of detailed descriptions of experiences with broken shoulders. I am on day 25. I tripped on a branch sticking out onto the sidewalk where I was walking in the dark with my headlamp on since I typically exercise before dawn. I have a three part fracture of the proximal humerus with minimal displacement. My orthopedic surgeon said that with surgery he couldn’t get a better angle for my shoulder so he prescribed sling use. I didn’t want to take the pain meds the emergency physician wanted to prescribe because I feared nausea and vomiting since my family seems pretty sensitive to opioids. So I went with Ibuprofen every six hours for the first 2 weeks or so, but then tried to go off due to fear of it slowing healing. I took a dose this morning again just because i am sick of the pain and lack of sleep. I found that since I am a regular exerciser that stopping it cold turkey made for very nervous legs and that, along with the pain, and odd angle for sleeping has caused me to wake up many times during the night and feel unable to get back to sleep, (exacerbated by the nervous leg movement.) Although my hand felt normal after the break, on the 16th day it started to tingle and ever since my thumb has been numb. The nurse at my surgeon’s office said to wait ten days and see if it was just pressure from the swelling. I am on the tenth day of the numbness and it’s still there, but so is the swelling and tenderness of the arm. I am amazed at how much bruising and swelling I have had. A purple arm is quite shocking. At first I couldn’t lift even a coffee cup without pain, but now I am able to do a few things like brush my teeth. I stopped wearing the sling indoors at 14 days. I still wear it outdoors because with all the ice and snow here I fear that if I fall down I’ll reach out with my arm and wrench it away from being healed. I am 72. Being in pretty good shape, I thought this would go much faster, but am dismayed at how the pain and constrained movement continues. I typically was jogging or walking about seven miles a day before this happened so I thought my bones were in good shape. Maybe without that much exercise, my break would have been even worse.

  14. […] Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture | – Six weeks ago, I fractured my shoulder in four places in a bicycle accident. It was a miserable break, requiring morphine in the ER. Now, six weeks later, […]

  15. […] Top 10 Tips for Surviving a Shoulder Fracture | – Six weeks ago, I fractured my shoulder in four places in a bicycle accident. It was a miserable break, requiring morphine in the ER. Now, six weeks later, […]

  16. Ronda says:

    I tripped and fell July 22 – approximately 7.5 weeks ago. I began physical therapy last week, and will go just one day per week for 4 weeks for gentle range of motion only. I did not require surgery. My fracture was a “humerus neck fracture”. I am still under orders to not lift anything. I am a bedside Registered Nurse, and lifting is required for my job, so I am still off work. I was wondering if there are other people here (RNs or other) whose jobs require lifting…. and wondering when you were released to go back to work.

  17. Donna says:

    Dear Kathy,

    Thank you so much for sharing these tips & your experience! I have good medical care, but definitely feel they are lacking in providing both medical information (which dispels fear) and practical information. I’ve been online trying to find a “checklist” for the healing process & answers to silly questions like, “When do I begin physical therapy” and “What is the proper way to wear my sling?” I have found more information I can actually use and apply to my broken & healing arm on your site than on any other. I also appreciate your straightforwardness about your faith, the encouragement you provide & the osteo diet. Thanks again & blessings to you & your family (and everyone going through this difficult, but strengthening time)!

  18. Janice says:

    Very reassuring site. At 65 in a few days time I realise I am doing well. Worst thing to happen? No as I broke my leg 8 years ago and that was much worse. I do believe it is easy to become depressed and I am struggling with that. It is the lack of independence,relying on others for help but just remember it isn’t permanent. My surgeon told me it is permanent but they said the same about my broken ankle and I broke my shoulder whilst running, so nothing wrong with the ankle is there? Can shower and wash hair alone at last . Just keep positive. Could do with some encouragement myself.

  19. jason says:

    Hi, 2 weeks ago I fractured my left shoulder (my main arm!!) Aswell as dislocating due to a 16ft fall. I am 17 and am very worried about the length of recovery sleeping on it correctly etc what would be a rough estimation for recovery? Does anyone have any knowledge on how long it will take to drive again as I have just brought a car and was planning to take my test next week πŸ™

  20. ~Phill Allen says:

    I broke my proximal humerus eight days ago, i went for my first evaluation yesterday and saw on the X rays the bones are not right, the long lower part of the break is stuck in a pocket of muscle it apparently pushed through when i fell off a ladder, i have been asked to wear a collar and cuff sling and told gravity over time will drop the bone out of the pocket of muscle and then it may join up with the other top bit. I cannot see how it will find the other end, any ideas as we are really worried.

  21. julie says:

    i tripped over a whellie bin 3weeks ago i grabbed the bin so i wouldt fall over the bin was empty and when backwards i followed it now my shoulder under my arm near my bust bk of my neck is very sore went to a and e xrayed but was to swollen told me it was my rotary cuff bin bk twice lump on my wrist saying they arent bothered about i think its something more i have to put my left hand under the right arm lift it up pain is infact gettin worse im tryin but i can feel the top of the shoulder its not right now my left leg is swollen wether its with the i burofen i been takin just wanted someone to advice me or give me some advice im goin back to the a and e in the morning

  22. Helene says:

    Thank you for a plain-English account on what to expect and do’s and don’ts. Just broke my shoulder a week and a bit ago after I tripped and fell, and kinda panicky about the situation; to say I have to basically re-arrange my life totally around the injury is an under-statement. Yes I am aware individual situations differ and all, but all in all our blog article is very informative and reassuring.

    • Anonymous says:

      I broke my shoulder 12 weeks ago. My daughter bought me a firm foam wedge pillow which allowed and still allows me a painless nights sleep.

      • Jeanie says:

        Had a major bicycle accident 3 wks today. Broke my shoulder in 5 places, took out a front tooth and other cuts and bruises. Getting along pretty well considering. Was wondering, when does the swelling in the arm and hand go away? Also how many weeks in did you start stretching from elbow down? They told me to start this past Thursday. It seems to pull my shoulder. Hope you’re well on your way to complete recovery. Thx for any info.

    • Rachel says:

      I fell in my daughter’s dining room, no idea how! Just down I went. I franctured and dislocated my shoulder – Happy 4th of July, 2015 – I’m 8 months out now. Very very painful, especially the first 6 weeks; and difficult to do for myself (I was so relieved when I could shower and do my own hair!). My most significant challenge has been dealing with the accompanying nerve paid – My bracheoplexis nerve set was stretched. So painful! I’m still taking Lyrica, but hope I won’t need it for much longer. Two outside fingers on my left hand were injured with the fall, and I still have issues there. I also don’t have full range of motion with my arm as yet,but, overall, I’m recovering. The doctor says 12 – 15 months for recovery for me. I’ll take 12!!! Reading the blog brought tears to my eyes; so many of us have experienced this terrible injury!!! Best wishes for healing for everyone! – Rachel

    • Allan says:

      I started sleeping on my shoulder at night when going to sleep just a few days after my surgery. Now I am wondering if that was a good idea. No one ever told me not to. I seem to be making good progress, as I also broke my wrist, hip, shoulder, and cracked my pelvis. I began walking without a cane at 3.5 weeks, the doctor said he was very surprised to see what great progress I was making. It has now been 9 weeks and my shoulder still hurts when I sleep on it. I don’t have the range I use to, but I feel that my progress is at least equal to others with the same shoulder injury. What do you think? Should I continue to sleep on my shoulder?

    • Barbara Holte says:

      This website is a huge morale booster for me–fractured proximal humerus 16 days ago–I’m 67, in good shape & have never broken anything before. This has been torturous but now that I know my progress is normal, I’m not as depressed–talk about life altering! Somewhat relieved to know that miserable nights are the norm–I had the amazing stroke of genius when I moved to a retirement community a couple years ago to buy a motorized bed (had a premonition it might come in handy some day!), and that has been helpful, altho I’ve been doing heavy recliner time and the days just seem to drag by. If I overdo it with too much activity, the next day I’m completely wiped out. The whole experience has taught me once again that if you don’t have good health, not much else matters.

    • Jane says:

      So glad I found this, cycling accident on 22/8 whilst on holiday left me with an Avulsed fracture of the greater tuberosity, given a collar & cuff sling and pain relief, told no movement of the shoulder for two weeks. Back at home two weeks later further X-rays show no further displacement of the bones but this consultant said I also have another break, so the top of the humerous is in three pieces. Sleeping upright on several pillows is the most comfortable I can get. I have just started the passive pendulum excercise but told not to do anything more yet. The swelling of the elbow and lower arm are really uncomfortable and have been told I can brace the upper arm against my body just above the elbow with the good hand and bend and flex the lower arm as much as possible. This is starting to help with the swelling. Back at the fracture clinic on the 15/9 so I’m hoping the next X-ray may show some bone growth. I’m grateful for all the posts on here as it helps to know how others are doing, but it appears this will be quite a long job. Wishing everyone well.

    • Natalie says:


      I’ve broken my left shoulder and I’m left handed. My right arm aches to over-compensate for it. Please can someone give me some advice on this?
      Thank you.

      • Shelley says:

        Hi Natalie. I was feeling top of my game skiing in Hokkaido Japan – whilst living in Japan. Then going too fast on a lower icy slope fell and really crushed my shoulder. Good health meant I didn’t break my neck, legs and other parts okay. Big bruises all over my chest. My right dominant use shoulder had three long cracks and I got 10 bolts and a long plate along the edge put in during surgery.
        Some learnings:
        – Be careful of over use of other arm – have now irritated my left rotator cuff and have to ice it.
        -I listen to my body, (especially as I don’t understand Japanese well enough to get all the details) elevated body for awhile, now lay more flat, so shoulder can be back in β€˜normal’ place. (4th week after surgery)
        – I realized quickly that crossing the mid-line of my body with my injured arm is too painful to do yet. SO also I realize that over doing that action with my good arm has over extended it.
        -I use a heated bean bag to give mobility before exercises, then alternate with icing it to take down swelling and slow spasms…or at least give me some relief from the spasms.
        take time (read patience) settling in bed. I make sure both arms are comfortable. I cannot seem to lie directly on the injured arm.
        -I use ibuprofen, eat good food to give calcium and greens to help with absorption.
        -Kathy’s ten tips were supportive and the links to diet info.
        -As my Rehab has gone from once a week to every 3rd week, I decided to go for general massage, for overuse issues, and for specific arm massage so keep the loosening up happening (I was immobilized with a big Velcro band for two weeks bore I could get surgery- perhaps led to more stiffness??) Massage also helps me feel good, and I direct them away from what doesn’t feel helpful.
        -I do Reki on my arm ( holding it with healing thoughts and breathing)
        -seems it’s not going to be as fast as I thought, but I try stuff – today I’m going to try to ride my bike- very carefully.
        -best wishes on your healing

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for the informative description. It’s helped a lot. I myself fell down a flight of stairs and dislocated my shoulder and fractured my humerous. From what I understand they are one and the same thing. I’m not using the sling though as I find it less painful without it. Friends are telling me I’m being stupid as it’ll affect the healing process. The pain is unimaginable! And apparently will go on for several more weeks. I’m concerned that they may have missed the fracture though. My pain is not in my shoulder or upper arm but in my forearm. I think I I’ve fractured the tibia and ulna too. I have a further CT scan in 5 days and will bring it up then but will suffer in silence until said appointment. I’m not taking any pain relief as my doctor took them off me after informing him that I may have taken one or two over the recommended dose. I’m coping alone also as I have no-one to help me. My elderly mother wants me to temporarily move into her basement but can’t and will not be a burden to her. She’s done enough for me already. Ex partner is not in the scene.
      Any help, ideas or just some chat would be much appreciated.


    • Anonymous says:

      What type of wedge pillow? My 81 year old Mom fell in the backyard and has severe shoulder fractures and wears an arm sling; however, she is in pain at night

  23. Martha Glosser says:

    I went ass-over-elbows, and didn’t realize I’d fractured it until a week or two later (it just HURT). Funny, but a nearby doctor refused to X-ray it (I didn’t have the proper insurance. I had cash, I had credit cards, I had a checkbook, but I had to wait to have it X-rayed).

  24. Kathy says:

    Hi. I slipped on the ice 9days ago and fractured my shoulder. I was scheduled for surgery on Tuesday next week, but had to cancel due to delays with insurance authorization. I am now scheduled for more Dr visits with a possible request for a second opinion, CT scan etc. I came across this site and am thrilled to be able to read about others and their experiences. I am in my 60s and was still working when the fall occurred. There are so many conflicting opinions and then having to deal with work etc, I get really depressed and sad thinking about how quickly my life has changed with this fracture. Thank you for being here and sharing your stories!

    • Michael says:

      What a really first class website this and how useful to see that I am not suffering alone. I suffered a minor displaced fracture of the greater tuberosity (terminology which meant nothing to me a few weeks ago!)3 weeks ago and have not had a proper sleep at night since. The pain in the night was very bad at the beginning and even though it has reduced, it is still enough to keep you awake or to restrict sleep to very short periods of an hour or if you are really fortunate 2. The daytime pain has now just about disappeared but it always returns at bedtime. Trying to function during the day is a real problem and the complete deprivation of sleep is a kind of torture. The greatest concern is the uncertainty about how long it will take before the pain stops in the night. All this happened due to a very foolish decision of mine to cycle in freezing temperatures which led to a slip on the ice. I am really grateful to everyone who has been brave and honest enough to share their experiences and also for those of faith in Christ who have explained how they have experienced God’s comfort during the very difficult times. I never realised that a broken arm would be so problematic and have such long term implications

      • Mary Kearns says:

        Hello Michael, I especially liked your comment as you acknowledged the comfort and assistance of Jesus during this difficult time as I have also. I fractured my shoulder in three places on 4th January, just 8 weeks ago. I simply slipped on the kitchen floor and went down with a crash on the right shoulder. Like you, I find night time the hardest. During the day the pain is there but has settled more or less to a constant ache which is bearable. During the night I use the time when I waken, which is frequent to pray for those people who are dying and in need of prayers. God bless you.

      • Arlene says:

        Hi Michael, how are doing now after breaking your greater tuberosity. I broke mine 4 weeks ago ice skating and was wondering how long it will take me to recover

      • Denise !Strandell says:

        I have a proximal humerus fracture which occurred five weeks ago in a cycling accident. The pain is mostly in my muscle regions, but worse at night, and makes sleeping difficult.
        Although I am making strides in healing, I need to remember to be patient and am happy I can still go for walks, as I have not been cleared to run yet, and cycling will most likely have to wait until next spring.
        I am glad I found this website, which helps immensely

      • Anonymous says:

        This was a very difficult injury because the stress of surgery, the pain and loss of independence. The Lord gave me comfort during my recovery I could only find in him.

    • michelle says:

      I slipped on Jan 8th 2016 broke my humurus, balljoint of right shoulder, I am exclusively right handed. My left is of no good to me. I had emergency surgery, a titanium ball with spike into bone. Drs say that my socket is ok . It has been a living hell. Sleeping was next to impossible, without sleep there is no healing. I have been off of work since then on disability as my employer will not allow any restrictions . The good part is that I have started therapy and am moving along slowly. I wasn’t able to even type for weeks. I used the recliners they were hell on the legs & feet with the footstools having gaps that cut into legs cutting off blood flow I ended up with numb feet.I still have a numb partial right foot as well as 3 fingers on right hand numb. I could nt go potty for 10 days, had to have dr assist me . I went bought a lounger hoping I could sleep there but no. I finally got a big foam wedge pillow last week and it was like heaven, I am back in my own bed sleeping much better thank god.Drs said I was rather peachy after surgery. lol…. This has been a learning journey of just how mentally & physically strong I am. I am moving forward πŸ™‚

    • Mary K says:

      Hello Kathy, I have something in common with you as am also in my 60s. I fell on 4th January which is now 8 weeks ago and fractured shoulder in three places. I am finding my life has changed very much as you have. The depression is there and sometimes hard to resist and I have been finding it very hard to sleep and keep waking up with the pain which is more than just the shoulder but my back and of course the whole arm.

      On a brighter note, I was informed by the pharmacist that my pain management was faulty. I had not been taking anything during the day, but every 4 hours during the night. Since yesterday I changed to following this advice – take one Ibuprofen three times in the day with meals and two Solpadeine before going to bed. Nothing during the night. This helps to build up pain relief over a period. I have to admit I did get a much better sleep last night so will keep this up.

      Did you have surgery yet? I am so glad it turned out that my fractures began to heal and surgery was not necessary. I am confident that things will improve now. I am committed to doing the physiotherapy diligently and am working on improving the diet and general level of fitness. The healthier we become, the more healing will take place. So take heart and God bless you.

      • Jan Z says:

        I broke my greater tuberosity bone with a small bone chip broken off, with less than 5 cm of displacement. It has been 5 months since my accident and I am still not sleeping a full night. It is difficult to fall asleep after I wake up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. My doc said it could take as much as a year or more for full recovery. Because I recovered almost full range of motion within 8 weeks, I was hopeful that my trajectory of healing would be complete, but as my orthopedist explained, there are periods where one levels off in recovery and you might not move forward in healing as quickly as in the beginning. The bruising has subsided and I have had dry needling done to my neck because the muscles were so tight. That helped to release the muscles by hitting the trigger points with the needles. Be sure to use a trained physiotherapist in dry needling. Physical therapy is really the only cure at this point and I am diligent about doing the exercises prescribed. Healing is slow and sleeping through the night is even slower, but I am determined to gain full recovery without the use of drugs. I have used a recliner and also a wedge in bed, but nothing gives me relief for a full night’s sleep. Good luck to all of you fellow sufferers and keep writing about what you have used to aid in sleeping.

    • Anonymous says:

      I slipped on our shinny hardwood floors and dislocated my right shoulder and fractured the shoulder bone . Worst pain ever in my 69 yrs. changed my ilife completely. In my 2nd week of recovery this sight very incourging. sandt

    • Deborah says:

      How are you now? My fall was Feb 4. FMLA is running out and I haven’t been cleared for physical therapy. Bone hasn’t healed enough.

  25. Patsy says:

    Hi, I also would like to say thank you for this site, it was of great comfort and use to me back in late November when I slipped and broke my humerus. It is now almost 8 weeks and although still suffering with pain occasionally it is nothing compared to the first two weeks. I am hoping to be discharged from hospital when I have a visit next week. I commenced physio three weeks in, just gentle arm rotations at first and progressed to assisted physio last week, which is proving rather painful, but I know I have to keep on doing it otherwise I will not regain full movement. Can you tell me how long the pain and discomfort will continue? To those people reading this who have just broken their shoulder, my heart goes out to you, its a miserable painful time but in two to three weeks you will begin to feel some improvement and no matter how small it is, its a sign you are healing. God Bless you, Patsy.

    • michelle says:

      Yes, ice & rest is your friend. πŸ™‚ I was told I would only get back 75 % of what I was originally πŸ™ guess it will have to do , I am trying to prove them different

    • Anonymous says:

      Hang on in there Patsy. …It does get better..,I broke my shoulder upper arm slipping on nice whilst walking the dog……ouch! It was so painful. ….not even morphine touched it….very very active up until my accident. …Two months before I could walk again without fear but I got there in the end….now out hiking regularly and going to the gym every day……just keep on moving that arm every day…..little abd often. ….It works…..?

  26. Maureen Hart says:

    I’m so grateful to be able to read your posts, so much information. I broke my shoulder last July, I didn’t realise until I arrived back in Australia three days later and had X-rays. I only knew that the pain was excruciating. The pain can still be severe, but not all the time…….I use heat patches which I have found very helpful. I only had the one X-ray and plan to ask for another to determine progress. I know several folk who have broken their shoulders in the last few months – all have had several x-rays. I do wish you all the very best for your recovery, it just seems to take a long time :-(.

    • Pauline Australia says:

      So pleased to find this site. On 30 December I was riding bike and taken out by a car. I have broken humerus and shattered ball and socket. Week 6 back to have my 4th X-ray still in collar and cuff paid has subsided but it’s still impossible to dress move do anything. Very frustrating and very depressing. I work full time in retail so unable to work. Will find our more tomorrow but was told last time I had X-ray it was going to be a long time till recovery, age 55 doesn’t help. I consider myself fit,cycling walking treadmill but can’t do anything.Will update tomorrow I really need some good news so a few prayers would be great

      • michelle says:

        Pauline, I as well am 54 yrs old, broke humurus, ball joint on jan 8th have a titanium one now. Ice & rest is your friend hon. Just do the exercises PT gives U . I can identify with u. It will get better , Prayers

  27. Clara says:

    hi Kathy

    thank u for yr post. i was hit be a car, proximal humerus fracture, just wher the ball meets the shaft 23 days ago. i need to how how many day or weeks into yr recovery did you get-
    1.Permission 2 begin extending & flexing th forearm while holding the elbow
    2.Permission to bend at the waist and allow arm to hang and to rotate passively in a circle
    3.Permission to begin passive movement of the shoulder area by having a friend or family member move the forearm to the front, back, and side.
    4.Permission to remove the sling-and-swath and begin formal physical therapy.

    they told me i will star physio at week 6.
    As for sex, when did yr doctors give u permission and whay positions wont harm the arm?

    Thanks in advance

  28. venkat says:

    I got my proximal humerus fractured two weeks back and the sugery and fixation got done. got my staples removed 2 days back.wanted to know how much time it will take me to drive my car as I have to drive to my office daily. I am 53 years old .

  29. venkat says:

    I got my left proximal humerus fractured 15 days back by slipping on wet floor of a hospital where I admitted my father for treatment the same day.since it happened slightly after midnight I did not get any first aid except a pain killer.The following day when got x rayed came to know about fracture and adviced to go for sugery and fixation. since my dad was hospitalised and nobody was there to take care of him I asked my orthopaedic surgeon whether I can get the same done after two days of dad’s discharge from the hospital and he agreed. finally got surgery/ fixation done and yesterday the staples also removed.
    I want to know how much time it will take for meto drive car, though I tried the same yesterday in my parking area with difficulty.

  30. Cierra says:

    Wow… Well I SHATTERED MY SHOULDER that’s how they keep saying it, on August 4 my bday… It is one month later two weeks after surgery… I feel terrible .school has begun.I have a 3 yr old n 7 yr old.I have been in crucial pain..the meds jut puts me too sleep…the CONSTIPATION IS REAL! I don’t wish this on no one. I was in n a car accident. Surgery took over 7 hours. I still sleep sitting up. Which hurts my butt a lot. I guess u have a long way to go from reading posts.

    • michelle says:

      Cierra I was told the same, it was jan 8th I identify with the pain of butt hurting, constipation. It does get better hon. Prayers.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even though this won’t help you, it may help others: the constipation from pain meds can be easily relieved by taking magnesium oxide. Minimum 250 mg per day, and more, I took 500.

  31. Danielle says:

    I just dislocated my shoulder and have one crack in my humerus. I deal well with pain, but this truly hurt. I am in sling and cannot lift my arm. Is this normal? I am very scared and am wondering if this is normal….I also went over the dog and her ball!

  32. Cynthia says:

    How I wish I’d found this site 4 weeks ago when I had my shoulder fracture! Feeling all alone and not really knowing what exactly I was meant to be doing only added to the agony and shock. All the tips and shared experiences would have been so useful. Now after 4 weeks the pain has turned into a bearable ache though I’m still uncertain how much to do the arm circles and whether to abandon the sling altogether. And please does anyone have any tips on how to reduce swelling around my elbow which won’t straighten?

    • Shelley says:

      Hi Cynhia I have gained from reading this site.
      I am at about the same time line since surgery as you are.
      I have spasms in the muscles. I do the arm twirls and turns with the arm hanging down.
      I appreciated the rehab who took hold of my arm and massaged right on the scar, and around my arm. Because my next rehab appt was 3 weeks after that I get my husband to do the same action, protecting the shoulder with both his hands and gently rotating my shoulder. I also decided to go to massage and get done what feels good.
      I wrote above about using heat before exercises and icing after.
      Best wishes on your healing, There is healing in everything (the Godness/ goodness in all) listen well to what your body needs. I have to as I don’t understand a lot of technical Japanese – I am an Anglo Canadian living in Japan.

  33. Lisa says:

    I’ve been nursing a severely fractured shoulder for close to 8 weeks now, 5 of them here @ my mom’s while being evaluated weekly for surgery. Each eval better than the last, naturally I was excited for my last eval, so I could return to my boo tomorrow & complete therapy at home. So, you can imagine my disappointment this eve after receiving my xray results, which revealed not only a half healed Proximal Humerus but a significant separation & shift on the half not healed…SIGH! Needless to say, surgery next week is inevitable. I’m frustrated & the excruciating pain I endured the 1st 4 weeks was debilitating. I see the 2nd surgeon tomorrow for an alternate opinion & the anxiety is building. Can anyone shed some light on what to expect? Will the post-op pain be equally debilitating, as the initial injury? Will I be back in the recliner for weeks to come, lol?

    • michelle says:

      The pain eases a bit once fixed, get a foam wedge at least 12 inches you can get in bed with that. Or the recliner again.

  34. Beth says:

    Hello, I fell on a stair master on November and keep lifting weights without knowing I fractured my shoulder. One day, my whole right shoulder can’t move and I was in so much pain. Anyway, to make the story short, I had an MRI on December and found out I fractured my shoulder. This whole time, I had been working 9 to 10 hours Monday thru Friday and typing a lot. The Ortho finally send me to a Pt for therapy. All this time, my pain never go away. My question is , did your doctor recommends wearing a sling and not to go to work? I was just wondering, if typing is slowing down my progress. I am thinking of seeing another orthopedic but I don’t know if it helps. The pain is painful so I can’t lift weights so it’s frustrating. What’s your advise? By the way, I’m 54 years old so I don’t know if being old make it harder to heal faster. The Ortho said that the X-ray shows it’s healing already.

    • Judy says:

      i fell off chair June 2012’shattered the ball and socket, it was in pieces in my arm pit. Hospital said dislocated tried to put back in place, obviously did not work. Had surgery, put back together with plates screws, rods, constant pain for 14 months. Screws loosened as did plates. Had total reverse surgery october2014. I still have pain in bicep area, but have better range of motion and can now wash my hair with two hands. I am 68 yrs old.

  35. Lauren says:

    Hi my name is Lauren and I broke my humerus on Sept 13th. I required surgery and had a plate put in Sept 16th, 2014 with several screws. ORIF of distal humerus. I am waiting for week 12 so I can start real PT and show improvement. I am in a make-shift splint that I take off and exercise my forearm a little. I also have numbness and radial palsy. The radial palsy seems to be getting better, which is an awesome feeling. However I just recently got off pain narcotics. The dose was 2 every 4 hrs as needed. I was taking 2 every 4 hrs over 2 months. My body was dependent on them so I went cold turkey. Worse week so far of my life. Now clear headed I am more depressed than ever. What scares me the most is non-union and another surgery. I can’t go through another surgery. I will go mad. Pain rarely occurs unless its at night or when I manipulate my arm. I take alive for pain, which helps. I am just so depressed esp relying on my hubby to help shower me, do my hair, and even help pull down my pants to go to the bathroom. I want my independence back now.

    • Linda wright says:

      Hi Lauren,, just come across this email you did in 2014 re: your shoulder orif operation . I am six weeks in going through the same operation and thought I was doing well initially , but the pain seems to be niggling constantly cannot seem to get it comftable no matter how I try. I am hoping you made a great recovery and all is well for you now . This hopefully will encourage me with my recovery. I would just welcome the stage when I can dry my own hair and pull on my own jeans and put on a bra without help . Thank you for taking the time to read this when I’m sure you just want to put it all behind you now .

    • Anonymous says:

      I fell and broken my right shoulder on Nov 23 , 2015, this has been the worse thing and terrible pain in my life. If not for Lord , others praying and my great husband I really don’t know what I would have done.i wore a sling for 5 weeks, start therapy at 5 weeks, but I still wear my sling even though it has been almost 7 weeks but I just wear it when my arm gets tired and starts to hurt. I still bad days. I can do ( almost) dress my self without help. I still can do my hair , I’m right handed and broke the right shoulder. Today has been a bad day with a lot of pain. I stopped the pain killed about two weeks ago but aometimes I need 1/2 one at night. I’m still sleeping on the sofa . I have therapy 2days a week and do my exercises 3 times a day, it’s really easy to get depressed but if I start to get depressed I pray. They say I will have to have therapy for 3 months . I’m 67 years old but I don’t feel my except with this shoulder things. Prayers for everyone

      • Mary 29 says:

        Thanks for sharing that. I am the same age as you and fractured my shoulder in three places 8 weeks ago by slipping on tiles. I spent the first week or so trying to sleep sitting up in an armchair but can manage the bed now. However, it is very painful during the night and I waken frequently.

        It was a comfort to read what others are suffering as I identify so readily with them. It is an opportunity to realise how vulnerable we are and to think of others suffering worse things. I believe it is important to unite our pain with that of Jesus and offer it up for those in great need of prayers. God bless.

  36. Dorothy Shaver says:

    I am a 77 year old woman and I tripped and fell 10 July 2014, dislocated my right shoulder and broke my humerus into few pieces, I wanted to skip surgery but could not so I had surgery 5 August. I slept in a recliner for 6 weeks because I could not get out of bed without help. I started therapy the very next week (in home). I am still in therapy and I wonder how long I will have therapy. My arm is much much better but nowhere near normal. I stumbled on this site and it is very helpful. I wonder if my arm will ever be normal again.

    • Suzie Carr says:

      Hi… Like most of the stories that I’ve read I stumbled on this last night and it was so good to read other stories! I feel like I’m the only one most of the time and am really fed up with feeling so weak and vulnerable. I had surgery 5 weeks ago after having a cortisone injection to eliminate a frozen shoulder, which I could have told them it wasn’t! We moved in April this year and as is my nature did too much, packed, lifted and unpacked 2 houses into one and was too impatient to wait for help. Always want things done yesterday of course! I’m certainly paying for all that over use now! A simple cuff rotator repair has turned into a far more complex procedure. Put simply I had repairs to a torn biceps tendon, supraspinatis tendon and articular cartilage! Also part of the joint removed, part of the bone subjected to micro fracture to promote healing to a previous area of damage & a ligament and bursa removed!
      I’m not a good patient and intolerant of pain, I never complain and soldier on regardless, until now! This is hideous, nothing like anything else. The lack of sleep is rehabilitating and the constant nagging pain unbearable at times. I usually find sleeping with a pillow under my arm helps but some nights nothing does. I take painkillers before I sleep and then normally need to take more 4/5 hours later. I know they keep on about addiction but honestly know that I won’t fall foul of that, never taking pills for anything usually.
      I’m fit and healthy at 56 yrs old.
      I sometimes fear that I’ll never get better. I work for the Police and at the moment have been signed off work until March. I am still not driving and frankly wouldn’t want to try.
      I have had physio since the second week, twice a week and have home exercises that are increasing weekly.
      I can walk the dog which is a blessing in disguise although have yo be careful not to stumble.
      Today the pain is worse and I feel as though my arm is in a vice. Is this normal? One strip forward and then one back?
      Sorry to whinge but at least here you might understand!
      Hot water bottles, heat patches, frozen peas, bio oil etc etc
      Comments, help and advice please.
      I’m usually so positive, definitely glass half full but at the moment it’s hard, and equally hard for everyone around me!
      Thank you for reading my sorry tale x

      • anne says:

        Hi Suzie and fellow sufferers, Suzie, I can relate totally to your situation at the time you wrote this comment,and I hope you are doing much better now. I fell July 7th 2015 and sustained a proximal humeral head fx with a 4 part displacement. I had an ORIF with plate and screws on July 22. I started physio 2 weeks later. It was ordered passive range of motion, but my physio was more aggressive. The xray at 6 weeks showed lesser tuberosity to be malaligned. Physio has been cancelled for 6 weeks and another xray will be done then. I am in a world of insane horrible pain. I am generally a strong and motivated person but this has completely drained me. Last week I was diagnosed with shingles, probably due to the now chronic lack of sleep and constant pain. When does the light a the end of the tunnel come on? The bills are mounting and I fear not being able to work in my field of nursing again. Comments, advice experiences welcome. Thanks

        • Deborah says:

          Hi Ann,
          I too am a nurse who fell and fractured my proximal humorous in 4 places. They decided not to do surgery. It’s been 11 weeks and bone has slipped. Now I am in an abductor brace to realign. Pain is there, but bearable. Have you returned to work?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi! I just fractured my shoulder in several places last week. I would have been and still would be- a zombie without painpills. Any surgery for you? I’m debating it!.

  37. TOM says:

    Hi again. I broke my shoulder 8 weeks ago but haven’t done much typing about it because…I broke my shoulder. It was a break in 4 places with separation and my othopedist and second opinion dr. both recommended surgery. But because I’m in my 60s I decided against it. They both said not having it would mean weakness plus loss of some motion. However they said with surgery the results might only be somewhat better. At this point my decision seems to have been the correct one because even at this early stage I have near normal motion except…can’t put on tee short normally, can’t comb my hair and can’t sleep on bad (Or good)shoulder, but can sleep on back perfectly fine. Also can drive normally and have good strength in arm. Almost equal to my “good” arm as in lifting and carrying. Best of all after 5-6 weeks the “deep” pain that was debilitating is gone and now i just have simple surface aches and pains now and then – most of the time no pain at all – and after what I’ve been through I laugh it off. So 5-7 weeks would seem to be the time everybody has to get through. A few more points. I have two top doctors and both said I should get rid of sling in just two weeks to prevent stiffening in elbow. Glad I did. Sling really doesn’t do much anyway. I don’t understand why some people say they were in “cast”. Maybe surgery is something different. I didn’t start physical therapy for 4 weeks which was probably a good idea, too. Not only did it greatly accelerate my progress I was taught exercises I could do at home (Only 2 times a day, not 3) Basically it’s about gently “pushing the envelope” to increase arm motion. As for driving a car, I’m 100 percent in that regard now. After 4 weeks I could only drive with my good arm with my bad arm holding bottom of wheel and helping to turn a little. I only drove a few blocks that way – to grocery store and wouldn’t recommend anyone doing any more until dr says it’s ok or you know full power and motion has come back to both arms. Again, for me to was about 5 weeks and I was basically free again. Good luck to all.

    • Terri says:

      I suffered communited proximal humerus fractures 4 weeks ago today. My ortho doctor had me take off the sling at 3 weeks post injury. I had only mild displacement and surgery was not necessary. He said he’d see what my ROM was in two weeks at the next visit by just working it on my own.

      My concern is now I’m feeling more pain than ever not just in my shoulder, but running down my arm as well. Did anyone here go through a period of increased pain versus steadily decreasing pain?

      My fear is that I did too much on my own and should have focused on more passive exercises. I also fear that the bones displaced more since I was using my shoulder more although he said the fractures were stabilized.

      • Mary says:

        Thanks for this site! It gave me so much info when I first read some on day 2. I broke the tuberosity of my left humerous with an almost circular crack, as well as two parts separated and well aligned and two other cracks on the upper humerous on April 14, 2014. Fell on uneven pavement with an umbrella in my right hand. So I did the whole outstretched L palm=broken humerous classic breakage.

        I live alone, and its been really challenging. I have friends leave opened packs of bottled water on my stoop to make sure I’m hydrating a lot. It’s easier to pick a bottle going in and out, or to sit and drink one on the steps. Open bottles between legs with good hand pressing down. Nestle are the easiest. You may spill some, and you will deal with it looking like an accident πŸ™‚

        My ortho surgeon is in a wait and see mode, as even with multiple fractures, no bones are displaced, and I’m now at a day shy of 3 weeks. Yay! I have been xrayed at 1 and 3 weeks to verify that Terri. So a simple xray can calm your fears. Doc said to add circular movement with arm hanging while bending at waist. Since 1 week, have been doing 12 bicep curls in hot shower morning and evening, leaving shoulder next to body.

        I’m 55 and very physically active, so this is a big bummer. I was told to wait on PT until hard callous is seen on xrays between 6-12 weeks.

        Ask others to open doors for you. Pulling on your good arm likely is straining the bad. Eat out a lot by necessity, and be careful to choose lots of fruits and vegetables and hold the oils. Nuts, seeds and avocados have the healing oils. Restaurants will make you anything if you ask. Being around other people will help ease the pain. Movie theaters are another good place to heal.

        I don’t have a recliner, so I put two big pillows to enable my sling to hang on my chest. Short sleeps are the major problem. Have to work, so am doing 10 hour days after rush hour on the subway, so I don’t get banged.

        The unknown about ultimate activity capabilities is scary. The doc said I won’t be climbing in Sept, nor even swimming til past that πŸ™ Hearing from you healed ones is what I needed! Thanks.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi I broke mine on Boxing Day. And sm experiencing the same. It’s so bad I have to get bs to the GP for help and I have a big pain threshold. Had you hurt your more or isthmus feeling ” normal”? Thanks so much

        • Anonymous says:

          This has been great. You think you are going crazy with the pain. I fractured my shoulder 5 weeks ago. Just started physical therapy and the pain seems worse than before. I can’t seem to get the swelling down. From the other comments looks like it should start feeling better soon. Thanks for helping me with the stress.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m 4 weeks into after my fall. No surgery but the same symptoms that u wrote about. How r u feeling now? Did u heal without any complications. Thank you

    • Wanda Gough says:

      Thank you, Tom. You answered all of my questions. I , to, am in my 60s and broke my shoulder. I was really wondering how long to expect the pain to last. Thanks for some realistic idea about it.

      • Mary K says:

        Hi Wanda I am almost 67 and fractured shoulder in 3 places on January 4th last. I just found out today that my pain management has not been the best. During the past few weeks I have tried not to take pain relief during the day but every four hours during the night. I find sleep very difficult and wake up frequently only to discover its another hour or so before I can take more pills. Today I learned from a pharmacist that I should take pain-killers during the day and just one before bed so that they get a chance to build up in my system. She says I shouldn’t have to take any during the night.

        This is my first night trying this and I hope it works. Will let you know!

  38. Chris says:

    Thank you! Am so happy to have found this website.
    Today my surgeon said I wouldn’t need surgery….Ask if I would placed in a case…No! Just use the cheap sling which the hospital gave me..
    Fractured my right humeral fracture with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity a week ago. In the ER the Dr said I would need pins.
    Who do I believe? Husband doesn’t want me to get a second opinion.

    When searching for non-operative treatment, came upon this site. So glad I did. I can’t believe so many didn’t have surgery.
    My Doctor said having surgery has more risks than not having it.

    What was the reason you were given?

    How long were you on pain medication? It feels so though I will never be pain free.

    It has been so helpful to read that others are going through the same.
    In a week the surgeon wants me back to make sure it hasn’t sisplaced.Has this happened to you?
    Love to hear you experience and answers, along with any help.
    Good luck to all.
    ps – ct scan Drs report –
    mildly displaced proximal humeral neck fracture with extension
    to the greater and lesser tuberosities with mild displacement of the lesser tuberosity

    • Sylvia says:

      Hello. Just curious when was your accident? I was also just given a cheap black sling in ER and sent home with pain meds. I cannot stand how they make me feel. My Injury was 8/20 feels like forever. My bone has mended but I’m still having lots of pain down my arm into hand. Oddly I only had X-rays just recently yesterday at my pt urging I’ve finally had an MRI don’t have results yet. I know the doctors don’t like to perform surgery if they feel it still has good blood supply and it will heal/mend. Mine showed signs of mending at 4 to 5 weeks. I’m pretty flexible but only if I use my good arm as soon as I engage muscle it hurts. Actually I’m more worried about the referred pain down my arm. I’m a good fearing Christian and have been seeking the lord for a complete healing. Last week dr said he felt it would go away or improve but could take 6 mos. I hope and pray you make a full recovery
      Jen, how are you doing. I know you mentioned you still has pain and I hope it’s improving some now
      It’s a long and lonely road and nobody can relate unless they have been there this site is a blessing
      Take care all

      • Carolyn says:

        I fell over and smashed the top of my humerus bone exactly 2 months ago so I’m now going into week 8. I thought I’d feel better by now but no. I’m constantly in pain on my shoulder and in my arm. my deltoid muscle is always aching and I feel like I have a pinched nerve or something. Time for me to get a scan to see what’s happening in there. Maybe my tendons or muscles are damaged. This pain is driving me nuts! I’ve now become depressed.

        • karen balster says:

          broke my humorous and dislocated the shoulder on oct,27 2916 I sound like everyone else pain, constipation x-rays therapy but my arm is so swollen and it don’t go down I ice and heat everyday and it is depressing I’m told it will get better when the snow goes than when it’s grass cutting time what can I do for the swelling?

  39. Sylvia says:

    I wanted to update from last post. First let me agree with most of you this site has been my sanity knowing I wasn’t alone and kathy great is your reward for keeping this going even though your injury was so long ago and your praying and speaking encouraging words is so helpful. I give God the glory for and ultimately HE is the great physician. I did get a second opinion and indeed I had a greator tuberosity fracture . This type of fracture is particularly bad because it’s basically where all the tendons and muscles stream from. My X-ray showed complete mending of the fracture which was about 5mm. I’m six weeks from original injury. He agreed with the previous dr that I prob didn’t tear the
    Tendon because usually its either or. In other words you fracture the bone or tear tendon he said continue with physical therapy and if I still have pain after 4 weeks we will do MRI. Also said greator tubisocty
    Fractures can exhibit more pain and longer recovery due to the tendons and can experience pain all the way to hands which I have. So everyone please look at this as a positive thing that we will heal it just takes some longer then others. By the way for those who need help blow drying hair I purchased a blow dryer stand for 23.00 thru bed bath and beyond website. It has worked fantastic for me. God bless you all and try and stay positive. I will update as I progress because I often read post on here hoping peop would follow up with there progress yet they don’t

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m so glad I found this blog! I sustained a 3 part fracture of my right proximal humerus on Sept 25, 2014. I’m a pretty stoic person, never take anything for pain, even after having major surgery. I have never had pain so severe! I’m now 5 weeks out, it’s healing well, but I feel exhausted after 5 weeks of constant pain. I take the narcotic when I have to, but I hate the way it makes me feel otherwise. Having to depend on others is horrible, and everything takes me twice as long to do. I make every one laugh when I explain how to put a bra on one handed! Sometimes I feel like I’ll never be normal again. I can’t even start PT for another 2 weeks and I am dreading that. I’m an ICU nurse so I’m definitely not able to do that work for probably 6 months. I work part time without benefits so this has financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging, but I’m staying strong with God’s help. I feel like a wimp whining though when I’ve taken care of so many through the years with horrific multiple fractures. I always knew that orthopedic injuries were horribly painful, but I now know it firsthand. Hang in there everyone!
      Jennifer O. RN

      • Barbara says:

        Awesome site. I fractured my humerus 8 weeks ago.i tripped over an unmarked carpark bumper bollard and landed on my outstretched arm. Same. 3 part fracture which smashed the ball off the socket as well as the side off the greater tuberosity. I had to wait 10 days for surgery as no surgeon available or theatre space until that time in the public hospital in nz.Only this system deals with emergency injuries arriving in an ambulance at the hospital. I now have a plate and 10 screws holding g it all together. I too have ever never suffered with such pain 24 hours a day. It has been relentless. I have slept propped up with pillows as can’t lie flat. At 8 weeks I have managed to remove 1 pillow but I’m up taking painkillers throughout the night. The best thing has been I rang my own doctor after 3 weeks who prescribed me slow release tramadol so I could get some long acting pain relief. I still take ibuprofen and paracetamol in between but it has certainly helped at nighttime. I started movement exercises at 2 weeks, so painful, and the physiotherapy was not helping so changed to a shoulder rehab one . Much better. This is the only site I have found and been able to see what I going through is the same as everyone else who has had a fractured humerus. Yes it is debilitating, yes it is excruciatingly painful and frustrating as I am unable to drive or write and do some things for myself. I am fortunate that I have someone with me at home and some fun funded home help one morning a week. My whole arm from top to wrist was bruised and purple for weeks. My elbow and forearm were so sore I asked for it to be xrayed as I was sure it was broken as well. No it was intact. The pain is getting less. My 6 week xray is showing healing is going well. I have been off work for 2 months so far and am looking at another 2 months from here. I am a full time registered nurse in nz and I need to get full movement back as my career depends on it. This is the depressing part, it isn’t happen8ng quickly and I have to be patient. Nobody could tell me much about wearing the immobilizer sling at night and I found d it until of fortable as it would slide up under my books and nearly strangle me as I slide down the bed. At 4 weeks I put pillows, around my arm so I could not move it and slept with it on the pillow in close to me body. That was okay. Hope this helps someone else.

    • michelle says:

      ty for the blow dryer stand idea !!

    • Suzy says:

      I severely dislocated and fractured the top of my humerus mid-January tripping over my cat. I got the black sling at the ER and was sent to an orthopedist. There was also some rotator cuff damage showing up, but nothing could be done about that until the fracture was healed. I’ve have the cuff-thing and have had my arm strapped to my torso for three weeks. I went to the doctor every two weeks, and the break was healing. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a burning sensation from my shoulder down the front of my arm. When I went in last week, it was determined that the bicep tendon looks out of alignment. They gave me stronger mess to only take at night and I’m supposed to go back Monday for a different contraption. I’m a HS teacher in charge of most of our school activities. The kids are great, but I am totally exhausted! I’ve tried all the suggestions for nighttime, but just am not sleeping well. Any suggestions!

  40. Sylvia says:

    For some reason I’ve tried posting on here but they never get posted so il try again. I’m pretty weary scared and depressed. Not much faith in the doctors. Broke my shoukder 8/20 so over 5 weeks ago. What was originally a small fractute is now a 5mm greator tuburisity fracture. Started pt to soon yet dr is the one who told me too after the fractute more then doubled he said do nothing for 2 weeks. Now started pt again. It’s been horrible for me. Hoping someone has good news or advice for me. Pretty desperate so for sounding to

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Sylvia. I’m sorry for the delay is answering your comments. I have been reading up on greater tuberosity fractures this afternoon, and from what I’ve read, your pain might be associated with tears in the rotator cuff. Dr. Michael S. George of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons wrote in 2007, “Surgical fixation is recommended for fractures with >5 mm of displacement in the general population or >3 mm of displacement in active patients involved in frequent overhead activity. Open surgical repair is performed with suture or screw fixation.” I am not a doctor, so I cannot give medical advice, but I can pray that your doctor be guided by the Holy Spirit to do what is best for you. I will also pray for courage and comfort for you, Sylvia. You are not “whinny” at all! I remember how desperate I felt when facing unrelenting pain, but hang in there. Eventually, your shoulder will heal, and there will be an end to this misery. You are in my prayers.

      • Kathy says:

        Sylvia, here’s a link to a video that helped me get a better picture of how the rotator cuff tendons are involved in the movement of the shoulder. You have a different condition that that which is discussed in the video, of course, but perhaps the increased pain you are experiencing may be related to these tendons.

        • Sylvia says:

          Thanks for the prayers I surly can use it. I’ve been praying unceasingly. I’m aware my fracture site isn’t a good place of course I know none are but the greator tuberosity is a bad area. The dr said I wasn’t surgical and it appears to be mending. I asked him
          About the rotator he seems to think mine is fine however I’m
          Not convinced. I’m gettn a second opinion this wed from a diff dr. Praying relief of pains and good news I don’t want surgery of any kind!! Thanks for replying

          • Jen says:


            I understand what your going through. I fractured my humerus in May. I was and still am in pain. Having hydrotherapy twice a week to try and get the arm moving.

            I have been discharged from fracture clinic, after being told the fracture is healing don’t really know how they know this as I have only had an X-ray the day I fractured it and one 10 later to check it was setting in the right place even though one shoulder is higher than the other and told. Any other problems go and see you GP who will have to refer you to a shoulder specialist.

            Please chin up you will get there in the end


  41. chris says:

    i am hoping there are people out there that i can share this with. i am so afraid

    • Greg says:

      It sounds like you’re having a really tough time!
      Where do you live? UK?
      You should be able to get some help with a carer on NHS. Have you spoken to your GP?

      Listen, the first 2 weeks of my injury were horrible. I really felt like I was screwed for good. Honestly, I broke down in front of my wife and felt terrible because my kids couldn’t understand why I wasn’t able to hug them.

      You will get through it!

      Feel free to mail me on g s lo ane AT (without the spaces) – and I’d be happy to talk further with you if it helps.

      Chin up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mary. Took a fall on September9,.Never experienced such pain. Fractured humerus , I am wearing a sling. I am so exhausted from lack of sleep. Tried bed pain too great, plus I can’t get out of bed. Live. Alone. Will try chair again. So glad I found this blog. It’s good to know others
      Have experienced similar problems. I am very impatient and want to heal quickly. Any suggest ions are greatly appreciated.

  42. chris says:

    fell at work july 30, 2014. 3 breaks in greater tuborosity.. omg the pain. in a shoulder immobilizer. painkillers help some but cause constipation so i have to be careful. next appt aug 19. surgery not indicated, ct scan showes no displacement,, how long till this starts feeling better? this has turned my life upside down. i live alone so bathing, getting dressed has and continues to be a nightmare. since this was at work, it fell into workers comp, get this, they say i am able to return to work on aug 11.. i started laughing. now i am afraid of losing my job.

    • Jen says:

      Hi, I know what your going through, I was on a days leave from work saw colleagues dealing with rtc, stupidly assisted and slipped broke my right humerus was informed by work there was no reason why I could not return to work. Tried explaining that I could not move my arm I’m right handed and they said I could use the left one. Was off work for two months this happened in May still on restricted duties, still in pain, still having physio and still on pain killers. It’s no joke. Tried getting advice from Union whose reply was this is a difficult one !!!!!!

      Try to be positive, I am struggling on it does ease. Just keep taking the pain relief. If they are not working go back to your doctor who can prescribe stronger ones. If only to help you sleep.


    • Sylvia says:

      Please send update I broke mine on aug 20 humerus head fracture I believe they started me on pt too soon and now my fracture is 4.8 mm I have a lot of pain and pain in shoulder blade as well so worried its not showing signs of mending and worried about rotator cuff damage

    • Sylvia says:

      Our injuries very simular mine 8/20 are you gettn relief? What has worked for you. Like you I also have a greator tuberosicy fracture mine was actually 5 mm. Not good. Trying to stay positive. This site is such a blessing being able to find peop to share successes and tips with. Hope your doing great. God bless

  43. Greg says:

    p.s. above should say “4-part proximal humerus fracture”

    • Richard says:

      HI Greg, I too came off my mountain bike two days ago at high speed and basically front flipped my DH rig and landed on my shoulder. Fractured scapula in 3 places and fractured 4 ribs as well. I live in Park City Utah so the activity level is high and I’m wondering if you’ve ever felt claustrophobic because you can’t raise your arm laterally. How are you coming along spin over a year since your injury have you made a full recovery and back to biking again? How long after your injury and where you back doing things on a normal day to day basis?

  44. Greg says:

    I have a 4-part humeral fracture sustained 2.5 weeks ago when I came off my mountain bike (at speed).
    It’s mildly displaced but the consultant has decided that it’s not displaced enough to warrant surgery.

    I have a question… has everyone else been sleeping with a sling on?
    The first ortho consultant I saw in A&E said not to sleep with the sling – so I haven’t been. However I’ve since foubd out (from a physiotherapist) that I should have been!!!

    What have you been doing?

    • Jen says:

      I was also told not to sleep with my sling on, and then told I should be sleeping with it on. I got more sleep wearing the sling, so if it’s comfortable sleep with the sling on.


    • Sylvia says:

      I’ve been keeping mine on I have been trying sleeping on bk but generally roll over to my good side by middle of the night

  45. Denise Crimp says:

    12 days ago my dog got under my feet on the stairs so I fell down 4 stairs and fractured my humerous. It’s good to follow this blog to hear from other people with same problem. The pain is becoming very tiring and starting to get down at the thought of being housebound and reliant on others for 2 more months, when surgeon said I should be able to return to work. Have always wanted a 2 month break from work, but not like this!!! Can’t do anything! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

  46. ken says:

    My mother had a fall in a store on Friday 11th July, resulting in 3 fractures in her shoulder. She is 76 years old and in terrible agony, but, because it is a holiday weekend here, she was sent home from a&e with a collar and cuff and expected to fend for herself until an appointment is forthcoming at the fracture clinic. It is a horrible way to treat her

    • Jo says:

      Ken, I feel your pain. I also have a broken shoulder but I had to be taken to the e.r. because I could not get off the floor.

      I don’t know where you live, but if it’s in the USA, you can blame Obama for this type of treatment. Insurance companies are getting cheaper and cheaper with what they will allow. A person HAS to be IN the hospital for 3 nights before they can qualify for rehab. However, I am a home care nurse, and if you haven’t contacted a local agency, you should. Medicare pays for home P.T., O.T., and an aide to help her with bathing, dressing. I wish you and her the bewst of luck!

  47. Bleu says:

    I am also a member of the fractured humerus club. A week and a half ago I had an accident riding my horse and my humerus fractured just below the ball. As long as the fracture doesn’t displace any further I won’t need surgery. So far sleeping has been the most difficult part for me. I don’t have a recliner so I prop myself up in my bed. I wake up every couple hours in pain and can’t get comfortable. I can’t wait to sleep through the night laying down. And I can’t wait to get back to my normal life.

  48. Jill page says:

    Hi,I am now 6 months post fracture,my dog also pulled me over.I have been back in work for 3 months.I never thought I would get here ,yes my shoulder still aches at times and gets stiff.
    However, my range of movement is 120 degrees and I can now do almost everything.
    This site was invaluable during those horrible first 4 weeks but just to tell everyone give it time and everything does get better.

  49. Kimmie says:

    Joined the crowd on July 7,2014. Broke my humerus just under the ball joint of my arm. Wow the pain and agony I have liked reading that there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel thanks for all the ideas to help get through this.

  50. Jen says:

    This is a long slow recovery 6 weeks later and arm still sore.

  51. kathy j says:

    Hello fellow injured ones!

    What a helpful website!

    My dog pulled me over and and I fractured my shoulder in two places on 14th May. Bone is knitting well and last week my consultant told me to bin the sling and start moving the arm whilst avoiding pain. I’m getting my range back and feel that regaining confidence is a big issue.

    I stopped all medication after 8 days due to side effects and I really think that just keeping moving and avoiding undue stress on afflicted arm is important + lots TLC to mind body and spirit.Internet physio sites are useful whilst waiting for 1st physio session.

    Best wishes to all


  52. Sherry says:

    Fractured shoulder upper humerus six weeks ago and have been in sling. Haven’t had any therapy. Have been using my forearm but avoiding heavy objects maybe more than a pound or so. Should it still be quite painful? I thought the pain would be almost gone by now except for when I begin therapy. Beginning to worry me. Does tiis indicate I haven’t properly cared for it or that the rotator cuff could be involved ?

  53. Jen says:

    I’ve just been reading all these comments and would like to say thank you. I have fractured my right arm/shoulder and I’m right handed. never felt pain like it. Would you believe I was assisting pushing a car that had been involved in a rtc. I’m a police officer but was off duty at the time. I’m 50 years old and slipped on engine oil. Lifted my arm up and carried on pushing the car. Got into my car and nearly passed out with the pain. This happened 3 weeks ago
    I have had the bruising the whole top of my arm went almost black. The itching which I found bache rescue cream helped.
    I can’t sleep on my right side been told my dr I’ll be off work for at 2 months
    The shoulder is still very painful and have been doing the circle exercises which are still very painful still on the painkillers. Start physical therapy on Friday. My worry is both my father and his sister had osteoporosis is this the start of it or is this just a silly accident.

    • Sue says:

      I tripped and fell and broke my shoulder and wrist. I am 51 and my mother had osteoporosis and I think I have it too. Worried about future breaks and scared to do anything.

  54. Sue says:

    Hi Fi, I fractured my shoulder by slipping on wet decking in Oct 2013. OUCH is just not enough to describe the pain of which anyone who has found themselves with the same injury will experience. After surviving the agony of x rays and examinations I was given a cuff sling which i wore for 4 weeks. I began physio at this time which was basic movements like swinging my arm fowards and backwards. It is imperative to do the physio every day.6 months on and I can at last sleep better,as i naturally sleep on my side this has been the most difficult thing to cope with on a daily basis. I wish i had used a sun lounger instead of struggling to lie flat on my back. I still haven’t gained full movement in my shoulder and it is still quite stiff ( my arm feels like a lead weight when i wash my hair). I returned to work on lighter duties after 2 month. I eased off the exercising at home and have rejoined Curves (ladies gym).Today i tried to do my physio exercises and found my shoulder is not so flexible as it was a month ago ,so hence checking out the websites for advice etc. I now intend to get back into the physio exercises (using a red band issued to me by my physiotherapist) with the hope that i improve my chances of 100% movement in the not too distant future. I did meet a much younger person (i am 55) who told me it was 12 months before he was pain free so i try to think positively. my doctor has suggested that it might be worth trying a steroid injection into the injured shoulder as this can help. For the next couple of weeks i shall make every effort to keep up with the exercises. I hope your shoulder is healing well.
    kind regards .

    • Lynne Sambrook says:

      I broke the neck of humerus and totally smashed the top bit mar 32 2014 and everything everybody has said is true. It is still painful and heavy , the movement is there with help but the minute I engage the pain is back. I had a guided steroid injection 2 months ago and it really diminished the pain and allowed the physio to push me a lot further but its now looking like nerve damage is the cause of the pain as it is in both my wrist and forearm too. If you can get the injection go for it

  55. alice says:

    Two week it hurt so bad it in a sling can not sleep hurt so bad

  56. skippy says:

    Just an update…have been to my doctor and Iam having ultrasounds and xray tomorrow to find out what is going on. She said it could be torn rotator cuff or frozen shoulder.

  57. skippy says:

    Hi,Im now 11 weeks after my accident and shoulder break. Have been to physio and doing exercises everyday 3 x per day plus trying to do things as normal as possible. When I over do it I have pain and have to rest, I still have lots of referred pain down my arm and and I accidentally move my arm quickly its unbearable….my mobility is probably 40% before experiencing pain. Do other people think this is fair progress? Iam not able to work as yet as my work involves lifting, driving is also an issue even though I have an automatic. Its a very slow recovery I have really appreciated reading other peoples experiences on this site. Any feed back would be appreciated to my question thanks.

  58. Amy says:

    I suffered a proximal humerus fracture 7 weeks ago and my Dr. said that NSAID’s do slow fracture healing so I wasn’t allowed to take any for the first 6 weeks.

    • jeanie leonard says:

      I fractured my arm 7 weeks ago and start physical therapy tomorrow – I am an 86 year old female. My problem is extreme weakness – I have been taking Ibuprophen for pain and did you say that slows down healing? Thanks, I will stop that immediately.

  59. Fi says:

    Hi more to join the merry band comminuted fracture 5 days ago! I fell off my bicycle on Sunday morning in future will have a lie in and breakfast in bed like normal people ha!!! Due check x-Ray and possible surgical intervention on Monday not sure I really want it! I have a couple of questions 1 Does anyone know if NSAIDs slow the rate of bone healing? 2 Does your shoulder shape change significantly? I appear to have lost the shoulder it’s just a steep downward slope!! Does the shape return once PT gets underway. Prepared for a long recovery full of ups and downs. Hope everyone else is bearing up through their recovery

    • Elissa says:

      There is no good clinical evidence that NSAIDs or coxibs inhibit bone healing, with the possible exception of long-term use. NSAIDs and coxibs use appears to increase bone density, and does not increase fracture risk. Smoking reduces bone density and significantly impairs healing after surgery or trauma.

      Here is the link:


  60. Maria says:

    It is now 7 1/2 weeks since I badly fractured my shoulder.
    I never imagined the pain would lessen as much as it has, it is amazing! I started VERY gentle rotation type excercises right from the very start, at 3 weeks the physio got me doing some more intense excercises which were so painful and I wondered if I was doing it correctly, after a little while the excercises became less painful.
    I have returned to my own bed, (slept in the spare room with oodles of pillows), cannot sleep on my shoulder yet but my sleep is improving.
    Today I even managed to hang out some washing on the line.
    For those of you reading this in the early stages of breaking your shoulder…believe me it DOES get better.

    • Sheila says:

      Hi Maria thank you for been so positive, it has given me hope. I broke my shoulder yesterday and I am in terrible pain all down the arm. I am seeing the consultant tomorrow hopefully I will not have to have surgery. I am 68 with a lot of other health issues. Fingers crossed. I wish you a speedy recovery

  61. Nancy says:

    Thanks Kathy I will try that.

  62. Kathy says:

    Oh, and Nancy, here’s a strange thing you might try to see if it helps you sleep. You could try hugging a warm heating pad–not on the fracture area–but just hugging it to your chest. I have been amazed how that has helped me sleep when nothing else would work. Please let me know if it makes a difference.

  63. Kathy says:

    Hello, everyone. I’m sorry I haven’t been in top of responding to comments. I used to get a notification in my email when comments were posted, but for some reason those notification have been going to my spam mail, instead of the inbox. So, I didn’t know your comments were here.

    My friends, it is such a cross to be in tremendous pain, especially when it drags on and on and on with no end in sight. The restless, sleep-disturbed nights seem almost more than you can bear. And then come the feelings of hopelessness and despair, wondering if the break is healing correctly, if the doctors know what they’re doing, and if you will make it through this. But I assure you: You will make it! Eventually, the pain lessens, the bones heal, your energy comes back, and life starts to return to normal. It’s been years now since my shoulder fracture, and it feels now like it was never broken, despite the misery I endured. One thing is for sure, though: Once you’ve been through this sort of torment, you never again take healthy bones for granted! You do what you can to make your bones stronger, and you’re more careful not to take unnecessary safety risks. Playing it safe doesn’t have to mean taking the joy out of life, though. I got back on my back, and I still love riding it. Just no more downhill speed races. πŸ™‚

  64. Nancy says:

    Any other tips on sleeping. Don’t want to rely n drugs and trying all kinds of natural aids. After nearly two months in recliner I tried the bed last two nights and no matter way I slept or propped my arm I woke up several times. Need good nights sleep, exhausted!

  65. Nancy says:

    So glad I found this site. I fractured my shoulder in two places on of all days, New Years Day. I have not been to work this year but will be going back Mar 3. This has been one of the toughest things to go through as many of you know. All kinds of pains in the whole left arm, itching in the beginning, frustration, depression. I am very active too so very frustrating

  66. Maria says:

    Hi ‘skippy’, I know what you mean…I have had all sort of strange aches, pain whatever and wondered if I had done something wrong, saw the physio yesterday and he said that was all ‘normal’ and to be expected.
    I did have my arm out of the sling a bit and he told me to only have it out of the sling when I am watching tv at night.
    I am doing all the exercises I have to do and the almost unbearable excercises are becoming more bearable which gives me hope all will be well.

    I agree this has been the most painful thing I have ever endured in my 68 years and there have been moments of despair however I feel confident all will be well albeit very slowly.

    Good luck, I feel sure you have done nothing wrong.

  67. skippy says:

    Hi broke my shoulder one five weeks ago in a horse riding accident. The pain was unbearable….x rays show it is healing ok but just over the past few days the pain in my lower arm and shoulder is very bad I also have a burning pain that pulsates in my shoulder…next x ray due in a week. Have I done something to it? I have spent some time out of the sling as my Dr said to. Anyhow Im really concerned that I will never get my strength back its very distressing.

  68. maria says:

    It is almost 4 weeks since fracturing my shoulder. I have multiple fractures and the surgeon was worried that if he had to operate I would probable wake up with a new shoulder because the likelihood of the whole lot disintegrating was high.
    Thank goodness all the broken bits are still reasonably well aligned, the pain has reduced considerably and last night I had my best sleep since my fall.
    I no longer take strong painkillers and feel better because of that as well.
    I have started physio, which is painful but I feel I am doing something myself now to promote the healing.
    This site has been a god sent, many thanks for the many tips and the sharing experience of others.
    Even the weather is cooling after record breaking heat (Adelaide SA).
    Feeling quite positive and whilst it still will be a while before I am back to ‘normal’, I am confident I will get there.

  69. fiona downer says:

    Have read above posts I broke my humours slipping on decking stupid me.went hospital Wed healed but still sore so phiso Hope gets betterintime nice know not only person experiencing this horrible injury.Hope everybody gets better soon

  70. Jill says:

    Thanks for this fantastic site.I am now 7 weeks post break last x ray showed that all the pieces are starting to heal.The pain thank goodness is now minimal,and physio has started.Movement not yet brilliant but I am working hard at it.
    Reading everyone’s posts during these difficult weeks has helped me so much ,just to know that I wasn’t on my own and that slowly everything starts to improve.Thanks for the great tips and advice.

  71. HARI says:

    3weeks ago I fractured humerus head into 4 pieces. What extreme pain. It was fixed with plate and 8 screws. I still have pain after 25 days of surgery.Should I use heating pads to reduce pain? I have not started PT as it pains. Also I fear PT may harm the healing of internal surgery cuts.I am 64.

  72. Maria says:

    Thank you for tis site, had my fall 10 days ago, still not sure if I need surgery more X-rays to ensure the bones are reasonably aligned. Surgeon said if I Need surgery I will probably wake up with a shoulder replacement:-(.
    I have difficulty taking strong pain killers, nausea and vomiting if I do.
    I have tried sleeping in a recliner, after reading the comments I will try again, sleeping is the biggest problem, pain is lessening, I have. Never experienced such intense pain, pleased to read I am not being a ‘woosh’, and everyone is experiencing the same…thank god for a patient husband πŸ™‚

  73. Janet says:

    Trying to flip a table over yesterday and instead it slammed me to the floor. Result is broken shoulder. Apparently no surgery needed just sling. I live alone and dressing is awful. Right now in yoga pants and sweatshirt with sling and arm a big lump underneath. When should I be able to move my arm to put it in a sleeve? Not aiming for sweater over head just arm in button up t
    he front shirt so I can go back to work.

  74. crystal sinclair weedon says:

    I have been searching the internet for a story like at a loss .I fractured my shoulder oct 6 2013.i do not have health insurance so I went to one of those urgent cares and got an xray.that doctor told me it was not broken. I have been struggling with the excruciating pain for 3 months.i finally went to my regular doctor who had me get a mri.the mri revealed a 1.5 mm fracture .ive been looking at everones post and the bone should have healed by now.i called an orthopedic surgeon who pretty much told me that they couldnt do anything .I had waited too long .has anyone else taken this long to heal.i have no idea how much longer this will going nuts .bored to usually very active.and now im stuck.any feedback would be helpful

  75. Rocky says:

    Hey everyone. This just happened to me a couple days ago and the swelling has gone down some but the bruising is getting worse. Its spreading throughout my right shoulder. Is this normal? I really don’t want to go see a doctor again.

  76. Charlotte says:

    My mom fell & broke her shoulder last night. she is 67 with osteoporosis. My brother took her to the ER today (Friday 1/3) to get xrays and confirmed it was broken. The orthopedic surgeon can’t see her until next week. I understand it is Friday but shouldn’t she be looked at by an orthopedic now? Will the bone start healing in the wrong position?

  77. Jill page says:

    Hi,I broke my shoulder in 3 places 2weeks ago,wearing a collar and cuff sling.
    Finding the pain difficult to cope with on regular codeine and hot water bottles.
    Sorry but feeling pretty low,when does the pain start to recede?

  78. Laura says:

    Hello all! I am pretty freaked out – I broke my shoulder on December 21st – went to the ER and am on hydrocodone – but because of the holidays I wasn’t able to get into a specialist until tomorrow. I’m in the worst most excruciating pain…(which I’m sure you can relate to).

    (My daughter is typing for me)

    Any tips on getting comfortable at all through this?
    What I might expect?
    I need to get back to work but that seems so far off?

    Thanks so much for this site!!! Sooo appreciate it!

  79. olivia says:

    2 years ago this month i fell and broke my left humerus in 3 places.
    i didn’t need surgery. so grateful for that. but the healing process was slow. very slow and painful. it seemed like forever at the time and i found myself myself frustrated with not being able to do the most basic of tasks. the holidays were difficult as i could not go out and have fun. i don’t have access to a car – someone to drive me- and getting around a major city on public transport (i live in new york city) was a nightmare.
    i empathize with all who are going through such a break. the pain, the fear, the inability to do even the most basic things, my hand being swollen – i mean majorly swollen – like a ball for 6 weeks, sleeping upright in a chair, taking painkillers, getting severe constipation from painkillers. the isolation. all of it was terrible. i do want to say, however, that i found this site to be a godsend. the times i would log on and people would reassure me that it does get better.
    and so i guess i want to say to anyone who is suffering through this, it does get better. it really does. and when it does you will most likely have an even greater appreciation for your health and well being. hang in there. i wish you all speedy recoveries. it does get better. it will get better. i’m very grateful this site existed for me.

  80. Carol says:

    I just found this site, and it is very encouraging for me. I slipped on ice and fractured my left shoulder in 3 places on Dec. 7…….it is now Christmas Day. I’m wearing a shoulder imobilizer………doc says the bones are in place and should heal in place. I’ve just been instructed how to do these circling exercise and am doing them……….after two weeks of these, I should start the exercise where you slowly “walk your fingers up the wall”. Does this sound logical to all of you. I know myself well enough to want to do the PT too fast. Help!

    • Kathy says:

      Your PT schedule seems to be fairly close to what mine was. PT is tough, but it’s worth it. God bless you as you heal, and Merry Christmas!

  81. Sharon says:

    It’s been 10 months, I would love to say I am back to 100%. However in reality I will never be exactly the way I used to be. 90 is my new 100.
    I am currently in the middle of my first snow/ice season since my fall and the biggest hurdle is just walking out of my house! Just the memory of laying there in the snow at the bottom of those steps makes me want to hibernate.

  82. Sheryl Smith says:

    Hi, my 78 year old mom is 3 days into a broken right shoulder. Saw the specialist today and they told her to start pendulum exercises today. My question is she is still in a lot of pain, is it normal to start movement/exercises so soon after the injury when there is still so much pain? Everyone who has posted on here has been way more helpful than any of the 3 different medical places we have been. Thanks!!

  83. Sue says:

    I’m seven months since my fall from a ladder with multiple fractures…..all has healed but my shoulder isn’t quite right. They were going to perform surgery but couldn’t because of other complications….now all has healed except my shoulder fracture which is off by 60 degrees. I finished 30 sessions of PT and I can use my arm but don’t have very good range of motion….Now I know that it is because of her 60 degrees….has anyone else heard of this?

  84. Mickey says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. I fractured my humorus almost 3 weeks ago in a bicycle crash. I’ve been antsy and wondering how long this whole thing will actually take, and I stumbled across your blog in a Google search about shoulder fracture recovery time. It’s very reassuring knowing what lies ahead. Thank you for your insight!

  85. Staci says:

    Hey guys! It’s been almost 3 weeks since my surgery. I still can’t drive or work, but I am not using my sling at home, only out when walking or in public. I start physical therapy next week. I am able to move my arm up to about a 45 degree angle. I can now wear a regular bra instead pulling a bra up from the ground and over my legs! I can shave my underarms now, yay! and take a full shower!! I am so happy! Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and God speed! oh, also I can sleep on my side (the one with the good arm!)

  86. Carmen says:

    Broke my left shoulder yesterday walking the dog. She saw another dog in the bushes and ran at it. Tugging me so hard that i hit the ground shoulder first. I am 66. I hurt all over. Everyone is trying to help but they don’t realize how much it hurts. You can’t move around much and you touch or pull on the other side of the body and my shoulder hurts. Incredible. We are all connected. I loved reading everybodies stories. I just can’t get to sleep in any position comfortably. Barely got maybe one hour sleep last night and I don’t hold out much luck for tonight either. I guess everyone feels the same way. It’s nice to know that what I am feeling….is shared by so many others. I hope to get through this and hope nothing but the best for all of you.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all. (Guess my daughters will be cooking.)

  87. linda says:

    Just an update. I broke my shoulder September 5 and am doing so much better now. I remember the bruising and how my right arm was almost black from it. I live in Florida and needed to wear long sleeves in the heat to cover up. None of this was fun and I had so many days where I felt sorry for myself because I was so active and could barely dress myself. But.. now I am no longer going to therapy as I learned what the therapists taught me and do the exercises at home. My Dr released me and am riding my bike again and doing yoga. I do have some sharp pain from time to time but nothing like a month ago. Just wanted to offer encouragement that your shoulder will heal and all of this will behind you. Happy Thanksgiving

  88. monica potts says:

    I was so pleased to find this website as I fractured the Ac jont and trauma to the scapula 8 weeks ago I am a retired nurse but was not prepared for the acute pain I have suffered but now no more pain killers but acute Physio and I consume as much vitimin C food etc for healing but I am still finding it difficult to function but try to do the Physio I find it very frustrating as it was my right shoulder to do my hair and some aspects of dressing even after 8 weeks. thank you for comments

  89. Gail says:

    Hi – i broke my right shoulder at end of June. Smashed joint up into 14 pieces! No surgery but 8 and a half weeks in a sling. Well, actually i took sling off after 2 days because i was desperate for a shower. I used a belt as a temporary sling in the shower then put the real one back on. Did that every day. Started gentle shoulder exercises at roughly 5 weeks. Sleeping on my back in the sling was uncomfortable and every morning i woke up with stiff shoulder, elbow, hand and back. and wondered how i was going to get out of bed! Still cannot lie comfortably on my right side. Getting dressed was a challenge and still cannot reach round to do up bra. 3 months off work and not able to drive was frustrating. I gave myself little projects to do each day (yeah, sad i know but it helped). Very put out that i had to cancel my holiday (broken shoulder and off road travel in Africa not a good match).Now back at work with twice weekly physio. When i started physio i ignored advice to take painkillers. not only was it pretty painful but i got told off by physio and consultant. I now take 2 tablets of an over the counter painkiller a couple of hours before physio. At first i could hardly move my arm sideways and couldn’t raise my arm when lying down. Not back to full mobility yet but can lift my arm over my head – just not very straight! 4 months of not being able to go running not my idea of fun. i may be 54 with osteoporotic bones (which i didn’t know about until this happened) but i shall be back at running club this week to start again. Hope you all mend quickly and well!

  90. Kathy says:

    Betsy, your post just showed up on my feed. I bet you’ll make it to your daughter’s wedding. You have an upbeat attitude that is bound to speed your healing. We all have our up-and-down days, but as I mentioned to Shannon and Staci, time is on your side.

    God bless you as you mend,

  91. Kathy says:

    Hello, Shannon and Staci. I hope and pray that you are healing well from the injury. It’s tough going–probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do–but you’ll make it. Time is on your side, and so are we!

    God bless you,

  92. Staci says:

    hi all,
    I was injured at work 3 weeks ago. I had surgery 1 week and 1 day ago on my left shoulder. The biggest frustration for me is not being able to wash my hair, shave my underarm, not driving, and sleeping sitting up. Also, my upper arm is swollen and bruised, so when I take it out of the sling, and try to work it a little, it hurts! Very sore! I go back to the dr. on Monday. I hope all of guys heal well!!

  93. Helen says:

    That’s very true Graham it is a fine line & not going to know if you go over it until too late so think steadily & slowly best way to go. I attempted press ups in my haste to recover a few weeks ago & it irritated it for about a week. I’m not going to be attempting them again any time soon as think ws too much too soon. At same time it hasn’t really set me back but did scare me a little into thinking I could do some damage.

  94. Shannon says:

    I’m 2 days in with a fractured shoulder in 3 places, I had to turn to the internet for help on the healing process. Can’t believe how painful this is, I won’t need surgery, just a sling for now, next dr visit is in 3 weeks. I’m 42 and active so this is not fun to be sidelined like I have been. can’t wait for the movement in the arm to return, thanks for all the suggestions from everyone, I’ll try some of them out!

  95. Graham says:

    Thanks Helen
    That’s pretty much the same advice I received. The exercises are of most benefit if you experience some discomfort but if you go to far and experience pain then the muscles can get inflamed and set back recovery time. Does beg the question when does discomfort become pain as I suspect we are all different with pain thresholds?
    Kind regards

  96. Helen says:

    Good to check in & read on peoples progress. Chris I would use it again if you feel comfortable so but would be cautious about overdoing it as could set you back. My PT always said if it hurts don’t do it.
    Glad to hear you are seeing weekly improvement Graham. The muscle definitely takes longer than I expected to regain but I am determined to get full strength back & now starting to feel real improvements in my exercises increasing my hand weights.

    It sure takes a lot of patience & perseverance but we will all get there x

  97. Di Peters says:

    Hello all,
    I had a fall last Saturday 19th October 2013 with the result a broken left shoulder, Battling at times with the dull pain and feeling sorry for myself. I feel a little more hopeful after reading these posts.

    Thank you

    Diana from Australia

  98. Shirley Wygant says:

    Hi everyone, I broke my shoulder back in May of 2013. 22 weeks ago. I didn’t need surgery, wore a sling for about 3 weeks. Then about 1 month post-break started physical therapy for about 6 weeks. Then I ran out of allowed visits, so have been working on my own since. My physical therapists and doctors were very happy with my progress during that time. I have almost complete range of motion back. Still have difficulty getting my left arm behind my back higher than mid-back. And I still have some pain occasionally. Mostly when I raise my arm bent at the elbow higher than waist level. I was told that may take a year to completely go away. To everyone who is newly dealing with the pain, hang in there, it does get better. I find that I still sleep with my arm elevated a bit on a pillow, but don’t know if I still need it or it’s just become a habit.

  99. Graham says:

    Just my experience but I wouldn’t lift anything too much. My docs have told me not to worry about strength as that will always come back over time. It’s movement you want to get back first. Even in the sling you can exercise the fingers wrist and elbow (a bit). Ask your doc for some gentle exercises.
    Kind regards

  100. Graham says:

    Thanks Kathy
    I’m doing well. The sling came off about 6 weeks ago. For the first 2 weeks I used the sling when necessary although it was partially due to the very odd feeling of my arm. It was like it wasn’t part of my body. In any event have started PT and granted it’s still sore when doing the stretching but I’m noticing a real improvement each week although a few month before I will be scratching my back!
    I read a couple of posters had shooting pains like a trapped nerve. I had exactly the same for about a week or 2 and also thought that something was wrong but it got less often then stopped a few weeks ago. What has surprised me the most is that bones generally seem to heal fairly quickly (weeks) but the loss of muscle and movement takes so long (months) and I would have assumed it would have been the other way round. The key in my limited experience is patience and don’t give up on the PT.
    Kind regards

    • Sylvia says:

      Hello. I know your injury was almost a yr ago however I sustained same type fracture as you. I’m
      Wondering if you have made a full recovery. I hope so.
      Still dealing with mine. My fracture has mended but still a lot of pain. My fracture was 8 weeks ago now

  101. linda says:

    I am now out of the sling and have started PT. I asked the therapist not to baby me and so far he hasn’t, but this isn’t easy, but I’m determined to get better. I can lift my arm almost overhead but not without pain. I am pushing through the pain and want my life back. I feel like its been on hold for the last month.

  102. betsy bayley says:

    its 2 and a half weeks since i broke my right shoulder in 2 places.i have been sleeping in my bed and almost flat so waking up in the night and turning to get upright has not been easy but have been coping. i stopped the pain killers after 2 days and just breathe in to the pain.i can now straighten the arm enough to put on the sleeve of my cardigans. i had a bath and washed my hair after 2 weeks and managed to turn slowly to get out on my own but my daughter was here although i did not need her help.the pain is still strong but manageable as long as i am careful not to knock it.i am optimistic to heal quickly even though i am 70 but have a ticket to travel to new zealand for another daughters wedding at christmas.

  103. Chris says:

    Hello, I just hit my 3rd week of a broken shoulder. No surgery just healing. I am pleased to hear that everything I have been doing has been right up to this point. The nasty bruising and swealing have finally gone away. I am having more mobility with my broken right shoulder. If I have the feeling of “I can do it.” My question is should I. I am not talking of lifting things just the day to day things. Like getting dressed, showering and so on.

    • Kathy says:

      Chris, as soon as my doctor said the fracture had healed, I started doing whatever I could. It felt good, too! It sounds to me like you are on your way to a complete recovery. I will pray in the direction for you.
      God bless you as you heal,

  104. Helen says:

    That’s great progress Dottie, I still had cast on at 7 weeks & couldn’t move it at all or even start PT. I remember the first 2 weeks after cast was removed not being able to lift my arm higher than my waist but with patience & perseverance you will slowly but surely regain movement & the pain will ease as you get stronger.

    I’m now 5 months from accident & added weights to my exercises but feeling much stronger. I’ve even climbed nets & swung on zip wires with my kids πŸ™‚

    I hope things are getting easier for everyone x

  105. Dottie says:

    Hi Everyone! It’s now been seven weeks since my accident and I can finally wash under my right arm with no problem, I broke my left shoulder. The Dr. has added side exercises to my PT. I am still taking pain meds, not sure I can do the exercises without them. The pain has turned into an ache and sting. Looking back to week one and two I have made great progress although at first I felt hopeless because of such extreme pain. If your new here know your not alone and you will feel better soon. It seems like a slow process and is not a pain free process, but you will get better before you know it. Sending best wishes to all and a speedy recovery

  106. Linda says:

    Hi all. Helen, driving has been difficult and I am glad I have an automatic. The pain has gotten better and wearing the sling helps so I don’t use it too much. I can do alot more than what I did three weeks ago. I still have hematoma on my shoulder but the Dr feels this will go away with time. I see him in two weeks so I’ll ask him about it I’m taking Aleve during the day and Ultram at night. Hugs to everyone. This will all get better for us all.

  107. Nora says:

    Hello everyone, great hearing everyone’s woes. I’ m five wks into my healing still haven’t started pt yet. Maybe in two wks dr. Says. Never had itching but I’m still sleeping on the sofa half upright. I can now finally get powder under my left arm. I’m having a really hard time with depression I’m 63 and have always worked hard and a lot of hours. I need to get back to work even if I only have one arm to use. Looking forward to some PT so I can do more, like get dressed on my own Take care everyone, good healing days ahead for us all, Nora

    • Kathy says:

      That’s the spirit, Nora! You’re right: Good healing days are ahead. Sounds like you have made a lot of progress already. I will keep you in prayer for a speedy recovery.

      God bless you,

  108. Helen says:

    Hello everyone! I work on office & had to wear sleeveless tops/shirts that button up all the way up the front & elasticated pull up skirts/trousers/leggings. I took painkillers for probably the first 3 weeks until pain started easing. Can’t really think of anything other than body butter & powder to use underarm.

    The side exercises were hardest & still are for me but now been 4 months & been signed off PT. They think I will get 95-98% use back if I continue to stretch & exercise it. I am almost getting it to the top now but does click a bit in that range & still long way before I can undo bra strap from behind. Still painful to sleep on right side & can’t fully support weight on it but try & concentrate on what you can do rather than what you can’t. I set little weekly goals when healing really started & was elated to get dressed myself, reach to wash face, then wash hair.

    I was lucky enough that my employer let me work from home whilst unable to drive so that must be a struggle Linda, I wouldn’t have attempted it with one arm, do you drive an automatic?

    Hope you’re all having a good week & look forward to hearing from everyone again soon x

  109. Linda says:

    Hi Dottie, I use powder too. Of course most of it goes on the floor since I am right handed and it’s my right shoulder thats broken.I haven’t started PT yet and am not looking forward to it. I think I am probably doing too much because I haven’t stopped working (I am a social worker) since this happened. I don’t have sick time because I recently took the job. The hardest thing I’m finding is to drive with one arm. My Dr isn’t happy about me working but if I don’t work I don’t have insurance and I can’t pay him This has been a real struggle and this site has helped me alot to know I am not alone

  110. Dottie says:

    I am on my second week of PT, using the pully to stretch my arm. I am so thankful for getting to read others experiences with pt because some days I think it’s making my shoulder worse, I get swollen, feel knots, stiff and so much more pain. But after reading this is typical from others I feel better because I don’t have access to my dr. between visits. I’m supposed to do them three times a day but some days after the first exercise it’s way to painful to do the other two times. Other days are better. Also the lack of air circulating under my left arm pit starts to make it feel raw. I wash and dry good and put powder which helps but is there something better to help?

  111. Pam says:

    I am so grateful to have found this site. I fell three weeks ago and shattered my humerus into 4 parts. Two weeks ago I had surgery to pin my shoulder back together. I couldn’t have the nerve block and woke up crying in pain. I stayed the night in the hospital and they were able to manage my pain. I am taking tyleno during day and am on pain medication at night as I wake up feeling stiff. I have good days and bad days. I know this is a long haul. My biggest obstacle has been my loss of independence. I am a teacher who has missed the start of school. My goal is to head back to work next week. My doctor is cautious but has insured it. I will work with my class and modify how I teach. I teach fifth grade. I start physical therapy next week. I’m still in the sling. I see my doctor next after week five for my first set of X-rays. I am finding that I can now pull on a simple elastic bra. I look for goals that I can accomplish like washing my hair, getting myself dressed, figuring out what to do. I do get discouraged. I developed osteoporosis due to heavy prednisone use. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 13 years ago. I did the long hard fight with that so I know I can get through this. I’ve been in remission for five years. What I struggle with is the realization that at 45. I’m already a huge risk for more fractures. I want to heal, move forward to improving my bone density. Thank you for your insight. It helps me find the resources to fight the hard fight. On another note I had my tonsils removed last summer. I’d rather go through that again than this due the fact this is going to be a long time to healing.

  112. Dottie says:

    Hi Kathy, It’s was five weeks yesterday since I fell off a low wall and landed on my shoulder in the driveway. Compared to the first and second week I feel pretty good. Saw Dr. last Thursday and he now has me using a pully on a door to gain movement in my arm. While I’m doing the exercises it doesn’t feel like I am making any progress and the pain. But once I am over the pain I realize how much movement and strength I am actually gaining. Dr. also left me with the lower dosage of pain medication because at this point it’s necessary to cut back. I am finally able to wash dishes again. Felt awful having my husband do everything. I want to say how glad I am also to have found this site. Breaking a shoulder is such a painful and scary thing it made a tremendous difference for me to find you. I also wasn’t sure about anything, ie: am I still supposed to feel this bad, am I making it worse by doing anything, etc. Thank you, Dottie

  113. Linda says:

    Boy am I glad I found this site. I broke my right shoulder falling out of bed. Guess I need a crib. Its been two weeks and I just went to the Dr today, he said no surgery which I am happy about he said I need to wear the sling for three more weeks and then have an xray and start Pt. I wonder why some people need to have casts and some don’t

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Linda. What a blessing that you don’t need a cast! Perhaps your fracture only went part way through the bone and did not displace it. PT can be tough work, so I will keep you in prayer for perseverance and a speedy, complete recovery. God bless you.

  114. Kathy says:

    Hello, Graham. I’m glad you were able to find a comfortable position for sleeping. How are you doing now?

    Debby and Kay, I had pain for a long time, even after the bone had healed, especially when stretching my arm and shoulder. My muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons had suffered trauma, too, and took much longer to heal than the bone did. Gentle stretching and massage therapy helped a lot.

    Hi, Paul. You’ve been through quite an ordeal! Thank you for your contribution. Were you able to begin massage therapy?

    Jan, your thoughts are so beautiful and uplifting! Being understood is perhaps the greatest treasure to be found in all of our feelings and experiences shared on this sight. I hope and pray that your bones are knitting together nicely now.

    Helen, Tilly, and Sharon, so good to hear from you! Your progress is an inspiration to all of us, especially to the “newbies.” And you’re right about keeping a journal: It helps us see the baby steps–and sometimes the giant steps–in our progress toward healing. Without documenting my recovery on this website, I doubt I would have remembered much of it, and certainly not the details.

    Hello, Dottie. I’m so sorry to hear of your accident. How is the pain now? Where are you in your healing process?

    Eileen, the sideways exercises were the most painful for me, too. I also worried that I was damaging body because those particular stretches hurt so much! Eventually, though, I understood that the experience of pain would be necessary in order to heal. How are you doing now?

    Nora, it sounds like you are well on your way to recovery! I’m so glad you didn’t need surgery.

    Suzanne, I fractured my shoulder during the summer, when school was not in session (I’m a teacher), so I wore halter tops for the most part. Everyone, what would you recommend to Suzanne for clothes to wear to work?

    I will be on vacation in North Carolina this week, so I will have time to answer your comments or questions right away. Time has been short since I started my new teaching position last month, but I have time now. God bless you all!


  115. Suzanne says:

    Fractured right shoulder 2 days ago. Wow, what pain! The itching has started already. I found this site while looking to see how to get dressed. I work in an office and am cleared for limited work. What to wear? I’m still in the top I fell in. The X-ray tech took my bra off for me. I’m trying to picture getting out of my clothes and what to buy to wear. Ideas?
    Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  116. Nora says:

    Hi my name is Nora, I fell at work three wks ago and broke my left shoulder in four places. The first two wks were a blurr, waiting for the doctor to decide if I am healing or if I need surgery. Thank god for this site it’s nice to know that I am not alone also thank god for my lazy boy chair!! My whole are was black, I thought it was going to fall off Its nice to know what I have to look forward to and how much recovery time to expect. Will keep in touch , thanks for all of the information

  117. Eileen says:

    I fractured my humerus six weeks ago. The pain was incredible for three weeks but has now eased. I am doing the exercises the physio gave me crawling up the wall with fingers that’s not too bad but doing it sideways is very painful I worry that it may be causing problems with the healing process and actually doing harm. Good to read others experiences and courage.

  118. Dottie says:

    My dr. cut me back from 1-2 hydroco/APAP tab 7.5 – 325 every 4-6 hours for pain to 1 every 6 hours and It is not helping much. I broke my shoulder a little over 4 weeks ago. How long did everyone else have to take pain medicine for? I am tired of being in pain. I am so glad I found this site though it helps alot.

  119. Dottie says:

    Paula, I can’t sleep sitting up either, see Dr. thursday and will see what he says. I broke mt shouler from a fall four weeks ago. I have had bouts of crying. No one who hasn’t been through this can understand the incredible pain and how hard it is to suddenly not be able to do anything.

  120. Connie says:

    I broke my right shoulder 4 days ago and it hurts worse than almost anything I have experienced. I am waiting to see an ortho but the er doctor said it was fractured but not out of alignment. My problem is that left wrist also hurts and is weaker. I didn’t notice my hand hurting until that first night so I am not sure if I sprained it or what This is all so frustrating right now.
    Thanks for letting me vent.

  121. Sharon says:

    Tilly I too kept a journal during this time. (Voice recognition is a wonderful thing) “Trauma 2013” is my title.
    It’s a good thing I did because I do not remember alot during that time. My friends sister broke her shoulder about a month ago and I had to re-read mine so I could pass little tips on to her. Including this site.

  122. Tilly says:

    Hi there everyone.
    Its been just over a year now since I broke my shoulder falling off a bike at speed and had to have 9 pins and a bracket inserted to hold my shattered shoulder together. Looking back over the year, with this website, I just wanted to write and encourage everyone to have confidence in their recovery. I spent 8 weeks sitting up every night in total agony, and had several months physical therapy. But I have learned so much about my body from this experience that despite everything, there have been some really wonderful plus points along the way.
    I have learnt that taking some sort of control really helps the healing process:
    Firstly, Kathy’s knowledge about changing your diet to aid calcium growth really did help. The jump in healing on the xray from the first 3 weeks when I was on ibuprofen to the 2 weeks following that when I cut down the acid in my diet and ate alkaline rich foods was dramatic. And eating healthily really made me feel better too and gave me more energy when I was getting so little sleep.
    Keeping a diary of my small steps of progress, (I called it ‘Achievements since Operation’) helped me see that I was slowly getting better. So from my first small walk outside to cutting down on my Oxycodone a little at a time to being able to get my hair in a ponytail showed me my recovery was real and happening, especially when I felt so exhausted and dispondent. Maybe they seemed small steps to someone else but big milestones to me as I made my way back to my real life.
    Reading this website and everyone’s postings were so helpful knowing I was not the only one suffering with the pain and the bad nights.The advice on here was fantastic.
    And make sure you do all the exercises you are given every day by the physiotherapist. The window of opportunity to get movement back as far as it’s able is not a big one. So as boring as it is, do them regularly, because after a few months the change will not be as much.
    My arm is at about 98% recovered and I am completely out of pain. Not only that but I finally got back on a bike this summer, (a bit nervous but it was fine). I regard myself extremely lucky to have found this site which aided me so very much. Keep healing and posting everyone.

    • Mo says:

      This site has been a godsend. I fell 7 ft from loft ladder and had multiple injuries including 4 part displaced shoulder fracture. Was initially told was not displaced but then had to have it plated 2.5 weeks later. Now 3 weeks post surgery. So good to read all the comments here. It has been so reassuring to know it will heal eventually and the pain will ease. Thank you all.

  123. Helen says:

    Hello all. I am happy to report my healing still going well, still having weekly pt sessions but starting to see improvements now in strength & range. Can’t sleep on my right side yet & will be long time before I can undo my bra strap but otherwise not finding much I can’t do.

    Sorry to hear bones not healing well Jan & I do hope the pain soon eases for you.

    I certainly agree with you regarding learning not to take even the simplest things for granted. Not being able to cuddle my young daughters when they were crying & reaching out for me or pick them up when they fell was one of the hardest things I had to deal with.

    I hope you are all getting stronger both physically & mentally. I look forward to hearing more updates & ‘newbies’ stories & hope you find this sight as helpful as I did x

  124. jan brown says:

    Hello everyone!
    I haven’t written in a while, lots of “stuff” going on.
    Turns out my bones aren’t healing well, they called it nonunion.
    I’m on a bone stimulator 3 hours a day. Has anyone else had a lot of pain with this. I’m doing it but I dread it. I’m told that I’m probably just more sensitive to pain.
    Oh well, I hope it works. My range of motion gets better every week, yay, but the strength isn’t there yet.
    For all the “newbies” on this site, welcome. There is probably no symptom, pain or feeling that someone here has not felt.
    You are not alone.
    All of us are in some stage of recovery.
    Just reading the stories here has helped me so much, I can never thank you all enough. You give me hope. You keep me going. You don’t judge my whining.
    Our anniversary camping trip was great. Thank you all for your good wishes.
    When I read the comment about unrelenting pain being a tough task master, and time being our best friend, I couldn’t agree more.
    I’m still trying to figure out how to cope with the guilt I feel when someone else has to do MY job, or help me do some ordinary simple thing.
    I am learning so much about myself and have become a lot more understanding about how we take life for granted, and in doing so we waste precious time.
    Maybe that is the “silver lining” in this process for me.
    I will never say: no pain no gain, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and stop whining, buck up kiddo, or any of the other stupid things none of us need to hear.
    I will say you are understood. We feel your pain and frustration, you are not alone.
    I carry you all in my prayers and my heart.
    ……..every day more progress, every day less pain…

  125. kay says:

    Wonder if anyone experiencing pain after fracture in shoulder when u stretch your arm to reach for something it feels like a nerve hurts pretty bad for couple of minutes. Its been 2 months since my fracture im so ready to be free of pain and feel normal again.

  126. Paul says:

    I fractured my right shoulder in a fall 5 weeks ago, but thanks to a misdiagnosis at the ER did not receive treatment until three weeks ago, which involved surgery to screw back into place a third of my glenoid fossa (the ‘cup’ of the socket joint).
    I was already taking 2 percocet 2X a day for chronic osteoarthritis in my hips & lower spine, so the surgeon just authorized me to take extra doses every four hours as needed. I’m still taking that, plus 2 benadryl in the morning & 2 before bed.
    I bought 2 bags of frozen peas before the surgery & use those as ice packs.
    I was given NSAIDs intravenously in the hospital and took a few doses of Naproxen for a few days upon returning home; but soon stopped them & switched to fresh ground cinnamon. The prolonged use of another NSAID, Meloxicam, had hospitalized me the year previous with pancreatitis, so I’m justifiably wary of the use of any but naturally sourced solutions.
    I’ve been on the Glycemic Index diet for the past year & a half, losing close to 60 lbs in the process and immensely improving my overall health, which I hope will help in my recovery.
    Currently, three weeks from surgery, the staples are out & I’m held together with steri-strips. The incision in closing nicely; a second incision to inspect a non-damaged(!) rotator cuff is almost completely healed. I’ve already started PT, with the simple aforementioned exercises – the pendulum, the shoulder squeezes…but I’ll be asking about the massage, as I’m still very nervous about the sensation of the arm dislocating again, as it did about 20 times during the initial two weeks without treatment. Apparently, every time it did that, it took a little more cartilage with it, with the end result that I now have practically NO cartilage left in the joint (which is the basis of my legal claim against the ER..) My surgeon cautioned me, saying that the joint ‘might develop arthritis’. Gee doc, ya think?
    Anyway, I’m happy to find this forum & will be contributing as I can.


  127. Debby says:

    I had my shoulder broken 9 weeks ago. I still have pain when I jerk it really hurts. Doctor says it’s healed.

  128. Graham says:

    If one good thing comes out of this I will be extra careful when standing on any ladders or chairstools. I have been sleeping in an upright position on a sofa with a footstool I was surprised how easy I have fallen asleep although whether I can last 6 weeks remains to be seen
    Kind regards

  129. Graham says:

    I fell off a chair on Thursday this week and sustained a fracture to my right greater tuberlocutis. Naturally I am concerned about recovery and have spent the last 2 days googling everything I can. Many thanks for such a positive site with guidance. My thoughts go out to all the posters. Graham

  130. Ann says:

    Just came across this site in searching for info on shoulder fractures.
    Fractured mine both vertically & horizontally. The Ortho Dr. said I had 2 options; surgery or immobilized in a sling until it heals & then PT. He said the outcome would be just about the same, so I chose the sling to keep it immobile. I did this on July 13th.
    The pain is handled by ibuprofen in the day & pain med at night. The bruising stared the following day, & am now dealing with the itching!
    Thanks for posting to this site.

  131. Kathy says:

    Hi, Lily. It sounds like you are making good progress, despite the ups and down. God bless you as you heal. We are pulling for you and praying for you!

  132. Sharon says:

    Paula as you can tell my typing has suffered the most!

  133. Sharon says:

    Paula, we have all been there. I am going on 5 months it was without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever gone thru. I had a plate and 9 screws. Hang in there.

  134. Lily says:

    thank you for all the up lifting comments. I broke my shoulder 7 weeks ago and had to have pins and screws inserted. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I have PT 3 times a week and sometimes it feels good and other times a lot of pain. interested in knowing more about the massages. My have neck and shoulder muscles are a bunch of knots.

    Reading all the comments gives me hope that I will heal someday.

  135. Helen says:

    Hi Paula, for some reason your post was not showing when I last logged on or I definitely would have written. I managed to get reasonably comfortable sitting in the corner of a corner sofa for sleeping but 2 weeks after my fracture I stayed in a caravan & it was impossible! I too was worried that it would not only be painful but hinder healing but I’ve not been back to the sofa since & am now healing very well.

    As for the bruising I couldn’t really see mine as I had the cast on my arm & over my elbow but it was still there 2 weeks after cast was removed (8 weeks from injury) mostly around the elbow. Has gone now but still a little tender to touch.

    Hope things slowly improving for you Paula. I purchased lots of pull on leggings & button up tops to help deal with dressing. Keep us posted x

  136. Anonymous says:

    We all understand, Paula. I can remember having super-tough days sometimes when I would cry and feel sorry for myself. Unrelenting pain is a terrible taskmaster. Time, however, is a faithful friend. πŸ™‚

    God bless you all,

  137. paula says:

    Yes kathy the same Paula although less cranky today, sorry for my sarcasm I didn’t have a good day but that isn’t a good reason so my sincere apologies guys, thank you for the kind wishes kathy. It is great to see others recovering, I seen my specialist today and don’t need surgery and in answer to my question ideally if you can its great for your shoulder but in reality he said to sleep in whatever position that is comfortable, so happy about this.

  138. kay says:

    Paula I’m going on 4 weeks now. It’s slowly getting better. I know what your going through. I’m praying for you. I couldn’t believe the bruising myself it was also all the way down to my elbow I haven’t experienced the itching yet. Still having to sleep in recliner. Take care of yourself.

  139. paula says:

    Ok I guess this is a tight knit group

  140. kay says:

    Thank you Jan for your concern I am doing better taking one day at a time. Happy anniversary enjoy your camping trip. Kathy thank you for your encouragement and prayers it means a lot. πŸ™‚

  141. Helen says:

    My PT went well thank you, not as painful as I was expecting & got lots of exercises to do at home. Will have weekly sessions to start with & may not get full movement back as humerus very high up in ball joint & has formed a lip on it. Lots of hard work to do but really seeing lots of improvement & feel my life is getting back to ‘normal’ at last

    congratulations on your anniversary & I hope you manage to have a wonderful break away x

  142. Paula says:

    Hi, I broke my right shoulder 8 days go, it is still excruciatingly painful. I am on a lot of pain meds which is causing constipation so I have just increased my fibre and water intake. I am finding the hardest thing to deal with is losing my independence, I cannot dress or shower myself let alone anything else. I am a nurse and now off work so I’m concerned about finances as well. I have my arm in a sling however I just cannot sleep upright, I tried a few times and I just can not do it. Will this hinder the healing process? If I have to have surgery to insert a plate because I am not sleeping upright well I am prepared for this. I honestly take my hat of to you kathy!! My bruising is amazing, had no idea it would bruise so much and right down to my elbow, and the intense itching has started already!! It’s terrible!!! It’s great that this site exists to be able to read about others going through the same things knowing that my symptoms are normal is reassuring . I will see my surgeon on Tuesday and will probably be told off, but hey I’m used to doctors, they don’t frighten me, lol. Keep up the posts guys.

    • Kathy says:

      Paula, I am praying for you for pain relief and steady, positive progress toward healing. Keep writing and let us know how you are doing. You are part of “the group” now. We try to encourage one another, and it is indeed inspiring to see that others DO recover over time.

      God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand,

  143. jan brown says:

    This site is so uplifting.
    I had no idea that healing could be such an up and down process. One day I take only one pain pill and the next four! I look forward to when I don’t have to take any.
    Same with PT. Monday I do great, all of the exercises and no tears. Two days later I can’t do what I did the week before.
    Thursday when I saw my doctor he showed us the x-rays and pointed out the places that were healing pretty well and some that were not. I could see the little bone chips, ugh! The splintered section is back together though.
    I go back in three weeks and will start on a bone stimulator.
    77 days after my fracture and I am using the computer with both hands for the first time, Yay! It hurts after but to me it is great progress. I can hardly wait until I can knit again.
    My husband and I are going camping in our van for three days for our anniversary. I’m taking all my pillows, ice packs, heating pads, and pain pills. I won’t use the pain pills unless it’s absolutely necessary because my wonderful husband bought us a good bottle of champagne to celebrate.
    Thank you all for your words of wisdom and comfort.
    Helen, I am wondering how your PT went. I hope it went well.
    Kay, I can’t imagine breaking both shoulders within a couple of weeks. I don’t know how you are functioning!
    The only thing from my experience that I can say with absolute certainty is that nothing about these injuries is certain. Everything varies from day to day and forward is not the only motion you will go. And pain, sometimes it feels like pain is the center of life and every minute is just surviving. But it gets better and the pain is less.
    Your journey will be different of course. I hope this site gives you as much help as it has me and that your PT goes great. Heal well!

  144. kay says:

    Its been a month since I fractured my right shoulder . I still wear the sling all day take it off at night. i have been using my arm some which is causing me to have pain in my shoulder at night. I know others say that PT causes pain so im hoping its hurting because im using it some and not any thing that I’ve done by using my arm too soon. Anyone experience this

    • Kathy says:

      Yes, Kay. I used to experience a lot of pain, twinges, and the feeling of having knots in my muscles after PT. Once I started getting massage therapy after PT sessions, what a difference! Not only did I find relief from the pain, but I lost most of the “fear” of stretching the joint and physical therapy became much more productive.

  145. Helen says:

    Glad to hear you feeling a bit more positive Jan. My own journey seems to be still improving with PT starting in 2 days I’m sure I will too face set backs. I am still fearful of rolling onto my right side one night!

    please keep us updated with your x-rays & I’ll keep you updated with my progress. Our fractures were at similar time so be nice to hear how you’re doing & you’re definitely not alone xx

  146. Jan says:

    Thanks Kathy and Helen. I sit here crying because I didn’t know anyone cared. Your comments ment so much.
    My doctor was very positive and told me there would be setbacks and to hang on a bit longer. He also ordered mores-rays and I will see him again next week.
    My PT changed a few of the exercises, she said I was pushing too hard, guess that backfired.
    I thought more was better. Wrong.
    I have taken a step back and the pain has lessened. It still awful in the mornings, but I am using lots of heat and that seems to help a lot.
    The depression varies from okay to, well, bad.
    This forum will allow me a way to reach out for help and support and maybe help others.
    This has been a long road already. But I’m on it.
    Going forward, thanks, jan

  147. Helen says:

    Oh Jan, I hope you get some answers soon & can get the right help to relieve your pain. I have just been sent my 1st physio appointment for another 10 days time which will be 2 months after the fracture & I am dreading the pain but at same time determined to get back to ‘normal’ as soon as I can. Been stretching as much as cam & can now raise arm straight out in front of me so getting there slowly & seeing a little progress every day.

    I felt a lot of guilt with my husband as my accident happened the morning after his father passed away so was at a time I wanted to be helping him & not the other way round..especially that first excruciating week I barely moved off the sofa!

    You can always talk on here as we have all been or going through it so can understand your pain & struggles. Please update on how you are & take care xx

  148. Jan says:

    I fractured my left shoulder two months ago.
    I started physical therapy last week.
    I am still on pain medications, the pain varies from bearable to sobbing uncontrollably almost unable to bear the pain.
    Slowly, oh so slowly, I began to heal. There were setbacks, but I was moving forward. Then I woke up one morning almost unable to move my arm and crying in horrible pain. I tried everything, heat, ice, massage, more meds all without success.
    Of course, it was Saturday. I would have to wait until Monday. The weekend was a nightmare.
    My doctor was out of the office on Monday but my physical therapist was available so I saw her. We tried the exercises but she stopped me before we could complete even one stating she couldn’t handle watching my painful struggle.
    Now I await my appointment with my doctor on Monday. I hope he has answers for why suddenly my shoulder is so much worse.
    I’m 64. This has devastated me. I’m fearful.
    Oh, did I mention that at week eight the tens machine I was using went crazy and gave me a horrible shock, my arms twitching, my fingers numb. I screamed and sobbed. The pain so overwhelming I couldn’t believe it. It took hours before my arm stopped twitching. My fingers tingled and hurt for over 24 hours and still ache all the time. I wonder what is next. If my shoulder has damage yet unseen. I have had x-rays every two weeks but mo CT scan or MRI.
    I’m discouraged. I don’t communicate with my friends. My relationship with my husband has caused me guilt, this has caused much suffering for him too.
    I feel lost.


    • Kathy says:

      Oh, Jan, my heart goes out to you! I’m praying for you right now that God will show the doctor what to do for you to relieve your pain and help your shoulder heal properly. Please write me back and tell me what the doctor said. You are not alone. I will pray.

  149. kay says:

    Thanks Kathy. It is going on two weeks since my fall keeping arm in sling im able to do without pain meds. Shoulder still a little swollen and not able to move it much in sure this is normal just hope its healing properly and I will be out of sling in couple more weeks is it possible to do range of motion on my own. After I heal

  150. Helen says:

    Thanks Kathy & Sharon, another 2 days in & can see small improvement so not as worried now & persisting with the stretches. Just think doctor was a little presumptive about what I would be able to do! Anyway certainly not going to drive until feel safe doing so & await PT appointment to be sent through.
    Much appreciate your reassurance xx

  151. kay says:

    How long does healing process usually take. And how long di I need to wear sling. I sometimes take my arm out of sling and stretch it but have to put it right back in not comfortable hurts some what it’s been one week that I fracured it. Should I not take it out of sling?

    • Kathy says:

      Kay, I wish I were a doctor and knew what to tell you about how much to use your arm. The best of can do is tell you that my shoulder break healed in 5 weeks, and that’s when my doctor told me I didn’t need to use my sling anymore. I will keep you in prayer for a speedy recovery!

  152. kay says:

    I fractured my left shoulder and a week later I fell and fractured my right one its in a sling. Having to use my left one now even though it’s not healed.

  153. Keith says:

    Just fractured my scapula and glenoid from a cycling accident. Pain is very intense,worse I’ve ever had.
    Thankfully no surgery, but have to wear immobilzer sling. I’m taking this off occasionally to bend my arm from the elbow which doesn’t hurt. Pain isn’t bad 3 days after and trying to avoid meds until night when I sleep. Hoping this all works out for the best.

    • Kathy says:

      Keith, it sounds like you’re on the fast track to healing. It’s amazing how much this type of break hurts, though, isn’t it? God bless you as you heal. I’ll be praying for you.

  154. Sharon says:

    I actually told my Doctor I thought he had screwed the screws in too tight because as hard as I tried I couldn’t make mine move at first either. And when it did finally start moving it was almost as if it was asleep. Not the tingling sensation but I had no control.

    I asked my Physical Therapist if I could hang from a bar to stretch my shoulder. He thought that was a very good idea. I can’t hang on for very long, yet. But it does help. (((Thank you for that tip)))

  155. Kathy says:

    Helen, I had very little movement in my shoulder until I started physical therapy. The joint “freezes” according to nature’s way to make sure it doesn’t move while the bones are healing. Once the sling is gone, though, it’s time to start stretching, stretching, stretching. Even though it hurts, you are doing your body good! It took me a full year of stretching the joint in all directions to get full mobility back, but after a couple of months of physical therapy, I was able to do most of the activities I was able to do before the break. Hang in there…You’re going to make it!

    God bless you,

  156. Helen says:

    Hello everyone. I had my cast & sling removed 2 days ago & after 6 weeks of being strapped up I am finding movement very difficult. Doctor sent me away with some exercises to do & will send through a physio appointment but I seem completely unable to raise arm out infront of me…not because it is too painful it just doesn’t go…feels like my brain tells it to move but the arm isn’t listening. I’m now worried may have torn rotator cuff as wasn’t tested or scanned for that. Doctor said I can drive again but no chance if I can’t reach the steering wheel. Going to give it a couple more days to see if improves before calling them. Hope everyone else improving well x

  157. Sandra says:

    What a wonderful site and thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences. I tripped over my dog and had a borderline displacement fracture of the shoulder and humerus. Whilst I didn’t get a pin and plate fitted I was strapped up for several weeks. The pain and sleepless nights seem to go on for ever but there is an end. The one arm showering and wearing button blouses or cardigans are all part of it. I started physiotherapy several weeks back and this has been a god send. However I am told it will take 6 months or one year to get over it completely. I am now 15 weeks into it and whilst the lower mobility is good, I cannot raise my arm above my head or get it round my back yet. Some days are better than others pain wise and I really don’t know why this is. The sweaters will have to wait a little longer but I am driving now and that feels wonderful.
    By the way Sharon, I haven’t managed to get my hair up in a ponytail yet but it is achieving small things like that which give a real lift. My surgeon said that I could have keyhole surgery later on if the mobility doesn’t fully return but I would like to avoid surgery if possible, however time will tell. A big thank you to all for their comments. By the way, I missed landing on the dog and he is absolutely fine but was completely bemused by my sling contraption. I worried about him all the while I was waiting for my x-rays in A&E!

  158. Sharon says:

    Almost 4 months.

  159. Sharon says:

    My heart goes out to all the recent people posting here. It’s been almost 3 months since I fell. I have to say even though every one (including the wonderful people on this site)told me it does get better, I had my doubts. But slowly and painfully it does get better. I am back at work, driving myself and sleeping back in my bed! My next goal is to put my hair up in a ponytail. I am still going to P/T twice a week and am at about 95 degrees upward mobility. But it is a long way from where I started.

  160. Anonymous says:

    hola everyone. I’m just having a look in, as I often do. I hope everyone is healing, or healed well and that the “new breaks” too are coping and healing. It is now 15 months since my little “trip” and apart from a couple of minor niggles everything seems to be good. I still use a cushion for when I turn over in bed, turning onto my left side is still like landing on a bed of nails and always takes me by surprise and I still have difficulty at times taking certain clothes off, my arm simply refuses to go where I want it to, it really comical, but on the whole everything is good and certainly much better than I expected it to be. So hang in there new breaks, it will and does get better.

  161. Shirley Wygant says:

    I am a 59 year old female and broke the ball at the top of my humerous in my left shoulder almost 4 weeks ago. I was doing geocaching and riding my bike through an old railroad tunnel on a bike trail. My tire went off the edge of the pavement and I got thrown into the tunnel wall. Gee, those 100+ year old tunnel walls don’t give much! Anyway I broke the top of the bone in 2 places. It’s healing well according to the dr. and at the 2 week mark, he allowed me to remove the sling unless I’m in public. I’m also to begin straightening my arm from the elbow and I couldn’t believe how painful that is after only 2 weeks of sling. I feel it pulling at the base of my thumb something fierce. It is getting easier day by day. But the nights are still pretty bad. I can get to sleep by taking a pain pill before going to bed, but after a couple hours, I wake up and that’s it. I just can’t find a place to put the arm that it doesn’t hurt. I am sleeping pretty much sitting up propped against a lot of pillows. Haven’t missed any work, simply because we don’t have sick time here at work. But I did have to have a driver until I could remove the sling. My next goal is to someday be able to dress myself again! My husband has been a great help, but he’s not home in the evening as he works 3 – 11 PM and I work 8AM to 4PM. I stumbled across this site looking for answers as to why I have as much pain now as I did in the beginning at night. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Shirley. Yup, this is the toughest time in healing, although the physical therapy that’s sure to come soon is going to be a challenge, too. I’m glad to hear that your fractures are healing well. I will pray that you will get some good sleep tonight and continue to feel better. God bless you, Kathy

  162. Lynn says:

    Hi- my 74 year old mother fell and broke her shoulder yesterday. They’re not going to do anything, just let it heal. We don’t live in the same city so I’m not able to help (although I am going to ask her if she wants to come stay with me). My sister has been helping her and apparently, mom can’t even pull up her pants by herself – she’s wearing drawstring shorts or sweatpants and I would have thought she could have done it one-armed, but sis confirms that she can’t. Any suggestions would be helpful!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Lynn. Yes, it can be incredibly painful to move when your shoulder is broken. It seems like any time you move anything, you also move your shoulder, causing intense pain. Zip-up-the-front house dresses or loose-fitting dresses that can be slipped over the head are the easiest to wear for the first couple of weeks. Your mom will be afraid that the agonizing pain will never go away, but it will lessen after a few weeks. It takes a l-o-n-g time, though, before the shoulder is able to move freely again the way it used to. Generally, once the fracture has healed, physical therapy will be recommended. You can try the 10 tips for now, but please feel free to write me back if you have other questions or concerns. I’ll will keep your family in my prayers. God bless you, Kathy

  163. Helen says:

    Hi, I fractured my shoulder 25 days ago simply by slipping on my wet floor at home which is apparently unusual for someone my age (35) but I was just unlucky how I landed. My bones were displaced at approx 50 degree angle so have a hanging heavy cast in addition to collar & cuff to bring back into alignment.

    I spent first 2 weeks sitting up on corner sofa but have been able to lay flat on back for last 10 nights which has aided sleep no end. Another 17 days until cast removed & just been given permission to start very gentle movement in elbow & shoulder today so back on the painkillers tonight! Have virtually no movement at all as yet but hoping will improve when cast removed as think weight of it makes it harder.

    Great to hear all your stories & relate to your problems. Very thankful for tips & realise still a long road ahead. Hope you’re all doing better xx

  164. stacy says:

    I fractured my shoulder over three weeks ago – unfortunately right before my Florida vacation. It was a non-displaced fracture. They had me get an MRI to make sure that I didn’t tear my rotator cuff, which I didn’t. I am so uncomfortable. Has anyone else felt a pulling pain in their ligaments in the shoulder? I am afraid that I may be getting a frozen shoulder because of lack of movement.

    • Kathy says:

      Stacy, don’t worry. Even if you do develop a frozen shoulder, like I did, you can probably still stretch it out after the fracture heals. It took me about a year to regain full mobility, but it can be done.
      God bless you, Kathy

  165. Linda says:

    I fractured my shoulder in 2 places may28. Slipped on wet floors at 1st broken bone@ age’s old lift chair & pain meds my new best friend.would be my dominant side! So thankful for my hubby & this encouraging website!!!

  166. skye coley says:

    Hi my name is skye i fractured my shoulder tuesday at 2am i fell down the stairs

  167. Liz says:

    How lovely to find this site,by accident! I fractured my shoulder blade and glenoid,3 weeks ago by falling downstairs.Although I’d say the pain at the fine is the worst I e ever experienced(and I’ve had 3 kids!)I’ve been amazed at how much progress I’ve already made!Was on tramadol and Valium(for muscle spasms)but now on,y occasional paracetamol ,and am sleeping better,though still propped up Am concerned though,as saw my consultant this week and he said I could take off my sling,which I have done.I now have increased pain and swelling in what feels like soft tissue,at the top of my arm and behind the shoulder. I also find I’m inclined to keep using my right arm,whereas the sling prevented that and so in my view protected me?Plus no mention has been made of physiotherapy ? Any advice? X

  168. Deborah Bloom says:

    I broke the ball of my shoulder 2 1/2 weeks ago. It wasn’t displaced and my doc put me in an immobilizer. The pain is
    livable with aspirin now. Thanks for the tip on lactic acid build up. It explains a lot. I managed about 6 hours in bed last night until I hit the recliner. I am 62 and fear more joint limitations,I have some restriction in my left ankle which I broke 21 years ago and may need a partial knee replacement on my right knee. I hope to deal with one thing at a time. Thanks too for the tip on a painkiller before therapy. I am really nervous about the pain, because it hurts so much, much worse than my broken ankle did. The whole thing is depressing.

    • Kathy says:

      Deborah, hang in there. I know the pain is immense, more than anyone can imagine unless it’s happened to them. I will keep you in prayer. Please let me know how your healing is progressing.

      God bless you,

  169. Deb says:

    What a great website! I have a proximal humerus comminuted fracture minimally displaced (can you tell I had the PA write that down). I did it on March 15, 2013 IN THE HOSPITAL going to visit my husband who had just had a complete hip replacement!! Lucky me…I was in the ER in less than 5 minutes!!! No ambulance ride for me! I did it on a Thursday and my husband was released on Friday. I was supposed to be his caregiver! Ha! Thank goodness for friends and relatives. I didn’t drive for 6 weeks! This past week I was relieved of the sling (had an immobilizer for the first month) and it feels SO GOOD! I’m actually surprised I have as much movement and strength as I do. I start PT on Tuesday and I think she will be surprised what I can do already. It’s been a very interesting 6 weeks with the two of us being “cripples”. Between the two of us we figured we made one complete person!! X-rays every week sort of scared me. It’s the side I had breast cancer on 7 years ago. I always made them give me something lead to cover my body up with as they x-rayed my shoulder. My husband and I have the same ortho!! We go in to the appointments together!! That’s been fun…we LOVE our doctor! Good luck to all.

  170. Anonymous says:

    Sharon, you’re so right: Physical therapy is tough. I was surprised that muscles could atrophy and stiffen so much from disuse. It also puzzled why I would make larger advances in mobility during one session, but smaller advances during others. Sometimes my eyes would tear up during the tougher sessions. Eventually, though, my muscles got stronger and more flexible. Yours will, too. The p/t was definitely worth it!

  171. Sharon says:

    Physical therapy is tough! I only take a pain pill on p/t days. And cry all the way home. I worry this is as good as its going to get. The Dr. and therapist assure me it is only because the muscles were not used for weeks and it will improve with work. It gets discouraging. Thank you again for this site.

  172. Kathy says:

    Claire, you’ve made tremendous progress! Being able to reach my arms straight up over my head was the last milestone for me. The only way I was able to do it was to hang by both hands (gently) from the bar at Planet Fitness. Day-by-day stretching that way eventually brought back full mobility. And you’re right: Physical therapy makes a world of difference! Thanks for sharing your experience and encouragement, Claire.

    God bless you,

  173. Claire says:

    I fell & I shattered my proximal humerus at the left shoulder on Jan. 5, 013. I was in such excruciating pain. Because of my age(81) the Dr. advised against surgery. I was in a sling and my arm was immobilized to the side of my body for 6 weeks. My arm didn’t want to move at all after it came off. I did need help with showering. The aide put the high portable commode with the back under the shower so I could sit and held the shower head in my right hand. After she couldn’t come any more I managed with the help of being able to sit and using the shower head to wash my hair and body. Using the commode for showering was a God sent. I’m still using it for that purpose. After 6 weeks I was sent to Physical therapy. In the beginning it was painful, but tolerable. No gain without pain, so they say. I slept in a recliner the whole time and still do. In the beginning I took a vicodin at nighttime and I slept pretty well. Than I took a tramadol at night. Now I do not take either one. I will take an aleve if needed. I did have a problem with my wrist and my fingers being achy. With the home exercises they gave me and the exercises and stretching exercises at the facility, I have come along way. I am able to carry my pocketbook or a light package in my hand. My fingers are 95% better. The only thing I can’t do is raise my arm straight up above my head. I can get my hand to my ear. I can get my arm up with the help of my good arm. The doctor said I will probably never be able to get it straight up. I just want to get it up high enough to do my hair. In the meantime I got a wash & wear haircut. I can reach forward and sideways to a certain extent & than I get some discomfort. On certain movements & exercises the outside of my arm hurts. I am 65% better since the excruciating pain in the beginning. The Physical therapy has really brought me along to where I can function on my own. I’m back to driving the last 2 weeks giving me back some of my independence and not having to rely on others to drive me places. I know it is going to take a long time to completely recoup. Some PTs have said it could take a yr. or better according to the person. They really can’t say how long it will take. The Dr. is pleased with the healing process. The physical therapy has helped me greatly. They are concentrating on getting my arm to raise up. I can put my arm behind my back which I couldn’t do before. I have 11 more physical therapy sessions and than I’m on my own. I think I’m going to be greatly improved after those 11 pt’s. I wish all of you the best as I understand what your going through. Hang in there and things will get better

  174. Kathy says:

    Hello, Mary. Between your elbow and shoulder, you’ve really had a double whammy to deal with! How did you break your shoulder, and how is your physical therapy going? I will pray for you that your pain will lessen and that you experience healing of both body and soul.

    God bless you,

  175. mary says:

    I certainly identify with the nighttime shoulder pain with a shoulder healing after being broken and having surgery. It has just been 6 months since I broke the humerous bone in my right shoulder. I have trouble getting to sleep and then am awake several times during the night. I am up in the recliner any time after 4:30 AM because my arm is so stiff and sore I can’t stand it anymore. Then I get out the heating pad and bore myself back to sleep in the recliner with boring tv programs. My Doctor told me it would hurt for 6-12 months. My recovery is complicated by the fact that I fell and shattered my elbow on the same arm a year before the shoulder injury. That necessitated an elbow replacement and that has not operated at 100 %. The exercising I do for my shoulder also makes my elbow area hurt. I look forward to the day my arm pain is gone.


  176. Kathy says:

    Hello, Ruthie, Mandy, Molly, Sharon, Dana, Lesley, and Sarah! I’m sorry I have not been active on this website this month, but please know that I pray for all of my OsteoDiet readers every day, especially those who are recovering from fractures. How are you feeling now? How is your healing progressing? Thank you for sharing your journey and advice with other OsteoDiet readers. Your comments and suggestions help others who are suffering and looking for reasons to hope. Please keep me posted on your progress when you have time. You are in my prayers.

    God bless you all,

  177. SARAH says:

    Fractured my left scapula on March 6th. Was so painful even next to 36 hours of labour and delivery for childbirth. I am getting better but my shoulder really aches at the end of the day. Very uncomfortable to sleep and recline on the couch. Hard to be the Mommy I was before the break, which is hard emotionally. I take advil when necessary and need to ice my back a few times before bed. I’ve often had to go to bed with the ice pack. It feels like I will never be pain free. I start physio in a few weeks, so hopefully I can go sling free. The doctor said I did not need surgery. Keep fingers crossed for me!

  178. lesley says:

    Hello, I am so pleased to have found this website. I have a non displaced shoulder fracture and am in my sixth week. Nights are horrible. I’ve been trying to lie down. So will sort myself out now in a more sitting position. I was getting depressed about the lack of mobility – I thought it would be almost healed by now! However having read all your comments, that could be a while. I’m a kayaker and am worried that I will not get full mobility back. But from your helpful comments I’m thinking I need to be more patient. Thanks again and good luck. Lesley

  179. Dana Mischler says:

    I broke my shoulder in two places and tore the rotator cuff on Easter March 31, 2013. It’s been two weeks now! It is the most painful and emotional thing I have gone through and I have two grown kids. All your advice has helped me sooooo much and I thank all of you for that. The pain medication messes with your body so badly. Finally got down the right amount of stole softeners for the constipation. Don’t ever need any extra pain right now! Had to take pain killers every six hours but now I’m at every ten hours as of day 11. Got down on myself that I’m not off of them yet but it’s very true to celebrate every small victory and accomplishment through the healing process. Got really scared that just four days after the accident I gained 9 pounds from all of the swelling well today on day 14 I’m back to my regular weight. Try to eat well balanced meals while you do nothing but sit in a recliner morning noon and night. Speaking of the recliner best advice ever. Got one on day three which now allows me to sleep when I can. Best $285.00 I ever spent!!!! Go to the Doctors today for more X-rays to make sure the bones are lined up and healing, not sure when physical therapy will start but will cross that painful bridge when it comes. Also great advice from all of you has been ice on the break areas all the time and have a heating pad near by for when the muscle cramps start coming. Just standing in the shower every day with help the warm water loosens the arm muscles for hours and helps the pain and feeling clean makes you feel a little bit better. Looking forward to my every week progress, good luck to all that is healing from this painful journey.

  180. Sharon says:

    Typing one handed ha ha I meant to say and the pressure …

  181. Sharon says:

    I broke my shoulder&arm Feb.21. Had to wait 2 weeks for surgery. Now I have a plate and 9 screws. This website gave me hope thru it all. The recliner (thank you so much) has become my best friend. Started P/T wand the pressure in my elbow is the worst.

  182. Molly says:

    Thank you for this wonderful, supportive site. I fractured my humerous in an ice skating fall in February. The first month was agony and, like most of you, I have learned to sleep on a split shift with an hour of heating/icing in the middle of the night many nights…but with longer periods of sleep than in the beginning. I had frozen shoulder in my other arm years ago (with no injury) so am somewhat familiar with the loosening exercises and know it is possible to heal. But still…it seems to take forever! So it is nice to read of others making progress. I am on my second week of PT trying to achieve greater range. I have to laugh looking back at some of my early landmarks: washing my face with both hands, then reaching my hairline, then the top of my head, then shampooing with both hands. Amazing what one takes for granted until an injury happens.

  183. mandy says:

    i fractured my shoulder 12 days ago in 3 parts iv never felt so much pain

  184. Ruthie says:

    after an accident at work on Jan 29 I broke my right shoulder
    another night of no sleep glad I found you It helps to have
    others really understand the pain & frustration.I’m fortunate
    as no surgery needed.I know it will take time but sometimes
    the pain feels.unbearable I am so tired

  185. Kathy says:

    Wonderful news, Pam! It took quite a while for me to be able to fasten my bra from behind, too, but that freedom of movement eventually did come as I continued to stretch throughout the year. As you said, you’re getting there!

    God bless you as you heal,

  186. pam says:

    AFTER almost 5 months I am still having mimimum pain.Mostily. pain at night still when sleeping on that arm.My arm is still weak when carrying a purse or groceries bag.I am still unable to get my bra on from behind as before breaking my arm.Feel like I am finially getting there!

  187. Kathy says:

    And to my Anonymous friend: Your progress after a year of healing is worth celebrating! Congratulations! πŸ™‚

    God bless you today and always,

  188. Kathy says:

    Joseph, how is your physical therapy coming along? I know it is discouraging to start with–painful and without the big gains in movement that we’d like to see. Increases in range of motion come gradually as the injury heals more and more. After several months of stretching my shoulder, I finally started stretching the shoulder joint by hanging straight-armed (gently) from the chin-up bar at Planet Fitness. That stretch did the most for getting my complete range of motion back, but again, that was after several months of healing and stretching.

    God bless you,

  189. Kathy says:

    Tilly and Nancy, thank you for sharing your success story with all of us and for your encouragement! Truly, the body is amazing in its ability to recover from major injury. God is so good to us!

  190. Kathy says:

    Hi, Eunice. Yes, I started getting pins and needles, too. Massage therapy and chiropractic adjustment helped. I think my tissues pulled so tight in the healing process that they had to be “relaxed” by a professional. So glad to hear of your continued progress!

  191. Nanci says:

    hello everyone,
    I can’t believe how well I’ve done. It’s been 6 months since my surgery and I’m almost back to 100%. My shoulder only hurts when I overwork it,ie. vacuuming, window washing, etc. (good excuse to stay away from housework) I play golf a few times a week (9 holes), around the 8th hole it gets a little sore but no big deal. I can finally sleep on my right side again, I have great mobility and strength. my shoulder was broken in 3 places with a small displacement. I ended up with a plate, screws and wires holding it all together and none of the hardware bothers me.
    It really does get better. I’m lucky to have a husband who is very helpful, we’re back to really enjoying our retirement.
    I hope you end up with the same good results.

  192. Anonymous says:

    I reached my 1 year anniversary on the 11th of January and all things considered things are good. I have good mobility in my arm and shoulder, a few twinges now and then and a couple of movements limited but I can manage virtually anything. I can’t believe it is a year since my “trip”.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

  193. joseph says:

    I’m now in my second month of therapy or since getting the sling released and still only have 140 degrees of overhead movement the doc seems happy but the therapist is confused because it locks up and hurts to go beyond that point. I hope it gets better soon.

  194. Tilly says:

    I got signed off from my physiotherapist today after 5 months. I felt quite emotional. Apart from
    A little stiffness when putting my arm behind my back I am pretty well back to normal – about 90%. She was pleased with my strength and ability and now I have to see my Consultant to decide whether or not to have the metal plate and pins taken out. Can’t say I look forward to surgery again but I am aware of
    the plate sometimes and the physio said there may be an optimum time for removing it before the bone becomes too strong around the pins.
    Can’t believe I am at this point only 6 months on from the break. Found the little diary I made during the first 8 weeks of recovery and it was amazing to see how far I’ve come. Reading ‘only taking three pain killers in the day now’ seems miles away and yet it was so recent!! Gosh the body really is amazing how it recovers. What a nightmare it felt at the time and yet so good to have seen the process of recovery in all it’s stages. I have more confidence in myself and my body. Would love to hear how everyone else is doing?

  195. Eunice Cottrill says:

    hola and feliz navidad everyone, I hope you are all improving. I’m 11 months into my injury now and doing well I think. I can manage just about everything now apart from getting undressed, haha, I still have problems with that and I still get discomfort when turning over to my left side, but those are very minor problems and very copeable. However the last couple of weeks I have started getting mild pins and needles down my arm and hand, it last only a minute or two at a time but I wondered if anyone else has experienced this.

    In the meantime a happy Christmas and a healthy and happy new year to you all and may all your shoulders and arms soon be healed and working well.

  196. Nick says:

    I agree very much with all of the statements made above. I am a 27 year old male and I broke my shoulder (humerous/ clavicle/ shoulder blade) in a car accident, I was partially ejected from the vehicle. The orthopedic doctors surgically went in and put in a plate and screws to fix my clavicle and went in and also went in sugically and fixed my humerous, but they let my shoulder blade heal naturally. It was intense pain for the first few weeks or month, especially trying to sleep. Sleeping in a recliner is a life saver for sure! Perfect timing as a gift a couple of weeks before my accident from the in laws. 5 1/2 weeks later I can tell a big difference in the pain level, still in the recliner though. I have an appointment in a week for x rays and to begin phyical therapy, it would have been sooner but I had to have a skin graft and that slowed me down. The part about the lactic acid build up when being without movement is so true, I do little movements and massage and it makes a huge difference but don’t overdue anything. I could also have sex soon after the injury but it is painful in the beginning but is getting easier all of the time. Sponge baths At first and later on you can shower, well in my case. Be careful, the pain medication will give you constipstion that you never never dreamed of, so I made myself drink prune juice, a lot. I Drink a lot of water and have a good diet and also take multi vitamins, I notice the healing faster than I imagined, don’t get depressed, note the mile markers in your recovery, it gets much better!

  197. Nanci says:

    Hi everyone,
    I made great progress in the beginning of PT then the therapist changed everything one day. I went from a lot of stretching to working on machines with 25# weights he also switched me from 2# hand weights to 7#. the workout was far too strenuous for me I was in pain for almost a week. I was pretty upset at him and have decided I can workout on my own. I am also doing water aerobics with hand buoys, which create a lot of resistance. I think it’s helping me a lot. I’m 68 not 40.
    I’ve been golfing 3 times and it felt great to be outside having fun. it hurt a bit so I iced right away. My shoulder hurts if I exercise and it hurts if I don’t. so I’m choosing to play when I can. the exercise boosts my spirits and that helps a lot w/pain. I also spend a lot of time with an icepack wrapped on it! ( i found a great one in CVS it’s called ‘Peas’ and it has a velcro strap to keep it in place. $17.) as for sleeping, I haven’t had a real good nights sleep since before my break/surgery 8/1/2012. I always slept on my right side and I can’t now but I wake up almost every morning around 5 AM on the right side and it just plain hurts. so that’s the end of my nights sleep. oh well, it could be worse.
    Keep the faith, it’s going to get better.

  198. Tilly says:

    Hi Barbora.
    I broke my shoulder on the Friday 13th in July and I just want to say I can relate completely to your night pain.Thank goodness for this website which helped me so much as I too could only get a couple of hours or so of sleep at night before waking and not knowing how to cope with the pain. Often I would get up, come downstairs and sit on the sofa for hours because the pain was so bad. And I took the same pain killers as you. I learned from here that night pain is incredibly common with these injuries and although I am not nearly as knowledgeable as Kathy and others on here I do know that there are a number of reasons for this. Strangely despite thinking the arm would like the rest at night in fact it has the opposite response. My physio explained that in fact it is happier on the move.. Lactic acid builds up when you’re sleeping from the damaged arm, plus as Kathy says,muscle spasm when the arm is still for long periods of time and also the position when lying down, even a little way back, pulls the arm out of it’s position which is really painful. Plus of course the anticipation of yet another bad night ahead can make you depressed before it even begins. My physio got me massaging the arm night and day with bio oil to ease spasm and help circulation. Physio itself at the beginning aggravates the injury but keep on as it soon starts to change. Pain does increase as manipulating the bone and muscle makes it ‘complain’ but it really does work and slowly you will find the hours asleep increase from 2 to 3 to 4 etc. And the exercises that are painful become easier. I never believed the pain would go but it did slowly. Have courage. It will change.

  199. Kathy says:

    Hello, Barbara. When the pain flares up, neuromuscular massage can often bring tremendous improvement! Sometimes the muscles tend to spasm after being stretched so much during PT. Massage can help the muscles relax and heal. Your physiotherapist may be able to refer you to a massage therapist near you. I will pray for you for healing and pain relief.

    God bless you,

  200. Barbara says:

    Hi all, I fractured my left proximal humerus with non-displaced greater tuberosity fracture and non-displaced collar bone fracture in September while out walking my dog in the woods. It is now 8 weeks since injury and I started physiotherapy two weeks ago. I have been in a lot of pain, especially since starting some of the physiotherapy exercises. I can only manage to do a few of the exercises before I get severe pain both in my shoulder and down my arm. The pain then continues for the whole day despite taking Codeine and Paracetamol. The physiotherapist recommended that I use a hot water bottle on the shoulder, especially at night. I am now finding the pain during the night really bad and have hardly slept now for weeks. The pain relief is not very effective and I am waking during the night after a couple of hours of taking it, but better than nothing at all. At the moment I cannot imagine this ever improving, but know this is silly and reading many of the posts on here is encouraging. I fractured my left wrist last year and subsequently developed complex regional pain syndrome which was just starting to improve before I injured my upper arm. I am now wondering if I am developing the same CRPS in this latest injury. Is anyone else finding that the pain seems to be increasing rather decreasing?

    • Sylvia says:

      Hello. Don’t know if you still get on this site but was wondering if you have made a complete recovery. I sustained a greator tuberosity fract 8/20/14 and although it’s mended I’m
      Still dealing with a lot of pain. Simular
      To what you have described hope you are doing great!


  201. Nanci says:

    Hi everyone,
    it’s been 3 months since my surgery and I’m really doing well. being faithful with the exercises is what’s doing it for me. I find the pulley has helped the most. be careful with walking your fingers up the wall. My PT showed me how I was bending my neck quite a bit when I was doing it, he said that will just cause another set of problems and we certainly don’t need that. I’m hoping to get out golfing before the end of the month, I might not make it thru the whole game but I can’t wait to try. I won’t push and overdue it I know that will just set be back.
    my prayers are with all of you and hope your recovery goes as good as mine. Again, thank you Tilly for this site and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It really does get better.

  202. Tilly says:

    Ha ha that’s the same exercise ( among others) that I do. It has been really successful for me too.
    For getting my arm to straighten. I’m now working with ‘bands’ as well as the usual physio exercises. The progress is slowing down but still moving forward.

  203. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Glad to hear everyone is coping and getting along well. I only know of a couple of people who have had “metalware” removed, both people are athletes, one had a broken elbow and one a fractured leg. I know there is no chance of my pins and screws being removed and to be honest I think I would worry myself to death if they were. I know I would be constantly worrying that things would fall apart if they were not well screwed in !

    The day after my operation the surgeon told me (and showed me, haha) that I could slide my arm out of the sling and try swinging my arm, as and when I felt comfortable about it, he said it was important to keep it moving. One of the later exercises he showed me was to walk my hand up a wall trying to go a little further each time. I honestly think this was the exercise that helped the most, it was often difficult and painful but really did help the stretching. The first couple of weeks doing this was difficult and when I had gone as far as I could I then found I couldn’t remove my hand from the wall, I had to use my good arm to remove it. I still can’t get my left arm very high up but that’s something I’m stuck with it and no longer see it as a big problem. Keep at it everyone, it truly does get better and better.

  204. Kathy says:

    Julian, I am amazed at how quickly the doctor is advising movement and discontinuance of your sling! To compare your UK treatment schedule with mine in the US, please visit:

    I will pray for your continued healing and full recovery.

    God bless you,

  205. Kathy says:

    Alyx, what wonderful news! I’m so glad to hear that non-union is no longer an issue. You’re on your way! Yes, hopefully by Christmas, the brace and sling will be gone!

    Sandra, how did your doctor’s appointment go? Did the doctor have any news about how your fracture is healing?

    Nanci, you’re right that exercise and getting outdoors helps so much! Sometimes crying helps, too. Did you know that the chemicals in tears of joy, tears of anger, and tears of sadness are DIFFERENT? I was surprised to learn that. Crying can help rid the body of biochemicals that no longer serve us.

    Cynthia, I’m so happy to hear that you are sleeping through the night. Good sleep makes such a difference. πŸ™‚

    Barbara, I’ll keep you in prayer that your ROM will be restored and that you will have a complete recovery from your shoulder fracture. Having dealt with RA, you already have experience with the virtue of patient endurance. I will pray that God will help you find simple joys during your day as you deal with this new challenge.

    Savannah, my goodness! What a shock that must have been to be hit by a van! What did you find out from the X-rays?

    Tilly, I don’t envy you the decision you must make. Has anyone else had the second surgery to remove the metal work? If any of you have had to make the same decision, please write us and let us know what you chose and how your decision played out.

    God bless you all,

  206. Tilly says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 15 weeks for me. I’m sort of counting months more than weeks now as it’s been so long. To those just in the first few weeks of their injury, I want you to know it will get better. I couldn’t believe I would ever be out of the pain and discomfort at the beginning, and I couldn’t stop crying, but amazingly I have no pain now most of the time, though my arm is a bit sore when I do my physio. I sleep in a normal position again, (After 8 weeks sleeping sitting up, I have never appreciated lying down flat as much as I do now!) and I even turn on to my left side occasionally!
    But even though I do my physio every day I feel like the arm has almost reached it’s limit on the extension I am going to get without taking out the plate etc. I have good movement. I can raise it almost straight up and out to the side and I managed to cross my arms the other day, carefully. Don’t get stuck taking off my sweaters as before, though still can’t put my hand on my hip.
    My biggest dilemma is whether or not to have the second op to remove all the metal work. The plate etc does restrict my movement, but to go through another op, open up the scar, have pain again is a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure whether I can face it. But if I don’t I will be left with this heavy arm for ever. Has anyone else gone for the second operation to take out the plate? Was it worth it? And how was the recovery.

  207. Alyx Smith says:

    Had my doctor’s appointment today, it has been just over 13 weeks since my fracture. X-ray’s were taken and the Doctor told me there was good news and bad news. The good news is that I am healing nicely and that one of the major worries in a fracture like I have is “non union”. He said I have passed that point and that is not an issue now. He said bad news is I have to continue wearing the brace and sling for six more weeks. Next appointment will be December 7th. I have more exercises I am to begin doing this week. One is to work on straightening my arm completely. The other is to swing the arm like a pendulum. Hoping to have the brace and sling gone by Christmas! πŸ™‚

  208. Savannah says:

    Hi guys! I was hit by a van on my bike home today and fractured my shoulder. I was wearing a helmet but did not even hit my head. The pain is really severe and it was awhile before I got any pain medication. My x-ray is tomorrow morning to see how bad the break is and if it is in multiple pieces. I’ve just been icing it and am in a sling. It really does suck, but could have been worse i suppose. I enjoy reading your comments to prepare for the long recovery ahead of me! Glad to know I can still have sex!! If you have any advice on what to expect early on, feel free to let me know! Bye y’all!

  209. barbara ayers says:

    Am so happy to have found this website. Just fractured my left shoulder 6 days ago. Have read very encouraging comments here. I have rheumatoid arthritis also and already have limited ROM in my right shoulder. Am definitely going to take all the good advice here to heart to strive for a good outcome for my left shoulder. God bless.

  210. Cynthia says:

    Hi almost 6 weeks now. Pain eased remarkably after 5 weeks and sleeping through night is great.

  211. Eunice Cottrill says:

    hola Alyx. No I never slept in a chair. I coped quite well sleeping in my own bed really, mostly on my back but with a very soft cushion under my shoulder and arm. If I turned on my right side the cushion went with me across my body for my arm to rest on. I used the sling to sleep in for a long time, but yes I did cope one way or another. I still can’t turn over to my left side without pain and I still use the soft cushion. I didn’t have a choice re surgery, I’d smashed things up really well and there was no option. I was in surgery a long time, I was taken at 4 p.m. and was not back in my room until midnight. The surgeon told me the main fracture was very long and very complicated, but he made me laugh. He said my injuries were very good for him, he got to really practice his skills, but for me not so good! That was the first time in my life I have ever broken or fractured anything in my almost 68 years but when I do things I really go to town and make a good job of it. It certainly wasn’t, still isn’t fun, but it happened, I can’t change it, so I just do my best to get on with it.

    I hope things improve for you very soon, I’m sure they will but you need to keep a positive attitude, don’t let it get you down.

  212. Julian says:

    Hi, i am male aged 48 and fractured my shoulder on the 13th October. The alignment of the shoulder is around 1cm so fortunately no operation. The hospital have advised flexing arm 3 times a day and not using sling after 2 weeks but a little unsure quite how much movement/excercise i will be able to undertake at that point. Wonder if in the UK the treatment is slightly different to the US. Great site btw.

  213. Alyx Smith says:

    Hi Eunice, I am sorry to hear about your fall. Did you have to sleep in a chair? If so how long before you could sleep in a bed? Its been 3 months as of today and I am still sleeping in a chair. Some days I feel no pain, but then this afternoon while sitting in my chair suddenly the pain became almost unbearable. I wasn’t doing anything, just sitting. But the pain has eased up now and is much better. Surgery was not an option for me. So I guess, based on my age, this might take a while. I will have more x-rays on the 26th. It really is hard to figure how we did so much damage on one fall. All I know for sure is that is was one of the worst experiences regarding pain I have had, and I have a high threshold for pain, lol.

  214. Eunice Cottrill says:

    You sound a little like me Alyx, I simply tripped in the garden and landed on my arm, right on the edge of a concrete patio. The surgeon said he thought I’d been hit by one of those wrecking balls that knocks down buildings ! I now have 3 pins and 8 screws in my shoulder and arm and a black line which runs from my wrist to my shoulder, some kind of permanent damage I presume. My accident was 10 months ago now, I still get some pain during certain movements, some movements I can’t manage at all but I was told that would be the case. Some days I get more aches than others but on the whole I think things are pretty good considering the damage I managed to do……..I still don’t know how I did so much damage on one trip.

    I’m glad everyone is coping and I’m sure you will all get there in time, patience seems to be the name of the game with these injuries. Take care all, stay positive and you will get there eventually.

  215. Nanci says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I’m happy to say I’m doing a lot better. I’m very faithful to my exercises and yes Tilly I do go for walks and you’re so right it does help to get out. I was also getting to the “weepy” point which is so unlike me but we just don’t realize the effect that pain and lack of sleep has on us. I am now off all pain meds except for an occasional dose of Advil. I really hated those ‘hard core’ drugs, I felt like a zombie.
    I live in a retirement community in Florida and we have a gazillion activities. I love water aerobics, zumba, dancing etc. I’m determined to get back to these things as quickly as possible. I’m really looking forward to getting out on the golf course again soon. I’m shooting for mid Nov. which might be a bit optimistic. I figure I can always stop when/if it hurts. I don’t want to over-do it and wind up taking a step backwards so I know I have to be careful and patient, (not one of my virtues) it’s only been 10 weeks since my surgery.
    thanks you for your comments and especially for your prayers they have helped me greatly. I’m praying for all of you too and hope you’re all feeling a little better everyday.

  216. Sandra says:

    Hi Kathy & All Shoulder,Arm fractures,
    This is my second email & typing with one hand like most of us. So, happy to have found this site, sleeping has been both difficult and painful, never knew it was all related to our injuries, just thought it was me,being difficult and testy,I keep reminding my self how lucky I am considering, but still feel very weepy inside, thank you all it has been 5 weeks and going to the DR.,Monday, hoping for good news,like it is getting better & I don’t need surgery. Here is hoping.Thanks for the helpful hints and it is amazing how we feel most of the same aches, itches and non sleep. Hope for all to feel better. Sandra

  217. Alyx Smith says:

    I fell in my garage with a great deal of force and my left shoulder and arm fell on top of some one gallon paint cans. Apparently the arm must have twisted then fractured and that is how I got the spiral fracture. While in the hospital I was in a full arm cast. Before I left the hospital I was put in an over the shoulder clam shell brace, now I am in just a clam shell brace that covers the middle part of my humerus and a sling. At my last appointment I was told my arm must stay in this brace and sling until completely healed and absolutely no driving whatsoever. I was also told that surgery is not an option due to the high risk of infection and based on the break and where the nerves are it is extremely likely I would lose complete use of my left hand. I go back on the 26th. for more x-rays, originally scheduled for the 31st. but changed appointment to an earlier date. I have complete confidence in my doctor as he is the top orthopedic physician at St. Lukes Hospital in Houston. I am just so impatient and I guess having a pity party for myself lol. Unfortunately this is my 15th. fracture. The other fractures (including fracture of my right humerus) were caused when a man ran a red light and nearly cut my car into two pieces. It took a year for me to relearn everything after that and that was in 1990. And out of the previous 15 fractures, this fracture of the left humerus has been the most painful. I am trying to cut out caffeine and eat foods that are conducive to bone building. My doctor indicated to me it took a great deal of force to do what I did to my left humerus.

  218. Kathy says:

    Tilly, I am delighted to hear that you are making steady progress. Have you ever tried massage therapy? When I was healing from my shoulder fractures, massage therapy was amazingly effective in reducing nagging aches and pains.

    Sharon, that’s a good trick using both slings in a crowd so that people give you more space when passing by. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to bathe and dress yourself without help? With the liquid calcium, bone-building foods, plenty of water, and “pma”, it sure sounds like you are giving your body all the raw material it needs to heal.

    Nanci, you’re so right that radiating pain and troubled sleep are the two of the toughest parts of this healing journey. Know that I am praying for you for a complete recovery. Do you get a chance to go for walks outside? I found that a cheering change from the indoor doldrums.

    Eunice, what a cheerleader you are for all of us! Your buoyant spirit lifts us all up and gives us hope. I am particularly impressed by the ways you have found to make positive adjustments, where perhaps someone else might languish in frustration. Thanking God for your recovery and your caring heart!

    Alyx, I did not experience any changes in pain level in connection with the weather. How did your break your humerus so that you sustained a spiral fracture? Does that doctor have your arm in a sling or a cast?

    Melanie, yes, it took a year or so for me to get back on a bicycle after fracturing my shoulder in an over-the-handlebars bike accident. Even then, I had to push aside some fearful memories. These days when I pass the place on the road where my bike crashed, I remember and I am careful, but I am no longer afraid. It took me a while to start bowling again, too. I wondered if the weight of the bowling ball could cause damage, but it didn’t. In fact, weight-bearing exercise helps to build bone. πŸ™‚

    I’m praying for all of you, and thanking God for His help day by day.

    With love,

  219. Melanie says:

    I too am recovering from a dislocated and broken shoulder. This happened on August 2nd. I fell during my bowling league on a French fry that was on the lane. I am recovering and my friends want me to come back. I am a bit afraid on getting hurt again. I really loved bowling before this happened but now I am afraid. Has anyone returned to the sport or activity that caused your fall and how did you get over the fear.

  220. Alyx Smith says:

    I am female, 62 years of age and I have a spiral fracture of my left humerus. Was hospitalized 4 days for pain control and it has now been 11 weeks and counting. Still sleeping in a recliner. Doctor said surgery is not an option due to infection risk and where the break is. He said I would run the risk of losing the use of my left hand. I go back on the October 31st. for xrays. Weather change to colder weather here has made the pain increase some. Has anyone had weather changes affect their break?

  221. Tilly says:

    Hi Eunice and Sharon,
    It’s good to read your messages. Sounds like you are doing really well, after what sounds like big breaks for both of you. Its 10 weeks now for me since my accident and operation and I am working hard on my physio therapy which I find quite painful still. I am beginning to think the plate and screws are part of the problem now restricting some movement, but I get them removed in a few months time. But I have so much more movement than I did even a few weeks ago so I can see how well the physio works, though they want me to do the exercises 5 times a day and I just can’t find the time to get 5 sessions in!!. I manage 2 – 3 and am hoping that is enough.
    I still find the nights really uncomfortable and get woken up with pain which I don’t feel nearly as much in the day. In fact the more exercises I do the more it seems to ache at night. I am hoping that is a good thing and shows I am working muscles that I wasn’t before. I also use a pillow for the arm but finding the right position where it doesn’t pull somewhere is very difficult.
    Ugh, I look forward to sleeping peacefully like in the old days. It feels a long time since then!

  222. Eunice Cottrill says:

    hola all. Just checking in to see how everyone is getting along.I think I’m doing just fine 9 months later. I think I have got quite used to some limited movements and seem to have devised various methods of dealing with this. I did manage to mangle up my shoulder and arm very well and have some very permanent reminders, but the worst is well and truly over and there is very little I can’t manage.

    I still get discomfort and aching at times and I have some very odd “bruising” scars, I can’t think of any other way to describe these strange marks. Turning to sleep on my left side is like lying on a bed of marbles, so I keep a very soft cushion on my bed purely for that purpose. However my arm and shoulder do work, if somewhat limited, and considering the amount of damage I managed to do I consider myself lucky.

    All of you still suffering badly, hang in there, things will improve believe me. I hope you all get along very well, just take care and let time do the rest.

    Best wishes to you all.

  223. Nanci says:

    wow! am I ever glad to have found this site. thanks for all the info, it really helps to know I’m not alone.
    I’m a 68 yr old female and I broke my dominant shoulder (humerus) in 3 places with displacement 8 weeks ago, had the surgery 7 weeks ago. I am still in a fair amount of pain. I only take meds at night because I can’t function during the day if I’m on them. I haven’t started PT yet. I was on vacation when i broke it and had no trouble going thru security at the airport but i did have a wand scan as I could not lift my arm. I ditched the sling a week ago it was causing me more discomfort. I have a lot of pain in my upper arm and it seems to radiate down my arm and up into my neck. Up until this happened I was pretty active but other than a few slow walks I’m now a couch potato and i hate it! must admit it’s getting me down.
    Oh, for a good nights sleep.

  224. sharon mc says:

    I’m now into week 7 and have started physio.Can now manage a bath and dressing without help,also drying my hair with my ‘good’arm (Left arm still not in full use as it was a bad break)Still trying the pma approach (positive mental attitude is the key)feeling sorry for myself doesn’t help.Night times are hard when I wake up in pain but things feel easier after a few rotating arm swings and massaging the tendon in the crease of my ‘bad’ arm,also bending the arm touching top of shoulder with fingers.Been taking liquid calcium and stocked up on lists of foods recommended on this site,and drinking lots of water.Ditched both slings now only wear when out and about and then people tend to give me more of a wide berth as I am aware of people maybe bumping into me.
    will update later
    wiling you all on..things do get easier!!

  225. Tilly says:

    Hi Kathy and all Broken Shoulder Friends!
    I had my second appointment with my consultant today and an x ray 6 weeks after my injury to see how I’m doing and it was such a relief to see a big change in the bone. All the cracks are filling in with new bone tissue and he said he was really happy with my progress. I almost cried! The pain up to this week has been pretty excrutiating but this week it has definitely reduced and I am beginning to feel there is light at the end of the tunnel!! 3 weeks ago I believed it would never get better. Thanks to all the postings on this site which have been such a comfort, especially after the endless sleepness nights, I have kept going and also changed my diet, taken calcium and fish oil supplements, done gentle exercise especially walking and I feel really different. This week I have ditched the sling most of the time. I’m not bragging, just want to tell everyone new to this website that it really does get better, slowly. The first few weeks were some of the hardest I’ve ever had to deal with, the pain, disability, tears, shock, lack of independence. Learning to accept the situation was probably the most difficult. But time does heal. And I am learning a lot about myself in the process which I will use in the future. Don’t know if I will ever dare get on a bicycle again though, sadly. I’m not fixed yet and have many more months of physiotherapy but things have definitely moved on.
    This summer I have heard about so many people who have broken their bones doing activities. It is very common, unfortunately. So I expect there will be many more people finding their way to this site, so keep writing everyone. I know how much it helped me.

  226. Kathy says:

    Shirley, my doctor said I no longer needed to use a sling after 7 weeks–see–but your timing may be more or less.

    Tammi, thanks for sharing about dealing with airport security and the metal detector. Hopefully, the dull ache you’re experiencing will eventually disappear. Even after 8 months, I continued to experience improvements over time, and now–after 4 years–I can’t feel any difference at all between my two shoulders.

    I will pray for continued healing for both of you.

    God bless you,

  227. Tammi says:


    Regarding the metal detector question you asked…I only set off the scan once in four flights. I was then ‘wanded’, or hand scan. In the US we have the full body scans, not sure if you have them in the U.K.

    I showed my card from my surgeon and she waved it off as if she didn’t really care to see it.

    I still have pain when I overdo it and at night if I lay on that side where my injuries and screws are. Nothing really awful, yet a dull pain. I suppose that is the way it is. It has been 8 months approx. since my surgery.

    Welcome to all the new posters. This is a wonderful site and so very helpful. I know it was to me. Sorry you have to be here under these circumstances.

    It DOES get better!

  228. shirley says:

    Hi,loved hearing your stories.its good to no I’m not alone.I came off my horse and broke my ryt shoulder blade+2 ribs now I have taken a chest infection the pain is really bad I’m on tramadol+morphine.I have never felt pain like it. When does the sling come off? X

  229. Kathy says:

    Lindy, you are a resourceful woman and so blessed to have a supportive boyfriend to help. I will pray that you will not need surgery.

    Naftali, I didn’t drive for several weeks. I thought it was too risky. What if something happened on the road that would cause me to need both hands? A wreck might mean further damage to my broken bone, as well as causing new damage to myself and others.

    Eunice, it is wonderful to hear from you! Even after 8 months I continued to make further progress, and I bet you will, too. Thank you for sharing your advice about carrying a doctor’s note for airport security checks. πŸ™‚

    Sharon, my heart goes out to you! I can’t imagine how hard it must be with BOTH shoulders broken! I think it’s good to cry sometimes and let out all the frustration and feelings of helplessness. A good cry can be cleansing and lead to a renewed sense of courage. Your husband sound like a real gem!

    God bless all of you! I am praying for your everyday for strength and complete healing.


  230. sharon mc says:

    Glad to have found I,m not alone,although I have broken both shoulders which I believe is pretty rare(trust me not to do things by halves)!I’m now into week 4 and learning to cope.My husband has been an absolute rock,dont know what I would of done without him.I,m on paracetamol and liquid morphine(cut out codeine as it made me dizzy and sick)
    Every day is a step closer to feeling a bit better,just trying to keep positive is the key,although I’ve had a few weepy moments feeling so helpless and in so much pain…keeping my chin up is hard sometimes.
    At least I know I will get better

  231. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I decided to check in here this morning and I am so glad to see that you are doing well now Olivia, that is wonderful news. I think I have learnt to cope with certain movements that I just can’t make and find ways round everything. I still experience some discomfort, especially when in bed if I turn onto my left side, but I have found that having a nice soft cushion within reach on my bed is excellent for putting under my shoulder. My arm has remained a little swollen around the wrist area, well at least it’s plumper than my right one.

    Regarding airports and shop alarms, I have a letter from my doctor to carry with me which explains that I have 8 screws, 3 pins and various other bits of metal in my arm and shoulder. This has been of great help as I do have a tendency to set off shop alarms which was somewhat of an embarrassment.

    I hope all recent sufferers improve and get well quickly. It is now 8 months since my accident and considering the amount of damage I managed to do to myself I think I’m doing okay.

  232. Naftali says:

    I broke my shoulder 2 weeks ago in a motorcycle accident and was wondering if peope think it smart to continue driving…?

  233. Lindy says:

    Hi all! Typing one-handed…I broke my humerus two weeks ago. I have one of those sling things with extensions wrapped around my upper arm and also by my wrist. I went back to the doctor today for more x-rays and my shoulder has slipped a little bit. My boyfriend went to Walgreens and bought an Ace bandage and wrapped it tightly across me over the injured arm and under my good arm, pulling it tight. I had been feeling like my upper arm had no support and was hanging down…now I feel more secure and in less pain. He also cut off the sleeve of an old white t-shirt and cut a few inches down the front and back to make it easy to get on. I have no itching with a t-shirt on and ditched bras for now. I was able to take a shower by myself a few days after the accident by not moving my arm at all and use baby wipes to get to my underarm on the injured side as they are so thin. I am not out of the woods as to whether I have to have surgery or not, but for the next week my arm is totally immobile except for taking a shower. This is a great site, and I am happy to have found it.

  234. Tilly says:

    Hi Kathy,
    That’s such an inspirational posting. I would be thrilled if you are right about the Ibuprofen. I was certainly told to take it for a couple of weeks at least by the surgeon so maybe they had that in mind. The swelling has pretty much gone now so you may be right. I stopped taking it 3 nights ago and have completely changed my diet, pain control and today did my very first, gentle, aerobic work out, (Kathy Smith DVD, only using one arm and both legs!). I had to stop a couple of times as my arm was painful but I feel so much better for doing it. Reclaiming my body back after four weeks! I feel so much more energised today, and handling the pain more positively.
    My consultant here gave me a copy of a research paper Oxford University have done with a hospital here in London on lack of Sleep with Shoulder pain. Apparently acute pain for shoulder injury at night is so common they are researching why. It makes fascinating reading and there are several points that gave me something to think about. Apart from the physiological position of lying down possibly affecting the nerves, blood supply to the muscles, motor activity, every one’s different chronobiology and how the timing of taking pain relief is different for everyone, the post operative sleep disturbance which is very common, there is also the pyschological issue of what they describe as ‘Pain Catastrophising’ whereby feelings of helplessness, pessimism, rumination about the pain in the day, disability and the projected outcome of treatment can influence how we approach the night perpetuating a vicious cycle. I know I have certainly dreaded the nights, depressed about waking up in pain, and feeling helpless. I don’t know if I can change the pain at the moment but not dreading night time definitely affects me in the day and how I handle the discomfort.
    A massage is a really helpful suggestion. I am determined to be more pro-active and take control of this situation. Feeling a victim doesn’t make for a good recovery.
    Your breakfast sounds yummy! I’m on to it tomorrow.
    Thanks so much for taking to time to respond to my posting. It has made a huge difference and I am sure will inspire other sufferers. You have been a Godsend!

  235. Kathy says:

    Hi, Tilly. Many years ago, when I broke my elbow rollerskating, the doctors put me on large doses of Ibuprofen for about three weeks to keep calcification down until the swelling in the joint was reduced. They wanted to make sure I would be able to move my arm enough so that it would get “stuck” in the position by quick bone formation in a static position. Once the swelling went down, the doctor took me off Ibuprofen and started having me move the joint periodically throughout the day. So, you never know. The lack of bone growth may turn out to be a blessing, allowing you to move better during physical therapy, so that you regain your range of motion. I bet the Calcium-Magnesium and the fish oil will help a lot. For breakfast? I usually eat Greek yogurt with honey, fruit, and almonds, but I eat other things for breakfast, too. Tomorrow I’ll have Organic Kamut pancakes (Arrowhead Mills brand) with 100% maple syrup and a scrambled egg, along V-8 juice. Yesterday I had a bowl of kale soup, which is full of bone-building nutrients. (You can click on the Recipes tab if you’d like the recipe.) You’re so right about sleep! Any chance that you could have a massage therapist come to your house? Massaging the “other muscles” had such a positive effect on me in helping to manage the pain.

    God bless you as you heal,

  236. Tilly says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I saw the Consultant today and after having x-rays was disappointed to see that my fracture doesn’t seem to have started healing yet, plus the bones have slipped very slightly despite the pins and plate being put in so well. Its not bad enough to have more surgery and he said it would only make a small difference but after 3 and a half weeks I had hoped for a positive move forward. He suggested I come off the Advil which can delay bone growth sometimes, and is sending me to a pain clinic to handle the pain. Another x-ray in two weeks and physical therapy to start gently now. If I can just sleep better and handle the pain I will be happy.
    But I have re-read your really helpful website and have bought all the food types you suggest and start tomorrow on my new eating programme. Plus I am taking Calcium with Magnesium and Fish Oil. Do you have an actual daily diet with these foods that I can follow. What do you recommend for breakfast?
    God bless you for starting this website, it’s been my saving in the dark moments!

  237. Kathy says:

    Pauline, thank you for the letting me know how you’re doing. I’m so glad you are starting to sleep better. It makes such a difference!

    Heather, I’m glad you found this website helpful. The accident with the deer must have been quite a scare!

    God bless you both,

  238. Heather says:

    Thank you so much for your awesome tips. They have been very helpful. I have looked for advice & encouragement a few times in last 3 months when I dislocated my shoulder & broke humerus in 3 spots during a motorcycle accident hitting a deer on the highway & I keep coming back to your site as it has the best info.

  239. pauline says:

    thank you kathy for getting back to me. i am now 2 and a half weeks post accident and the pain is still bad but not so acute and am managing to sleep a little better. i saw the orthopaedic consultant last week. he is unsure whether i will be able to travel to the u.s. on 5th sept. i have to see him again in two weeks when i will have another x-ray and he will make a decision whether i can start physiotherapy and whether he is of the opinion i can travel. i am optinistic i will be able to travel and all mt friends are praying that all will be well. thank you so much for your support and prayers. god bless

  240. Tilly says:

    Hi , I cannot believe I have found this website!! So good to read all your really helpful comments and suggestions amd to know I am not alone with this injury Was on holiday in the states 3 weeks ago when I fell off a bike and broke the very top of my humerus. I was treated wonderfully at the Baptist hospital in North Carolina, and my x-ray showed I needed surgery, putting in a metal plate and 8 screws to hold the bone in place as otherwise it was going to pop out and shatter. I was wonderfully looked after there. I was given oxycodone and advil for the pain which worked well.
    Now back at home in the UK the oxycodone has run out and my doctor has given me Co-Dydramol which is a mixture of codeine and our paracetemol ( acetemophin). It just doesn’t seem to work as well the pain and knocks me out completely so that I am constantly falling asleep. At 3 weeks should I be having so much pain still? I do sleep sitting up but sleep is not easy.
    I will follow your suggestions and hope that it helps with the discomfort. Thank you for writing this column, it has made me feel so much happier.

    • Kathy says:

      You are most welcome, Tilly! So glad you received wonderful care here in the U.S. I will keep you in prayer for a complete recovery!

      God bless you,

  241. Kathy says:

    Tammi, how did you do with the airport metal detectors?

    Nash, how is your shoulder doing? Yes, I endured many neck aches, headaches, and backaches as a result of my shoulder injury. I think the pain radiates out from the injury, and the body keeps trying to overcompensate for the movement that shoulder cannot do. It’s tough, no doubt about it. You are right that a good laugh now and then helps a lot. πŸ™‚

    Pauline, my heart goes out to you! I sure hope you are able to travel to the U.S. as you planned, and I will pray that your healing progresses in time so that you can do it. I have never heard of codydramol and tramadol, though. Have any of you heard of these pain medications? If so, can you give Pauline some feedback, based on your experience?

    Olivia, thank you for sharing your wonderful news! So happy that you have healed so well! I will offer prayers of thanksgiving to God tonight, when I pray for healing for the others. I will pray for your last 5%, too! πŸ™‚

    God bless you all!

  242. olivia says:

    hello all,
    i have not forgotten about my sisters and brothers in arms
    (pun intended)
    this site helped me so much while i was going through
    the process of being injured and getting better
    thank god my arm works well again. it’s not perfect but 95%
    thank you, thank you, thank you
    you are all “strangers” in that we have only seen the typed words of one another but you were such a great support
    thank you

  243. pauline says:

    Hi, just a question – i have been taking codydramol and tramadol for pain and am experiencing really painful gas and bloating especially under my left ribs which causes the sore ribs to go into spasm.this is almost as painful as the shoulder fracture. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this.

  244. pauline says:

    hello kathy, please excuse lack of punctuation as i am typing one handed. i live in the uk and was so relieved to have found your reassuring website – thank you so much i fell and broke my shoulder two days ago and am in great pain. i have rheumatoid arthritis and my shoulder was already severely damaged and i already had restricted movement. i was sent home from a and e with a sling and strong painkillers. i have an appointment with consultant orthopaedic dr next week. my husband are due to fly to the u.s. in 6 weeks and my church are praying that i will be well enough to travel. we are also praying that i will not need surgery. thank you so much kathy for your wonderful website which is not only medically helpful but spiritually uplifting. how encouraging to remember that god is in control and that ‘all things work together for good’ bless you. pauline

  245. nash says:

    Is it normal to be getting severe neck ear and a slight headache as a result of my broken shoulder thanks

  246. nash says:

    Thanks to the letter I know exactly how long I’m gona suffer with my shoulder the only way to keep the pain out is with a good laugh and atleast I know sex can go on as usual if only the pain will stop lol. Thanks again guys

  247. Tammi says:

    I am flying for the first time this Friday with more metal than a little VW in this old body and will let you know if I run into problems.

    The surgeon gave me a card to carry in my wallet. Sounds like everyone else is doing fairly well. Good luck!

  248. Maddy says:

    Progress report on my shoulder. Went back into hospital last week to have pins in my shoulder as it wasn’t healing correctly. Quite a painful week – difficulty sleeping, etc, but a bit better this week. Main practical problem (apart from one handed typing!) is that I can’t get the dressing wet for 2 weeks so no showers. My long-suffering partner is washing my long hair over the sink every other day. Go back to hospital on Tues 17th, and hope to start physio very soon.

  249. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Well done Tammi. I got my injury in January of this year and I also have a fair amount of metal in my arm and shoulder now, 8 screws, 3 pins and whatever else the surgeon put in. I still experience some “discomfort”, rather than actual pain and certain movements are limited if not impossible, but I can do everything I could do prior to my accident. I was told that certain movements would be difficult or impossible but apart from putting my arm very far behind my back or lifting it above my head, I can manage almost everything.

    I have found out though that I do tend to set off various shop alarms etc which was somewhat of a nuisance as I was getting stopped by security staff continually, but my doctor has provided me with a letter signed and stamped explaing about the metal I have in my arm and shoulder. This has been a great help but I have yet to face the airport security !

  250. Barbara says:

    An update on my injury of 5/7/12…It will be 8 weeks Monday since I fractured my shoulder (proximal humerus) I had 9 physical theraphy sessions so far and it is amazing how much they have helped. I can get dressed and reach my head and tie a halter around my neck with minimal struggle, I am surprised that I am still slightly swollen and bruised. Theraphist says she is impressed by my progress. its a long healing process. I never broke a bone before and was unaware of how painful and how long a recovery takes. I see my Dr July 11, i guess he will see if I need mor theraphy. I am greatful that I am healing.

    • Kathy says:

      Barbara, it sounds like you are making tremendous progress! Your hard work in therapy and your patience with the healing process pays off. Please let us know what the doctor says on the 11th. Praying for your continued healing. Kathy

  251. Tammi says:

    I just wanted to share my positive update to my previous post from Feb. 2012. I broke my collarbone in half and shattered the humerus. Plates and screws in both areas now.

    I was finally released from physical theraby after 3 months. I cried at therapy twice because of the pain and a couple more times I cried when I got to my car. Horrible. HOWEVER, it was necessary. Like others, I will never be 100% in my range of motion but I am very happy with all that I can do. I stained our huge front porch by hand with a brush. I spread 4 yards of mulch (wheelbarrow, pitchfork) by myself in our flower beds!

    Following the advice from Kathy, I have changed my diet for bone strength.

    Good luck to everyone! Don’t get discouraged!

    • Kathy says:

      That’s the spirit, Tammi! Congratulations on your progress! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. What a blessing you are!

  252. Maddy says:

    I dislocated and broke my left shoulder just a week ago in a stupid fall, I an in a sling, bruised and battered, and taking painkillers, I am experiencing all the problems that have been mentioned but my biggest fear is my left hand. On the day of the fall I couldn’t move it at all. Now I can move my fingers just a small amount but not much. The doctor called it palsy. Will the feeling and strength come back to my hand?

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Maddy. I have heard that palsy can sometimes result from the swelling from the injury pressing on the nerves. Perhaps movement and feeling will return once the swelling has gone down. It took a long time–a few months–for my swelling to go away. I will pray for you for a full recovery and that the strength and feeling will return to your hand.

      God bless you as you heal,

  253. Sue says:

    I had a proximal humerus fracture 12 weeks ago. I am going to pt and functioning quite normally during the day. Per the doctor the bone is healing well. I still am very uncomfortable during the night. I switch between the bed and a recliner and still get very poor sleep. It feels like my humerus bone jams up into my shoulder socket during the night. Has anyone else experienced this and if so when did it go away? It is uncomfortable and painful.

  254. Kathy says:

    Best wishes to you, too, Olivia! I’m so happy to hear the clam shell brace has been removed and that you can use your arm again. You’re on the way up!
    God bless you,

  255. Kathy says:

    Wow, Regina! You’ve made tremendous progress in 4 months! The daily stretching will pay off, if you keep it up. It took me the better part of a year before I recovered full mobility. I still keep stretching years later. In fact, I’m off to a yoga class in a few minutes!

    Blessings to you and yours,

  256. olivia says:

    great news from doctor today
    i can take the clam shell brace off and live my life as 1 2 armed person again. it took me about 25 weeks to get to this point. a lot of it was hard and depressing, but it get s better. the pain will go away and you will be able to use your arm again.
    thanks for all the support.

    it’s been a rough 6 months
    lots of pain

    I only had to do 2 sessions of PT, as I gained strength from wearing the brace and going about my daily activities, slowly
    one strange thing- the healing arm is really hairy but i can live with that

    my best wishes to all

  257. Regina Dawn Ramsay says:

    I wrote earlier that I fractured my humerus in 2011…..what was I thinking. February 2012….only 4 months ago.

  258. Regina Dawn Ramsay says:

    I fractured my left humerus in February 2011. I felt blessed that I only fractured it, rather than a terrible break with surgery. I wore my arm in a sling for several weeks, taking it out at home and stretching it out on my left leg. I purchased a front closure bra and bought button up blouses. I put a plastic folding chair on top of a towel in the bathtub so I wouldn’t fall. It was like having a medical bathtub. I did all the things others have done: cut my hair shorter, detangler comb, chair in the tub. When I returned to see the doctor, I could not bend my hand, wrist, fingers, and so on. I am still on my 5th week of occupational therapy which is a blessing. I am moving bettet, but still can’t put my arm behind my back. My doctor did tell me to stretch the arm out, but never mentioned be sure you move your wrist and fingers. I still have issues, and it’s a daily stretch thing….but I do it. I will NEVER take for granted the use of my hands and arms. I have so much compassion for those who have bad injuries or strokes and never really recover. I just do the best I can and hope for the best. My advice is keep moving. I was so sediment I lost movement… my arm, shoulder, wrist, hand…… I need a more active lifestyle, and I promise myself to be more active in the future.
    Best wishes everyone.

  259. Iam now into the sixth month of recovery from a horrible
    multi fracture to my shoulder and although not back to
    normal have progressed beyond all expectations in my rehab.
    My latest hospital check showed that I am healing well and
    hopefully my next visit in July will be the last.Like other
    contributors,however,I have been told that I will not regain
    the full range of movement in my arm.With the help of physio
    therapy which was made available to me early on I am amazed
    at how much I can do.The backward movements have still to be
    conquered though.I too went through all the various bra
    experiments-favouring the step in method initially and found
    strapless bras to be invaluable. My worst problem has been sleeping and it’s only recently that I have been able to go
    through a whole night and I only feel pain now and again.It has
    been useful to read more of the blogs on this subject and identify with the various dressing issues.Been there done that!
    My tip is to stick with physio therapy if offered,daunting as
    it seems.It’s true what they say “no pain -no gain”.Good luck
    to everyone.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Greta. I agree with you. Continuing physical therapy, if offered, and continuing to stretch, stretch, stretch pays off big time! Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

      God bless you,

  260. farhad says:

    thanks for the tips! I am also a fan of cycling & I broke my left shoulder 2 weeks ago. The doctor put a sling on it to immpobilize it; I think I made a mistake today when I took it off because I felt i’m getting better & to convince my wife that I can take part in a conference in Turkey- that meant hours of travel. The pain warned me to change my mind! the sling is around me again, i miss a the showers I took!

    • Kathy says:

      Hello, Farhad. I still hope you get to go to your conference, despite the pain. The mental activity and interactions with others will no doubt distract you from much of the discomfort. It sounds to me like you will be careful to protect your injury. Good luck to you and God bless you on your way to healing!

  261. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Re bras, I don’t think I could manage the “stepping” into it, but I did manage to fasten it at the front then pull it round so the fastening was at the back, then slip the strap over the bad arm and gently push it up, then the good arm. I still put my bra on this way. It was a good month before I could even think of wearing a bra, then for a time I used the bra but with only one “boob” in the cup. I found this did give me support and it certainly made me feel better. I would take the bra off the same way, get the bad arm out, which wasn’t easy but perseverence pays off, then the other arm, twist fastening to the front again and with some trial and error undo.

    Once I was brave enough to wear the bra properly I used cotton wadding under the strap of the bad shoulder as the scars were still tender.

    I developed some very odd ways of doing all kinds of things and got myself into difficulties at times too. I did find that the cape type tops and jackets were excellent, no real sleeve to worry about, I also used big baggy loose knit sweaters, one arm in and just pull the rest over the arm in the sling.

    I still can’t get dressed as normally as I used to but one way or another I get there. One thing I can’t do is to wear a watch on my left wrist any more. Within a few minutes of putting a watch on that wrist it feels tight and uncomfortable. The wrist is definitely a little plumper than it used to be, no doubt it always will be now, but I did do an awful lot of damage to my shoulder and arm, so 5 months on if this is as good as it will get then I can live with it.

    I wish you all a speedy recovery, you will get there, it just takes a little time.

  262. Barbara says:

    Thanks Judy,for the tips..Personally,I find one-shoulder or halter tops to be the best for me so far. Since my injury is only 10 days old, i’m nervous yet about wearing a pullover…but i will look for stretchy tops…good idea.

  263. Judy says:

    For those with bra issues:
    Try hooking your bra, stepping into it, and pulling it up over your hips with your “good” arm. (Make sure you are leaning against a high bed or the wall for some stability and balance.) Slip the strap up the broken arm as high as you can, using your good hand to ease the band up. When the band is as high under your breasts as possible, slip the strap up, out and over your broken shoulder. Then slip into the good side, “situate” breasts, and you are ready for company!
    As for blouses easy to get into, check Cato. They have many stretchy silky tops that have elastic at the neck. I slip into the broken arm side first then go over my head and into the good arm. Most are under $25.

  264. Barbara says:

    i recently fractured my shoulder where the humerous meets the painful..i wanted to mention tht I was given oxycodone acetaminophen and i experienced was a sideeffect of the medicine..the doctor changed it to vicodin and no more itching. its been aweek and i still have swelling. i geta follow up xray at the orthopedic docor tomorrow.

    • Kathy says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with oxycodone, Barbara. Elisabeth, I indeed used bras with front closures for a while or got my husband to help me with the back closures. I will keep both of you in prayers for a complete recovery!

      God bless you,

  265. Hi Kathy,

    thanks so much for sharing your tips and advice.
    I fell off stairs last night (during a trip) and spent hours in the emergency room just to get x-rays.

    Mow wearing sling… spent hour and a half trying to take shower in hotel (ouch!) and realized that there are certain things I can’t do alone (putting on bra, for starters).

    On a positive note, I figured out how to make a makeshift sling to wear in shower that I didn’t mind getting wet (underwear).

    Fortunately didn’t find out about impossibility of taking showers until afterwards.

    Tomorrow flying back to East Coast – with special help from airline personnel I hope.

    A question for Eunice… (and thanks for your inspiration): How do you get around fastening things on your back?

    Hm. Front closures I guess. Will need to shop for new bra,,,

    Thanks again.


  266. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Just a catch up here. I am now doing really well since my broken shoulder, two complicated fractures etc in my left arm.
    The bruising has now all gone, but it took almost 4 months for it to go completely. I still get some pain with certain movements but nothing unmanageable. I can do virtually everything except fasten things behind my back and raise my arm high, I can live with this. I was told that certain movements would most likely be impossible due to the severity of the injuries, but I’m doing just fine. My arm just feels strange, sort of heavy, presumably from all the metal inside it, but I do think it gets a little stronger each day. My shoulder has the occasional twinge which can bring tears to the eyes but these are getting less and less.

    There was no waiting for my operation, I was xrayed and scanned, told the operation was necessary and it was done within a few hours of my accident.

    To those of you who are waiting for the operation, don’t worry, you will feel much better afterwards and although it seems like the pain and discomfort will last for ever, it won’t. I had my accident in January and my injuries were severe but here we are now in May and as I said, apart from a little blip now and then I can do everything I could do before, apart from fastening things behind my back, but there are ways round that.

    A speedy recovery to you all, hang in there and time will pass quicker than you think.

    Thank you Kathy, this site was so much help and comfort to me, just to know that others had the same problem and being able to talk about it was such a great help.

    • Kathy says:

      Thank you, Eunice, for sharing your journey with us. Your recovery and perseverance will serve as an inspiration to OsteoDiet readers for years to come. I am thanking God for you and your message of hope and healing!

      With joy,

  267. gail says:

    hello kathy,
    as it sit here and type with only my left hand, i am looking for answers that i can’t seem to truly find. i fractured my right greater tuberosity skiing at the end of january. not knowing that i went skiing 4 days later and fell exactly in the same way on the same shoulder. went to the clinic then 2 days later to the doc. x-ray / mri , showed the fracture, dislocation (went back in) and tearing. went to p.t. 2 weeks later for p.t. 3 x a week for a month, until we returned to n.j. i was doing passive work out west well for the first 2 weeks, then the pain was very intense and did not do much. the n.j. doc took another x-ray and mri. the results from those images showed that the bone had never healed. now i do only pendulums, no p.t. until the bone heals. i am using the exogen device once a day. the pain is bad later in the day mostly and getting dressed is hard, especially boot tying + little sleep. i have been doing local hikes of 3-5 miles wearing a sling several x a week. my ROM is very limited. how long do i have to deal with the pain. the doc does not say much in this regard. OUCH!

    • Kathy says:

      Gail, I am concerned about the pain you’re experiencing, but even more concerned that your fracture had never healed. When you have a moment, please check out my post, “Top 10 Ways to Heal a Broken Bone FASTER!” to see if there might be something new that you can do to speed your healing. In the meantime, I will keep you in prayer for a complete recovery.
      God bless you,

  268. Isabella says:

    Thank you Kathy for replying. Your way to stretch the injured joint is a very useful tip. I will try to do that. Even the therapist said, it’s the most difficult thing to do: to reach your back.

    I came a long way from the first day of injury to now. (more than 3 months)I returned to full duty work! You and your website has been the inspiration for my whole recovery journey. I can’t thank you enough! You are a such beautiful person inside out!

    May God Bless You!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  269. Isabella says:

    Hi Kathy,

    It has been three months since I broke my shoulder. I did MRI recently and Doctor said there is no major damage of my nerves. I’m still in PT. There are lots of improvement and Dr. released me to work.

    I have a question: when did you able to wash your back? Right now, the main problem for me to reach my back. I have to ask my husband to do the bra for me.

    Have a nice day and God bless!

    • Kathy says:

      It was a l-o-n-g time before I could wash my back without using a long towel stretched between two hands over my back. In fact, I used to use a towel behind my back as a way to stretch the shoulder joint, both in and out of the shower. I’d pull up with my right hand on the top of the towel while grabbing the lower end with the left (behind my back). It definitely stretched my left shoulder joint and it hurt to do it, but eventually I did get full mobility back by doing the stretch over and over. In fact, I was so intent on stretching my left shoulder joint that I can now actually reach higher behind my back with my left hand than with my right!

  270. Dianna says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Thanks so much for your wardrobe tips and drinking liquid calcium. I will definitely try.

    Monday, I go to visit the doctor. After doing more xrays, we will decide if I need the operation. He wants to put a steel plate so I can have at least 70% movement. Has anyone experienced this kind of operation?

    I am scared! Firstly, I have never had an operation in my life, and I am very concerned about the impact this will have on my MS.

    Will I be able to continue to walk without assistance?

    It also doesn’t help when you have 2 parents freaking out.

    Thanks for listening. Your advice is much appreciated.

    May GOD be with you always,

  271. Dianna says:

    Thankyou for providing me a realistic review of what I can expect in healing my left shoulder.

    Yes, I not only broke the shoulder bone, but ripped/broke the round bone on top of the shoulder. The ER doctor’s told me that ‘I did a fantastic job’ & would be living with severe pain for a while.

    Yes, I am still learning to sleep in the recliner with ice packs.

    I am also wearing DEPENDS as getting to the washroom is a real pain!;especially after drinking gallons of water.

    I am forcing down glasses of milk, taking calcium,eating very healthy.

    Monday, I have my first visit with the orthopetic surgeon. Now, I am having major wardrobe problems.

    Any suggestions?

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Dianna. It sounds like you are doing well in dealing with your shoulder injury. When I was healing from my shoulder fracture, my doctor recommended liquid calcium-magnesium, as well as calcium from green and leafy vegetables, but not glasses of milk. Milk products can be acidifying, causing the body to have to use its stores of calcium from the bone to neutralize the acidity. One of my favorite calcium-rich snacks is plain Greek yogurt flavored with agave nectar and vanilla extract. Yummy! I, too, had wardrobe problems, and had to switch to halter tops. I cut the shoulder straps of one loose-fitting dress so that I could step into it and then have someone pin it together at the shoulders. Comfort and coverage were the main objectives. πŸ™‚

      I will keep you in prayer for a complete recovery. God bless you,

  272. Linda says:

    Thank you for sharing what worked for you, it helped me understand what was happening to me after a fall from the top rung of a ladder. As a result of that fall I took a chunk off the top of my left arm which has taught me not to get up there again at my age lol. The incredible thirst & itch was driving me crazy but at least I know why now.
    I also suffer from arthritis & fibromyalgia which is adding to discomfort & slowing the healing process.

    I would really appreciate it if anyone has come up with a sling design that immobilises the arm & shoulder while still being comfortable. I have tried a few which don’t do either job terribly well so I am looking to make one myself since I am likely to be using it for several months.
    If you have found one that works well for you could u supply me with the name or a picture of it so I can work on a design that will suit me.

  273. trish says:

    hi, my husband fell and broke his shoulder in 2 places 8 days ago. He is in terrible pain but i am very concerned about the amount of bruising. His entire arm from shoulder to wrist is purple. But also his chest and tummy are very badly bruised.He fell backwards so these are not caused by the fall. Can anyone tell me if this is normal please.

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Trish. Yes, bruising appears to be the norm. I experienced a tremendous amount of bruising and swelling after my shoulder fracture. I assume it was from leakage and pooling of blood and other fluids from injured tissues, as well as the influx of white blood cells and other cells to stem infection and repair damage. I’m not certain about that, though. It took a l-o-n-g time for all the swelling and bruising to diminish, but the injury did eventually heal totally. I will keep your husband in prayer for a complete recovery.

      God bless you both,

  274. Lainie x says:

    Hi there, like previous posts thank you for sharing your advice & tips – I too have spent sleepless nights googling away for something to help ease the discomfort & I have returned to this blog many a nite in the last 6 weeks for answers, advice & to see how you are all doing. I am a 37 yr old mum of 3 & i broke my left proximal humerus in a freak fall at home on my kitchen tiles. The doctors said it was a clean & significant break but with age on my side i should eventually recover fully, its been a tough few weeks on all counts but I’m on the road to recovery now thank god & hope to start my physio next week!
    Unfortunately & scarily coincidently in the last 5 days I’ve heard of 2 totally unrelated people in my area that are suffering cancer, on enquiring on there well being & the circumstances it seems both had suffered a trauma or break to the shoulder & months later discovered they have osteosarcoma – They were young people in there prime (42 & 50 year old) with no other illness prior to this & are both now tragically terminal with the disease! I don’t wish to alarm anyone or take this conversation in a different direction but has anyone heard anything similar or can anyone put my fear at ease?!Β 

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Lainie. Yes, I have heard of people developing cancer at the site of an injury, whether the injury be a fracture, a bruise, or some other sort of trauma. In addition to writing this blog to help those who want to improve their bone health, I also work as a NES practitioner for Quantum Health & Nutrition. According to NES science, traumas may become energetically “imprinted” in the body, causing blockages and distortion in the body’s information system. NES Infoceuticals work at the subatomic level to remove these blockages and distortions, so that the information system is restored to normal functioning and the body can heal itself. For more information, please visit my website for Quantum Health & Nutrition at I’m glad you’re healing well, and I hope your physical therapy is progressing well, too. I will keep you in prayer for a complete recovery.

      God bless you and keep you,

  275. Eunice Cottrill says:

    For those asking about the sober sling, I had posted the website before, but here it is again:

    I am not using my sling much now but still using it to sleep in because it prevents me flinging my arm out in my sleep and being woken by pain. I can use my arm quite well really I think, some days are better than others, if I don’t have pain in my shoulder I have it in my arm but I’m getting there slowly, at least I hope I am. I suppose 9 weeks is still early days, the 4 wound sites have healed well but the arm from shoulder to wrist is still very tender and my arm is quite stiff. With all the metal in it I wonder if I should be carrying an oil can around with me !

    I hope everyone else is getting along well.

  276. Carol says:

    I broke my right shoulder in an accident on January 4, 2012. First time to break a bone so it was pretty much a shock to me.

    The hospital emergency room was totally frustrating…very impersonal. I received a sling to immobilize my arm and a prescription for pain medications and was told not to take the sling off.

    Being in quite a bit of pain I couldn’t sleep for several days. Didn’t realize that I couldn’t get comfortable laying down in my normal way.

    I finally googled “shoulder fracture”,came across this site, and printed out the “10 Tips” pages — which is exactly the information I should have been given when I left the hospital.

    Thank you for publishing your experiences and for all the blog responses. It was a HUGE help in getting me to where I am today, after 10 weeks, which is in my second week of physical therapy. I was determined to make my experience as positive as possible and I have learned new (and probably better) ways of compensating and doing everyday tasks.

    As you and everyone said, each day brings progress! Much appreciation!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Carol. I’m so glad to hear that you are recovery well and that this website has been of help to you. Thanks for sharing your good news, and God bless you as you heal. πŸ™‚

  277. Kathy says:

    Hi, Kate. I don’t know where to find this sling. Does anyone else know?

  278. kate naseby says:

    Can you assist on where i can buy the sling “sober/LABORATOIRE” please?
    I have tried all google etc with no luck.
    I have seen this sling and it looks perfect for my shoulder injury as i am getting pain from the sling i have been given.
    I would be so grateful if anyone can help.

  279. rjun says:

    what i mean is complication in my broken bone or complication in the bone. Although its healed but it is not back to normal position. Although it is ok is still broken it not back in normal. but i can use it like when it is not broken.!

  280. rjun says:

    Hi! Can I as a question.? Is there any complication in the parts of our body when your shoulder is already heal after its brokened. a months ago my shoulder is broken in motor Accident. my Dr. Advice mi to take a operation. But decided not to take that operation. And now I can use my shoulder normally. i’m only ask for any complication in the body or in the bones. after the broken bone. hope you can help me. T.Y

    • Kathy says:

      I’m not sure what you mean by a complication. If you decided not to have an operation, and your shoulder healed so that you can use it normally, that’s good!

  281. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I have been to see the specialist this morning, had some xrays, which were on the specialist’s computer monitor by the time I had walked back there from radiology. Goodness my arm looks like a robot’s.
    The specialist said the main fracture was a very long and very complicated one, but I had to laugh when he said “very good for me to work on my skills but not so good for you having to suffer it”. He was pleased with my progress, he said it was very good and it really was early days for such an injury. He had me doing a range of movements, which hurt but I managed. I was told it was doubtful I would get full range of some movements back due to the severity of the injury and it would be some time yet before I was completely pain free but unless I have any problems I do not need to go back. I have been given exercises to do and was told I could have physiotherapy if I wished, but the exercises would be the same so I declined the physiotherapy.

    Now I feel I am really on the way back to normality and the pain I still have I can cope with.

    Best wishes to you all

  282. Ashley says:

    I am free of all slings and braces! Ortho has cleared me for strength training! Here I am 2-15 after I feel 12-6 and have improved so much! my join is deformed but I am moving pretty good and will not lost much in moment in my opinion. To think they would have done surgery and I would still be in pain and have a long road ahead of me. I wish everyone well and that you are going to be back to normal fast!

  283. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I just thought I would mention Olivia but the strange thing is I don’t seem to have had any swelling at all, how odd is that? Two fractures and a crack on my collar bone, four wound sites from the operation but no swelling, at least none noticeable, just the horrendous bruising, which although beginning to fade has not yet gone. I’m afraid I know nothing about the effects of alcohol slowing up bone healing, I very rarely drink anything alcolic, the occasional sangria in the summer, but that’s about it.

    Hopefully I’ll know more about how things are progressing with me when I see the specialist next week.

    I hope you are recovered from your stomach flu Olivia and I hope everyone else is getting to grips with things and feeling better each day.

  284. olivia says:

    thanks for this site.

    Yes, it is helpful to hear others experiences
    for instance, the swelling – intense swelling- i had for the 1st 5 or 6 weeks was something I thought had to be abnormal, but it seems a lot of people have dealt with it for that period of time. Eunice, I had some bruising but the ER doctor warned me and actually, expected worse from what he said.

    Pain is very minimal now most times. trying to move more and more.
    Had stomach flu for the past few days so not much in the way of PT.
    1 month til I go back for x-ray to see if bone is healing. 2 weeks ago they saw no healing so I am worried, but trying to stay positive.

    Hi Mickey, sorry to hear about your health situation- I have been slow at healing too and they don’t know why. my PT guy said alcohol can slow bone healing time – if your cirrhosis of the liver is due to excessive alcohol intake that might be doing it.
    i like to have 2 or 3 drinks a few nights a week and have cut back to less out of fear of not healing.

    I hope the bone stimulator helps. I have been looking up info on hpw they work in case I have to use one.

    take care all

  285. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I’m in agreement with others here Kathy, this site is a great help and comfort, which might sound silly, but reading about other peoples experiences and what they are going through really does help me feel less isolated and, I believe, more confident that eventually things will get back to normal.

    I think I have got so used to being “one armed” that when I get back to using two I won’t know what to do with the extra arm. I still can’t quite believe the extent of the horrendous bruising and just how long it seems to be taking to disappear, but then I have no patience!

    So to all who have posted above, hang in there and know that slowly but surely things will improve, stay positive and determined and thank you Kathy for this site.

  286. Kathy says:

    Greta, sounds like you’re making fine progress! Like you, I was very stiff and found it painful to move my shoulder after six weeks. Yes, we thank God for all those who support us and help us heal, whether it be a loving spouse, a dedicated doctor, a persistent physical therapist, or a suffering fellow traveler on the road to recovery who inspires us and gives us courage.

    Tammi, helping your fractures heal may also improve your osteoporosis. If you gradually shift your diet to an 80% alkaline / 20% acid balance, you may be amazed to see your bone density increase.

    Micki, you’ve had a particular rough go of it! I will be praying for the doctors to find the cause of your falls and to help you heal.

    Eunice, you seem to be following the same path that I did with the bruising. I’m exciting that you are off the pain meds. Progress! πŸ™‚

    Olivia, how wonderful that you are able to use both hands to type! I will pray that the perfect job comes along for you.

    Jeff, thank you so much for your words of encouragement!

    With love and joy to all of you,

  287. Greta says:

    Kathy ,your post has been such a great help to me. I am 73,usually fit
    for my age, but the week before Christmas I tripped over an uneven patch in the road and suffered a right proximal humeral fracture which
    was extremely nasty and required a plate and eleven pins to hold it
    together.I was lucky to be taken to hospital right away and operated
    on the following week. Like you I was very fortunate to have a wonderful husband at home who has been an absolute brick.It’s been so
    helpful to know that I’m not the only one who finds sleeping difficult
    even with pain killers and envy those of you with recliners.I’ve been
    having physio since early on and find some of the exercises challenging to say the least but I am plodding on.I’ve just had my
    six week check up with my consultant who confirms that I am healing but still rather stiff.I have also had pain in my hand and wrist and
    it has helped to know that it is fairly common.Good luck to everyone
    in the same boat and thanks again to you Kathy.

  288. Susan Clark says:

    I broke my shoulder 3 months ago. I fell and was my myself. Took awhile to get a phone to call 911. 3 days later I fell again and cracked my head open. I knocked myself out the blood had already congilled. I scooted on my butt and good arm to get phone and call friend across the street. Back to the ER. Still had not found a orto dr. I broke my right shoulder so I was really in a pickle. I also have cirrhosis of the liver and extremely low blood cts. They think I might have Vertigo so I am now being tested for that. I also had a bone marrow test to see if there was anything wrong with my blood. So far no one knows why I’m not healing. This week I will be fitted for a bone stimulator. I’ll where it 30mins a day. It is suppose to enhance growth of the cells or calcium ( not sure). All I know is I’m tired of not being able to do most anything, and the pain. Mickey

  289. Tammi says:

    I broke my collarbone in two as well as shattered the shoulder. Both places have plates and screws and the pain was almost unbearable.

    My fall was on a slippery bridge in Mexico on vacation 12/20/11. Needless to say, the trip was cut short. Thank goodness for travel insurance through the tour/travel agency!

    My Mother passed in Oct. and recuperating at home alone during the day my mind went to really dark sad places. I suppose I needed to talk to her and hear her give me stern warnings of not overdoing it and threatening to come stay with me if I did.

    So much crying, who knew I could cry like that?

    Just recently I have come out of that fog. It was rough.

    I needed my ‘pity party— table for one’, I suppose, but decided to give up my seat so someone else could sit there. πŸ™‚

    I just started PT 2 weeks ago and it is awful, yet I know necessary.
    Taking hydrocodone only prior to PT now. Most visits I would love to punch the therapist in the face.

    Also, have early osteo….I am 47, former smoker, thin and went through menopause very early. Yay for me.

    My sweet husband was terrified to touch me early on.

    Good luck and quick healing to all.

  290. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Week 5 starts today for me, one month yesterday since my operation. I still have quite a lot of bruising but it is beginning to fade. Funnily enough the worst bruising was at the back of my arm from elbow to wrist, just one huge black bruise, whether from the operation or from the fall I don’t know. The pain I find a bit strange, sometimes it’s at the upper back of my arm, sometimes the upper front and sometimes my shoulder but it is manageable and I haven’t taken even one pain killer for some time now.

    I do my “elephant trunk” waving bit 2/3 times as day, as the surgeon told me, but nothing else as yet. I see the surgeon again on the 22nd of this month and no doubt he will then tell me more and I presume book me in for physiotherapy. We will see.

    I am so glad you seem to be improving now Olivia, that is good news.

  291. olivia says:

    week 7 here. pain comes and goes. started very minimal PT. once every 2 weeks. very nice PT guy- happy for that.
    he gave me about 5 passive exercises to do and took some measurements too.
    still a lot of soreness and pain at times.
    hoping the bone is healing.

    thankfully it’s been a mild winter in NYC this year πŸ™‚
    looking for work again, as i can use a computer with both hands now

    be well everyone

  292. Jeff says:

    Keep doing what your doing Kathy your an inspiration…

  293. Kathy says:

    Congratulations, Dot, and thank you for sharing your story! Your success and healing will be an inspiration for many who are looking for hope.

    God bless you,

  294. Dot says:

    Hello everyone, I broke my shoulder June 29th, 2011 so it has been awhile. I think I am healed now and have all or nearly all my range of motion back. I had about 5 weeks of PT. Then the Physical Therapist told me I could go back to the gym and work with a trainer, she has been a bit help. The first few weeks I was in a lot of pain and really scared. I have never had a broken bone in my life and I am 69 years old! I really worried that I would not heal right. But all it took was time. My doctor also just took x-rays, never actually touched me. I just did whatever I was told and hung in there. I read this site every day for weeks, even reading comments over and over just to not feel too alone. I will continue to pray for all of you and trust you will all do well. Kathy, thank you sooo much for this site, it is helping so many. Dot

  295. Ashley says:

    Sorry haven’t checked in mom was in the hospital for a week after Christmas and again last week. think dad is the only on that hasn’t completely had body failure. I have been in physical therapy for 3 weeks. going on Thursday to the ortho to get a progress report. The bone is still deformed but I have gotten permission to not wear a sling at home so that offers me some freedom. I can lift my are more then 90 degrees in front of me… still not a lot of outward movement going straight up but we are rebuilding up my muscle since I pretty much lost all tone I had before the fall. So I have my ortho and my Pt doctor baffled since they have not seen a rebound like mine with my type of break. I had almost everyone tell me I would not heal without surgery yet here I am sitting in my room with not sling I can sleep without it and I am gaining more moment every week and able to pick things up and bear slight weight on the arm. I am hopping to have more good news on Thursday! I hope everyone is healing well and getting good news on their recovery.

    Best Wishes!

  296. Isabella says:

    HI kathy and olivia,

    i have been reading this blog since i fractured my right shoulder in january 14th 2012. tomorrow will be 3rd week anniv. i still don’t feel comfortable to type with my right hand. hope you guys don’t mind.

    first, i want to give kathy a BIG thank you to create this. you offered the very useful information. you helped me to go through the most difficult time in my life.

    olivia, i’m sorry to hear your situation. i don’ know if you have your xrays handy. –i have mine– when i go to see my doc, he doesn’t touch me or check on me either. what he needs was only xrays. he showed them to us and pointed which areas were broken. then give me some simple exercise lessons. it took about 10 minutes.

    what i want to say is, if you have your xrays with you, find a better to find out the real problems. in this way, you can relax, and focus on you recovery.

    monday, i will take another xray and see the doc. hopefully i can get the sling off me. if not, i just do what doc told me. prepare for the worst.
    pray for me.

  297. Eunice Cottrill says:

    three and a half weeks now since my accident and operation and I think things are improving. The bruising is fading, although there is such a lot of it, the pain is not as intense as it was and I haven’t taken a pain killer for some days now. That isn’t to say I don’t still have any pain, I do, but the worst of it is from evening onwards, presumably because of movement during the day and any “surprise” movement the wrong way. I have devised some very strange ways of doing things, I am managed to prepare food with a little help peeling and cutting up and taking things out of the oven, that is something I am not prepared to risk with one hand. So at the present time I am quite pleased with my progress, although I won’t really know how things are going until I see the surgeon again towards the end of this month.

    It must be very difficult and confusing seeing a different doctor each time Olivia and surely they must have your medical records to hand. You really do need to ask about your problem next time you go and ask if they have any advice that would help you to recover from your injury.

  298. olivia says:

    hi Kathy,

    I thought it seemed strange from what i have read. he told me nothing else. I am going to a city clinic and see a diff. doctor or resident each time. never seen my xrays. not sure why no bone would form at all. i don’t smoke. i eat healthy. i know all breaks do not heal the same, but do you recall your healing timeline? just curious. thanks again

  299. Kathy says:

    Hello, Mary. It was hard to be of much use for a few weeks, but if you are able and your doctor approves, perhaps being at work will be a distraction from the discomfort of the injury.

    Olivia, that does sound strange, but every break is different. It’s been about six weeks since the injury, right? Did the doctor tell you anything else?

  300. olivia says:

    went to doctors today.
    saw a resident. he seemed not too experienced. went into other room and consulted supervising doctor.
    came back and told me the bone is not healing according to xrays.
    i was told to come back in 6 weeks.

    does that sound strange?

  301. Mary M O'Sullivan says:

    Hello Kathy

    I decided to look up my injury on the web and came across your site. I have read your tips which I will take on board. I fractured my shoulder on 23 Jan 2012 the Orthopaedic Surgeon said it was a cleanI see him again on 22 Feb. I am in a sling my arm is very badly bruised from just below my shoulder to mid way between elbow and wrist. I take on board your tip about drinking water and taking painkillers. I live alone so I have to get on with it and do things for myself. I cannot go to work now but was hoping that maybe I could go maybe the week after next I work in an office as a Secretary Accounts Administrator – what do you think from your experience. I was just about to go back playing golf and I know that is on the back burner now. Hope I will be able to play in the not to distant future after having a course of Physio. I will keep checking your site.

    Regards and Thanks
    Mary M O’Sullivan

  302. Oliva says:

    ugh. seems like bad pain is back again. can’t get comfortable enough to sleep even. anyone have increased pain while healing?

  303. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I have now had all the staples removed and the wound sites have healed well. Lots of bruising still, but fading, looks as if I have been run over by a train! For some reason I slept badly on Thursday night, a lot of pain and I eventually got up and went on a pain killer hunt although I had taken my prescribed medications and I shouldn’t be on any now. Maybe I had overdone things during the day. Last night I slept well and plan on having a do nothing much day today. I have now finished with having to go to the clinic every other day for dressing changes etc, nothing more now until I see the specialist on 22nd February.

    A funny little story….yesterday we took our two little dogs to the vet for some annual innoculations. The vet, Antonio,is a lovely man, he insisted on looking at my injury and pronounced it as going on well. Not quite as strange as it sounds because Antonio was a traumatologist doctor who decided he preferred treating animals to humans and went for 8 years extra training as a vet.

    I hope all suffering with this annoying and painful condition are feeling better each day.

  304. Kathy says:

    Doctors have told me that the body holds an injury tightly to keep it immobilized while the injury heals. I also experienced much pain and some fear when I started the light motion exercises you speak of, as well as the bruising. It took a l-o-n-g time to regain my full range of motion–the better part of a year–but with persistent stretching, I did recover completely. Has the doctor talked with you about starting physical therapy in a month or so?

    God bless you,

  305. Holly J says:

    I cracked my humeral head on 3 sides, like a β€œc” shape, on Dec 28 and after x-rays was given a sling and swathe. I saw an orthopaedic doctor on Jan 2 who said I should continue with the sling and swathe but then start light motion exercises 3 weeks from then – which is about now.

    I’m a little worried as I have now started to try to move it, but when I try to lift my arm out to the side it pops at the shoulder and is very painful. It hurts when I try to extend my elbow but sort of a muscle ache which I would expect after a month in one position and I had a lot of bruising on my bicep. My movement is getting better every day but am I expecting too much too soon? I’ve read it can take up to 6 weeks for a fracture to mend?

    I DON’T have INSURANCE or much money so am reluctant to go back to the doctor, pay for more x-rays and consultation if I’m just going to be told its too soon and to give it more time.

    Any advice would be much appreciated I have electronic copies of my x-rays.

    Im 27 years old, non- smoker, in good shape and have been maintaining a healthy diet with extra calcium and vitamins since the accident

    Thank you

  306. Eunice Cottrill says:

    good luck with your claim for unemployment Olivia, I do hope you get it. Glad to hear your pain and swelling are slowly going, I’m sure each day will bring a small improvement, I keep telling myself that too. I still look as if the upper left part of my body has been run over by a train, not a pretty sight. Quite painful today but I think maybe I overdid things a bit yesterday, it is only two weeks today since my operation, so early days really.

    I hope everything goes well for you.

  307. Anonymous says:

    hi everyone,
    glad to hear people are healing.
    my swelling and pain has gone down quite a bit.

    makes sleeping and getting around easier.
    still tough to put on clothes/wear clothes with sleeves which has hindered my job search some- ugh. i did apply for unemployment, as i was let laid off from my freelance job (so not really laud off but not needed) 3 weeks before my injury.
    please pray that I am eligible, if it is God’s will.

    trying to move around more- walking etc. not sure if this is ok/encouraged by doctors or not. i figure if it doesn’t hurt, it’s ok.
    Any Advice on that from your experiences. i feel a little ‘clicking’ or ‘grinding’ when walking but it is tolerable- not painful, just feels weird/gross.

    going back next week to docs- will be 3 weeks since last visit then (and 6 weeks from initial injury)
    hoping i can go to the doctors less frequently as it is upwards of $1000/visit here in US without insurance. Hoping maybe it will just kind on heal on its own.

    they don’t ever look at it anyways, just take x-rays and tell me to come back in 2 or 3 weeks for more x-rays. maybe i can go back every 6 weeks or so- hoping.

    UK/Europe and US people with jobs that provide health insurance, you are so fortunate. having never really had health insurance- well i did for a year or so at a job that had it- i did not realize how difficult it is to handle getting healthcare/dealing with an injury when you are on a limited income and don’t have insurance. going to the city hospital often means I wait anywhere from 3 to 6 hours for my ‘appointment’. (everyone has same appt time so you just get on a list) and it still costs me a lot of money.

    last week and this i called several orthopedics and i could find no other place will see me without payment up front. i have about $1800 in savings $1450 of room on a credit card, but that is about 3 visits and i need my savings for rent, electric and internet.

    at least the city hospital doesn’t require payment up front. and it is easier to wait for long periods of time now that the pain has lessened. i just bring a book, magazines and food/water for the day. i learned the hard way if they call your name and you are at the snack machine/bathroom you lose your turn- which is depressing when you have been waiting 3 hours. most of it doesn’t effect me so much anymore. i am able to ignore it rather than feel bad. i am grateful for that.
    i think not being in so much pain has helped.

    REALLY hoping they will change the stocking under the brace on my next visit. they have not since it was put on (5 weeks) and it smells really bad- it’s making me self conscience to go out in public a lot.

    my best to all of you. please keep me in your prayers.
    cheers, Olivia

  308. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I had half of the staples removed on Wednesday, the rest are being removed on Friday. The bruising is beginning to fade a little and joy of joys, with some planning and determination I can remove the sling myself and get my arm into a sleeve, it is hard work and not without pain but I can do it. I am trying to set myself a new goal each day, this “setback” in my life is NOT going to beat me.

    I hope everyone with this kind of injury is doing well.

  309. Sylvia Clover says:

    Dear Kathy
    Your site is an inspiration to myself and to so many. I am from the UK so I am fortunate to have a national health service. Three weeks ago I fell down our 14 stairs at home was taken by ambulance to accident & emergency after many X-rays I was diagnosed with a broken shoulder and told that I would need surgery with a plate & screws to mend break. That evening I was consented for surgery.
    My husband immediately asked for a prayer chain to be set up within our church to specifically pray that surgery would not be necessary.
    The next morning the consultant decided to send me for a scan before the operation this he said revealed that I had broken the rim of the ball & socket of my shoulder and surgery was unlikely but they would review in a weeks time at fracture clinic. Sent me home with a sling & painkillers which After being on morphine for two days were much needed. My church continued to pray in earnest that surgery would not be necessary.
    After my visit to fracture clinic I was told I had broken my shoulder blade & this would mend by its self albeit a very painful injury I am overjoyed, still in much pain & sleep is really difficult however, I am praising my Lord for when we fall either physically or spiritually HE will always be there to catch us. I would like to say to you all as I read your blogs I really feel for your pain & frustrations
    and truly pray you will find the help, love & relief you all deserve.
    My very best wishes to all. Sylvia

    • Kathy says:

      That’s wonderful news, Sylvia! I’m rejoicing and thanking God along with you! It is not an easy road to recovery, but it is easier with the Lord by your side.

  310. Eunice Cottrill says:

    So sorry you are feeling so down Olivia, it must be difficult if you don’t have friends or family around to give a little help. I am so lucky really, my husband is very good, not exactly the nursing type but he is helping out a lot and I have wonderful friends and neighbours. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

    I have been at the clinic again this morning, dressing changed again, it has been changed every other day and the wound sites have healed very well. The staples are being taken out on Wednesday (I hope), the hopefully I can being to force myself through the pain barrier, I’m actually a real wimp, but a determined wimp.

    It is at times like this that a national health service is appreciated. Spain has a reciprocal agreement with UK re health services so provided national health stamps were paid fully in UK we can use the Spanish health service, which I have to say in my experiences is superb.

    I hope you feel better very soon and life begins to look much brighter for you. You must stay positive, I am absolutely certain it makes a big difference.

  311. Kathy says:

    Olivia, it is hard not to panic unless you feel confident that things will turn out all right. Fear is looking at all the possibilities of life and then magnifying the worst outcomes. Is there even the smallest thought that you will recover and that you will be able to use what you learn from this injury to help others? It is true! Every pain that you are experiencing, every worry the worms its way into your heart, will build a reservoir of compassion for others who suffer. You will recover. It will take a long time. You may need to get food stamps and go on public assistance for a while, but that is what public assistance is for! Find a church where you feel the presence of God and draw strength from the One who loves you more than you love yourself. Yes, it is indeed hard to be alive at times, especially at times of serious injury. I cried often from frustration and fear when my shoulder and arm were throbbing, when I couldn’t bathe myself or dress myself. It’s okay to cry. It’s good to cry. But you will make it. And when you are stronger and well, you will be there to help someone else. I just know it. I will pray for you at morning Mass and will keep you in prayer throughout the day.

    God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand,

  312. Olivia says:

    hi everyone. thanks for input. i just keep reading people’s stories, hoping for hope.

    everyday is really difficult.

    can’t work because of my injury- and being that i work freelance- i have no resources coming in, so i constantly worry about going into poverty.

    i need to arms to work. at this point i can not really even get much clothes on- just pajamas and sweatpants. have to cut the arms off shirts.

    i fear this will be the end of my career. the economy has been so rough as it is.

    i fear the bills i will receive (i am in the US) i have never really had to use extensive medical services in the past, but now i realize that 2 xrays and a 5 min meeting with a doctor- where the doctor does not even touch/handle the area only is about $750

    i have no idea how much the ER services will be.

    at the next appointment i am going to ask the doctor if i can come less frequently, as i need to pay rent, utility bills, eat, student loans, etc.

    the swelling in my hand went down for awhile, and i could move my arm. but now it is back again and movement is limited.

    i am depressed and in an anxious, panicked state most of the times.

    i try to not think about it, sometimes when sleeping that works.

    just really scared. feel hopeless. i don’t really have my family, which might make matters worse.
    not much changes ever. i feel i the dark and pretty helpless. not even sure if i am doing what i should be doing to heal. do i keep it immobilized? do i try to move?

    it is hard to be alive at times.
    i wish you all well

  313. Jeff says:

    What a great site, posted a couple of months ago but am still reading yours comments you can never have enough tips observations or help. I suffered a proximal humerous fracture five months ago and am recovering well but recovery will always take you longer than you are told , in my case the bones have healed really well but the mustle damage rotator cuff swelling and nerve damage will take a lot longer maybe up to 18 months but once you can manage the initial pain, in my case ten weeks it does get a lot easier. I have lost 50 per cent movement in my right arm which sounds terrible but you do adapt very quickly sometimes without even thinking so some jobs do take that little bit longer but hey. It’s only extra time. I,m lucky to have great friends And family it makes the journey so much easier I hope you all have too. Be patient work hard and don’t take no for an answer , good luck too you all…jeff

  314. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I don’t know what to tell you Olivia, it is only just over a week since I had my operation and I have only a sling. However I can say I get some weird pains now and then from “undamaged/unrelated” are parts. I presume everything is somehow related to the injury and bits and pieces put out their own protest now and then. I’m sorry you never get the same doctor twice but when you next go prepare a list of questions you want to ask, then you will be prepared, hopefully you will get some answers.

    I hope your mind is at rest soon.


  315. Ashley says:

    BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!!!!!

    Think Falling without insurance was one of the best things that happened to me… hear me out…. yes my humeral head slipped on the humerus and the bone has healed slightly deformed… but when I went back to the doctor my cat scan looked better then my xrays… no nerve damage or scared muscle tissue… now here is were my logic comes in… if I had insurance they would have done surgery in the first month of the break but since I had a chance to heal and stretch and see how well I can move even with a the slight deformity I get to avoid surgery. I start physical therapy next week to do more passive motion work and the following week start strength training. Think it helped that I was able to lift my arm and hold it in the air…. when he help my arm up in air I was able to hold it in place for a but… weak but lot of focus I did it….so excited!!! I hope everyone is doing better and getting good news… post after wen. I have gone back to work and school so no longer going crazy on bed rest.

    Good luck to everyone in their healing!

  316. olivia says:

    hand swelling and wrist swelling has gone down. so grateful. but now I am dealing with increased pain underneath the ‘clam shell’ -like brace. anyone deal with this? doctor at clinic told me to tighten it/read just it to the position he put it in, when needed.

    not sure if i made it too tight or if the movement of the fingers/hand/ wrist could be causing pain in the arm part that is under the brace.
    maybe muscle pain under there that is part of the healing process?
    Not sure- I never have the same doctor twice at the clinic and so I can’t call ask questions or anything.

    It’s felt like I am going about it on my own. I’m in about 5th week. going back to docs in about week and a half. any advice from experience? I know you can’t speak for my case as to medical advice but experiences- what to expect ect? It’s been a rough lonely patch. If you have any words they would be welcome.

    best to all,

  317. Eunice Cottrill says:

    someone was asking about sober/laboratoire sling vest, here is their website

  318. Eunice Cottrill says:

    Thank you Kathy.

  319. Eunice Cottrill says:

    I have just found this site and very interesting it is too. I live in Spain and last Wednesday evening,11tj January, I tripped up in the garden and fell with my arm on the edge of a step, the pain was horrendous. My husband took me to the accident and emergency dept of our local hospital, which was heaving, but I was whisked off in less than 10 minutes for xrays and scans. I was told an operation was needed as I had fractured a bone in my shoulder. They had planned to operate that night but got very busy with real emergency operations, so I was made very comfortable, hooked up to pain killer etc and I actually slept well the whole night. There are no wards in this hospital, just single occupancy rooms with en suite, TV in any language if you want it, it is a superb place.

    Early Thursday morning the surgeon came to see me and said he wanted another scan to help him decide whether to put a plate or a pin in. I was taken for the scan and he decided on a pin. The operation was carried out late Thursday afternoon, again I slept well during the night and early Friday morning the surgeon came to see me to tell me I could go home and if I so wished I could take my arm out of the sling and let it hang, do some circular moving of it too. Well today is Sunday and I haven’t been brave enough to do that yet. The medication they sent me home with is, omeprazol, one each morning for 14 days, seractil 2 each day for 10 days and paracetamol 650gr 2 each day for 8 days.

    Tomorrow I have to make an appointment at our local surgery to have the stitches out and they will make an appointment for me to see the hospital surgeon again in 5 weeks.

    I have to think everything through and sort of make a plan but I have devised a way of putting in my contact lenses, painful so I have to have a rest after achieving that until the pain subsides and this morning I washed my hair myself in a bathroom wash basin, not exactly styled so well but clean and presentable. I remembered I had a hot air styling brush so I used this, it was easy enough really as I didn;t need two hands.

    So, that is where I am right now, I can only wait and see how things go from hereon. I must say that I cannot praise the hospital and the staff there highly enough, they were wonderful.

    I do hope everyone else who is suffering from this is fit and well again very soon.

    • Kathy says:

      It sounds you have received excellent care, Eunice, and you have a wonderfully positive attitude! God bless you on the road to complete recovery. πŸ™‚

  320. Olivia says:

    thank you. it helps to think it will get better and that i am not alone.
    every day is still scary- just trying to do normal things like put on a shirt or boil water for oatmeal. i feel so sad and cursed. it is a bad place to be.

    thanks for your reply and prayers

  321. Ashley says:


    That does give me hope.. I kinda saw there the slip in the ball was. I have a lot of movement when my arm is being helped. I still think its the bruising and swelling still causing most of my pain when stretching. I feel I would be fine with physical therapy. as for getting back to see an ortho I am trying. this whole thing is frustrating.

  322. Christoff says:

    Hi Kathy. Thank you so much for the trouble you are taking to blog about your shoulder injury. About 6 months ago I fell hard on my left elbow while ice skating and had pain in my shoulder the next day. I could not lift my arm above my head wihout pain and thought I tore something. After seeing a specialist and physiotherapist and had some x rays taken there was evedence that I had a fracture that was already healing and I also was advised that no surgery is needed. I wore a sling for a couple of weeks and after that had physio therapy.
    My problem is that I am an artist (sculptor) and I have to use my arm all the time. I have no pain when relaxed, but still feel some pain when using my arm in a certain way . I have about 80% movement back and the pain is about 3 on scale 1-10. I was hoping that in 6 months after the injury I would have healed completely but after reading your story it seems that it will take another 6 months! I want to do some excersizes but also am scared to hurt my arm if I overdo it seeing that I am working physically all the time.

    All I can advice to anyone today that shoulder injuries takes a loooong time to heal. For those who never had a shoulder injury: wear propper safety gear when you do any sport.
    My injury could have been prevented if I had elbow pads on when I ice skated that day.

  323. mary says:

    ashley i broke my arm in december and xray showed the bone quite crooked from the ball joint and they let me go without surgery. 5 weeks later the new xray showed it had moved in a better position and is healing. see my initial xray here ( if it compares to yours. we’re very pleased with its progress and expect full recovery. i hope that encourages you.

  324. Kathy says:

    Olivia, I can’t remember now exactly how long it took for the swelling to go down, but it seems like it took six weeks or more. It felt like forever! I especially worried about the swelling around my elbow because it was the last to go.

    Tiger_town, my heart goes out to you! I remember the feelings of hopelessness and uselessness that made me cry. It was at those times that my faith in God became a great comfort. When life is out of control, placing your circumstances in the hands of God is the best thing you can do. You will find that He will direct your path in ways you can’t expect or explain, but He will make His healing presence known in the midst of your agony, if you ask Him.

    Ashley, what did you find out from the specialist? Will you need surgery?

    I will keep all of you in my prayers at Mass this morning,

  325. olivia says:

    how long for hand/arm swelling to go down? unbearable. been 3 1/2 weeks since break

  326. tiger_town says:

    Hi there,

    Came across this website in my many, many searches for:

    Broken humerus pain
    Broken humerus hand swelling
    Broken humerus healing time
    Broken humerus recovery

    I broken my Left mid shaft humerus 20 days ago. Was told it was minimally displaced- with 2 fragments. Was told in the ER that I would not need surgery. They put me in sling+ soft cast, gave me 30 percocet and sent me on my way. Cast was unbearable- dug into skin at edges- had blisters from it. Swelling was intense.

    Went back to ortho doc 10 days later. Put me in a brace. Took x-ray. said it was aligned enough to heal ok.

    sent me away with 30 vicodin ( after I begged and begged for painkillers) I am not a pain pill abuser, but this injury hurts SO MUCH.
    I have had to- at times go over the recommended pills per day- especially first week. It’s brutal. The mornings are the worst. I sleep easily now sitting up/propped up on pillows. But getting up in the AM with arm still swollen and in pain is brutal.

    Really losing hope that I will be able to move my arm again. I cry sometimes.

    Been out of work since accident- I am a freelancer with no benefits. So I can not apply for any type of disability or unemployment> I get no sick days.

    Have no idea when I will be able to go back to work. I work in a fast paced computer environment. So who knows.

    Luclily I do buy a PPO insurance. Don’t know how good it is though. Scared of the bills. Very scared. Hard to get around as I live in NYC. Have to take public transit. Very painful and frightening.

    Hand is still swollen pretty bad. As is forearm and elbow.

    Is this normal? Going back to doc in 4 days.

    Any advice in healing time ect?

  327. Ashley says:

    Okay changing my ortho. one I saw was a jerk. He basically treated me like an idiot since I fell on 12/6 and couldn’t see a specialist till 1/3… trust me not my idea to wait 4 weeks but I had no insurance. so news I did get while there I broke the humerus head off the humeral bone. ER doctors on the 6th did not tell me that! so a month later when I get to go to a doctor the humeral head as slipped slightly and healing off center. this article has an xray that looks like my shoulder break as of right now …. they have me doing physical therapy and when I go back Hopefully Monday we will find out if I need surgery. I am not asking anyone to diagnose me, but has anyone else broke their shoulder like that and avoided surgery? I still have bruising on my arm but it looks so much better then what it did. With that said using a medical ball I can extend my arm slightly higher then level with my shoulder. I can also extend assisted my arm out to the side almost level with my shoulder. when I move it doesn’t really hurt, more feels like my mussels are sore from not being moved.

    Really hoping that I can avoid surgery and that my range of moment shows promise that my arm can heal even if its a little off. I know how long surgery can interrupt one’s life and the though of going through it makes me want to cry. I said in a past post I am a waitress so right now my parents are paying all my bills and medical expenses.

    Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  328. Kathy says:

    Donna, have you tried getting a massage? Sometimes that helps the “itch.”

  329. Kathy says:

    I’m so glad that you’re doing better and I’m happy that the website helped you. Your comments will help others, too!
    God bless you all,

  330. Joan says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Just wanted to say thanks for providing this informative website and communication link with others suffering a broken shoulder. I slipped on an icy sidewalk and broke my shoulder in 3 spots Dec. 18th. During many sleepless nights I read all of these emails from people looking for help, answers and just plain support. I must say that it helped me stop feeling sorry for myself and realize how easy I have it compared to some! I have wonderful support from my family and employer. I have finally had my appt. with orthopedic surgeon and found out I must say off work and in sling for 4 more weeks but probably don’t require any surgery. I am now allowed to do some small out of sling arm exercises 3-4 times daily. I am now sleeping 6-7 hours (instead of 1-2) and feel a little better each day! I think it is wonderful that you have kept this site going so long after your recovery! You have been a blessing to many of us creeping along a slow road!

  331. donna says:

    6 weeks ago I fell down the stairs and broke my proximal humerus in 3 places. I went through the steps of Kathy but I must say I still have the Itchiness which is terrible. I started Physio and am at 90 degrees.I did everything I was told but stopped taking pain meds after 5 days as I thought the itchiness is from that. So I have suffered immensely with pain but I have as positive attitude and hope to be well in a few more months so that I can go back to work.

  332. Lori says:

    Hi Kathy,
    Fantastic article you wrote. I wish I would have discovered this 4 months ago when I was going through the height of major pain, depression and overall despair over a very stupid fall that changed the life of my left shoulder. NEVER STAND ON A CHAIR WITH WHEELS ON A HARD WOOD FLOOR!!! Yes I did to clean an upper shelf and the chair went flying and I landed on the floor. Broke the ball of my shoulder/humerus bone in several places and now am full of heavy metal and screws!! I never thought the pain would end. As you mentioned in your article to take the pain meds; I was afraid to stay on them for fear of addiction so I suffered a lot. I did have constipation and did not drink enough water. But now a am SO happy to say I am on the mend. The Doctor said it would take a year to fully recover and now I understand since it has been 4 months so far. My debilitating pain is manageable now with meds and occasionally take Aleve. Still in PT, don’t have full range back but am learning to compensate in other ways. I just want to be able to latch my Bra from behind instead of putting it on backwards and turning it around. When I can do that, then I will have achieved SUCCESS!! And everything you said about Sex is so true. Thanks again for sharing and realizing we are not alone.
    Another Broken Shoulder Victim

  333. Pat says:

    Thanks Ashley I have been using an old tie of my husbands as a sling while showering. I’ll go to Walgreens to see if they have that shoulder sling.

  334. Ashley says:

    to: Anonymous
    December 4th, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    I got a shoulder sling to wear in the shower so my arm has support. Walgreens makes one with vents (holes) that way water doesn’t build. hope your feeling better =)

  335. Ashley says:

    Have insurance now! Going to an ortho tomorrow please pray that I don’t need surgery, I am a sign language major and need my arm asap!

  336. Kathy says:

    Happy Healing to all of you, and God bless you in the New Year with renewed strength.


  337. Pat says:

    I broke my humerus in 3 places 3 weeks ago. I did not need surgery and am in a sling.I fell over a rope barrier down at Macy’s in Chicago,after having dinner with my grandchildren under the well known ‘TREE’.I came across this site while sitting in my recliner[which is now my bed]and have enjoyed reading all the comments.I am 64 years old and a third grade teacher. Fortunately I am off school for two weeks which will help with the healing.I am not in a lot of pain and only took pain pills for 3 days. I am now on ibuprofen and will be having an x-ray on Jan.9th to see how the healing is going.I will then start PT.During all this, one thing that kept me going is to have a sense of humor and keep SMILING!!! Things could be worse!!I am looking forward to going back to school after Christmas break and being with my students. I know their smiling faces will help me heal faster!HAPPY HEALING TO ALL!!!!

  338. Bonnie says:

    Thanks to all for the comments, suggestions and positive thoughts! I broke my left humerus on December 19th (no displacement – yet – so at least no surgery) and don’t handle restrictions or limitations on activity very well so am quite frustrated. I wish that I could get a better handle on anticipated recovery time. i am able to shower using a canvas sling but cannot imagine when I will be able to wash and blow dry my hair (I just spent a year and half growing it out from a very short cut so the idea of cutting it again to make it easier to handle is not appealing!). For now, I’m going to the stylist twice a week but that can’t continue forever.

    I’ve cut back on pain meds to one every eight hours but find that I still need them. I will be back to work tomorrow (at least part-time) but need to avoid public transportation since I can’t walk to the train in winter without a coat so am dependent on my husband to drive me, avoiding rush hours. I know that I have been incredibly lucky in his support and care but still find the long road ahead daunting, I broke the same bone in the same spot when I was twelve ( let’s just say a number of years ago!) and certainly don’t remember it like this!

    No date yet set to begin PT.

  339. Gayle says:

    Started pt last week with 4 sessions under my belt. Range of motion has already improved. The PT was surprised I don’t experience more pain during the pt sessions because of the extent of my injuries – good I guess – I’m too hard on myself wanting to improve quickly – the PT slows me down – so I’m trying to take it easy on myself and not over do. I really want to get my strength back – that is really tough.
    I have a doctor appointment Tues. and am anxious to hear what he has to say about my progress so I’m really trying my best to do all of my assigned exercises.

    Kathy – how long does it typically take to get strength back?

  340. Ashley says:

    Glad to find this site. I’m 23 and fell Dec 6th 2011 ice stating and broke my left shoulder in three places. been doing a lot of reading and guess compared to most I’m doing good. this coming Tuesday will be three weeks and I hardly take pain meds can move pretty good, sleep on my right side and shower everyday alone in a sling. most of bruising is gone, still some pain but manageable with keeping busy. I do have that bump on my arm I keep hearing is apparently normal while healing. no insurance at moment and off work since it happened…I’m a waitress so right now no income. thank God I live at home while I go to school and have family to help me. looking forward to January when insurance kicks in and I can go to an ortho. thanks for the tips and hope everyone else feels better. =)

  341. tired1 says:

    i can tell i have metal in me, some days it really hurts in the area it is located still trying to get my range of motion back, it will be awhile yet before i can do what i used too

  342. Kathy says:

    Two years seems a long time for fluid to remain trapped in the tissue. If I was experiencing that condition, I would try massage therapy. A good massage therapist can often work wonders with tissue repair and rejuvenation!

  343. Sher says:

    i broke my left shoulder in 3 places about 2 years ago in a fall (plus sustaining a mild concussion). I was then 56, and that was my first ever broken bone.

    My question is, how long does it take for the upper arm swelling to go away? I now have a flabby wave upper underarm on my left side, like fluid is trapped in the underarm tissueI.

    How can I get rid of this flabby ugly area?

  344. mary r. says:

    firstly, thank you kathy for maintaining your site! what a comfort to find there are other people who understand the pain but are also baffled about recovery.
    i’m 45 and broke my shoulder bone and socket ball in 3 parts in a car wreck on dec 1. i never had such pain in my life. and its so depressing that i cant kayak or bike which was a daily joy. i clean offices at night which i know i cant do for a while. my right arm is in a sling and im right handed, so hard. dr says it is in a good position to heal but orthoped wants to put in rod and screws and does not give helpful advice for daily activity. seeing a different orthoped next week. still considering surgery but very concerned about the discomfort of muscles rubbing againt metal all my life. praying so much that it will just heal properly in a sling- next xray may tell.
    it is greatly comforting to read that the forearm swelling is normal, i flex my fingers and lay down and straighten my arm which helps a bit.
    i wanted to offer a little advice to those who, like myself, live alone with no caretaker: i wash my hair by wrapping a towel around my shoulders and rubbing a soaking wet washcloth on my head, use just a dab of shampoo. a children’s de-tangle spray helps to brush out my hair which is long. no bath/shower for me, im afraid to fall, i use scented baby wipes for bathing. i have an 18inch back scratcher for all my itches.
    please anyone who has advice for personal care, we need to read about it.
    sometimes i cry and pity myself because i’ve always been able bodied and independent, but i think, if nothing else, this debilitation is showing me i need people and need to change. please pray for me in that area.
    on an upnote, yesterday, the 5th day after injury, i was able to grip the can opener and open some tuna—i was happy all day! πŸ™‚

    • Kathy says:

      Mary, you’ve made amazing adjustments in less than a week! Tremendous! I think you are right to see a different orthoped, and I will pray that your injury will heal without a rod or screws, as well as for grace to open up more and more to the loving help of others. Thank you for sharing your tips for personal care, too.

      God bless you,

  345. Kathy says:

    Dear Tired1, although physical therapy is painful and takes much time and effort, it is the pathway to freedom of movement. You have made it over the worst of your injury. That took much courage and is worth celebrating! The rest is hard work and will require determination and perseverance. Try to appreciate yourself during this time. Reward yourself for each small gain in your range of motion. Find ways to be kind to yourself, such as smoothing on scented lotion, getting a new haircut, or enjoying a massage. While it is wonderful to have support from others, this is a good time to rediscover how you can encourage your spirit and be your own best friend. If you are a prayerful person, pray for God’s encouragement, too. He is great at that! After all, another name for the Holy Spirit is the “Comforter.” I will pray for you, too.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  346. tired1 says:

    I broke my shoulder in the summertime I was told to keep the sling on 24/7 for the first 6 weeks. I had to have surgery which had 54 staples to close, currently in physo therapy, very painful and time consuming

  347. Kathy says:

    Belena, the only “exercise” my doctor had me do after a few weeks was a sort of “pendulum” swing. (See “Pendulum in Standing Position” at And yes, I was often frightened that I would re-injure my shoulder. Maybe that was a good thing, as it made me very careful with it. I did shower and bathe, as well as sponge bathe, but with someone standing by to help me. I could not sleep in a bed, but slept in a recliner in whatever position was the least painful.

    Gayle, I didn’t have an outward scar, but I did do massage of the area to keep skin adhesions from forming under the skin. I had massage therapy done, and I also tried to massage it myself as far as I could reach.

  348. Gayle says:

    Kathy – I’ve been reading about massage therapy for scar tissue to improve mobility. My doctor said to massage my scar but not why – I just read on the internet that it does improve mobility. Did you do massage therapy for your scar? If so, did you massage it yourself or have it done professionally? I’m starting PT next week and want to make the most of it so if massage therapy helps I want to take advantage of it.
    Thanks for any info you can offer.

  349. Anonymous says:


    I am really happy that i have found this website, it has been a big help. I fell on November 25th went to the ER and found out that i broke my left shoulder. They put a slink and after one week i saw an orthepedic sergion. I am going back in 5 weeks. I am 64 years old. I was not advised on basic things like bathing, dressing, sleeping…ect. I am afraid that i will further injure my arm by not doing things properly. I went to work three days after my injury and i am working a cuple of hours every day since then obviously only using my right arm. Can this daily comute make my injury worse? I am also removing the slink while taking my daily shower, only supporting my arm with my other arm. I see that most people are only taking a sponge bath would this be better? I have not had a lot of sleep since i got hurt because i do not know what position is better for my arm. Is it better to sleep on my back or on my good side? The doctor told me to start exercising my wrist and arm after 3 weeks… During the past couple of day i feel like my injury has gotten worse bcause i am moving the wrong way and my husband has hurt it trying to help me.I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me further advise.

    Thank you,


  350. BJ kilburn says:

    Glad to find this website. Fell running 4weeks ago. Broke upper humerus,surgically repaired, and hairline fracture of knee, both on left side. Knee in a brace from thigh to ankle, arm now able to do pt, and keep out of sling some. Your stories have inspired me to “suck it up”. Dr. Told me four more weeks in slings and brace, but expect long rehab. I am 67 and used to running 25-30 miles per week, so this is trying, but this site has really helped. Good luck to all of you. I can relate to several of your experiences of pain, helplessness,etc.

  351. Kathy says:

    Shouldering so much pain makes it hard to keep a positive attitude, but knowing that so many have recovered and are cheering for you makes it easier. Physical therapy was often uncomfortable for me, but it brought the freedom of movement that I hoped for, and I pray it will be the same for you. You have great courage! Every day your body is working at healing itself. If you need comfort and support along the way, feel free to write. Know that I am praying for you, too. God bless you!

  352. Gayle says:

    I fell a month at age 61 dislocating and fracturing my left shoulder in 3 places along with a chipped bone. Had surgery 2 days after the fall to put it all back together again (somedays feel like Humpty Dumpty).

    Starting therapy in 2 weeks and have mixed emotions about it. Some days are worse than others emotionally – not a good day yesterday – so trying to keep a positive attitude. I guess it’s the unknown of the possibility of a shoulder replacement i cannot seem to get past – scares me to death.

    Glad I found this site – I think it may give me the attitude adjustment I’ve been needing.

    Looking forward to finding comfort and the support I will need in the coming months.

  353. Kathy says:

    Hugs to you, too, Elizabeth! You are pretty amazing to be back at work already. You’re going to make it! I will keep you in prayer for a complete recovery, as I do for all our OsteoDiet readers. God bless you!

  354. elizabeth says:


    I fell on November 4th while out for a morning run. I broke my humerous in 4 places. I had surgery on November 8th. I’m doing okay – I sleep in bed until about 3 or 4 am most nights and then I get up and sleep on the couch.

    I’m back at work but can’t drive which is frustrating. Worried about gaining weight over the holidays since I can’t run!

    I have my second surgery followup on December 2nd. I’m so glad I can still type! looking forward to being out of the sling and shoulder brace. Physical therapy should start soon.

    Dr. said there’s a chance the surgery would not work and I’d need a shoulder replacement but he seemed fairly optimistic after the first appointment, but initially said they wouldn’t know for months if the surgery was completely successful.

    ugh and hugs to everyone who’s dealing with this! I’m 48 years old, btw.

  355. Jeff says:

    Having fractured my proximal humerous nine weeks ago I have found this site a fantastic help ,the only thing I can add is it’s a long road but if you just have patience you,l recover, It will take time but hopefully we,ll all have a good outcome, just be patient

  356. Kacey says:

    I am so thankful to have found this site and others in the same situation. It has been feeling like I am all alone and now i know I am not. I had surgery, post break, 8 weeks ago today. Broken in three places after a fall. I’m 40 years old and was told I could go without the sling two weeks ago. However, it still hurts so badly when I dont wear it and feels like my arm is just hanging there. I’ve been in PT for two weeks now and have been advised to just wean myself slowly. Can’t wait to be able to do my own hair, etc. Such simple things that i have taken for granted in the past.
    To everyone still in the early stages of this God bless you and it gets better, slowly. Thank you Kathy for starting this site!

  357. courti says:

    2 months ago I tripped over an extension cord and fell into a door. The next morning went to the ER and it was ONLY a chip fracture. My Dr. this week said it is healed 100% but sure hurts as bad as day one and I can’t get any sleep because I can’t get comfy.

    20 years ago after an assult I had an impacted humerus and after several tries ended up in an Airplane Split.(Oh , it looked so pretty. but some how the pain doesn’t seem as bad. I’m sick of ibuprofin and sure it’s not doing my stomach a whole lot of good.
    Got any ideas of how to sleep and relieve most of the pain.
    Thanks, and good for you that have healed

  358. Jodi says:

    I rolled an ATV a week ago today. I am in constant excruciating pain. I was prescribed lorcet 10-675 for pain, but stopped taking them after 4 days d/t constipation. Didn’t need another pain! I am completely unable to do personal care for myself and it is humiliating as I am only 27. I haven’t found a comfortable way to sleep and I am depressed. After er visit revealed a left proximal humerous fracture, I was sent to a orthopedic surgeon who walked in said it was fractured, keep sling on, don’t work, heres pain meds, and see you in two weeks. What should I do? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  359. Sarah says:


    Thank you so much for starting this site. Such an inspiration! I fractured my left humerus head in 2 places after slipping on some wet tile. This happened on labor day (9/4) I’m 36 years old and also found out on x-ray that I have osteoporosis. I also am progesterone depleted which set me up for the osteoporosis. I’m very fortunate to have a very supportive husband, but those first 6 days were ROUGH. My husband works from home, but we also have a 16 month old son. That has been the worst of all of this. Do you have any idea when I will be able to pick him up again? I can’t even change his diaper! I have been able to take my arm out of the sling. I have started to hang it already. Do you think this is too soon? Could I possibly do more damage if I start exercising it already? I have very good pain control, thanks to Percocet, and it feels good to hang it. I can even do VERY small circles. I have 80% movement of my wrist and hand. My elbow is very swollen and my arm doesn’t straighten completely. I’m sure that is normal only being 9 days post injury. I’m so eager to get going with this recovery because I want to hold my son!! Any advice will be great!!

    Everyone on this site is in my prayers. So happy to know I’m not alone πŸ™‚

  360. Dot says:

    Hi everyone, hang in there. The first two or three weeks are the hardest after a break like this then it does get easier. If you are low-income and need a recliner try the local thrift stores. Most of the time they are connected to a charity and are able to help people. I will also pray for you, I’m sure it is difficult if you are alone but you will get through it. I am so grateful for this blog, I read it every day after I broke my shoulder. It kept me sane to know that there are others in the same boat and we can encourage each other. Kathys tips were great, thank you Kathy for your help.
    Without a recliner you can sleep in bed or on a couch if you get propped up with lots of pillows, I did that for the first week and survived. I am 68 so no spring chicken, and still working so it was a challenge. Take care everyone.

  361. Kathy says:

    For a recliner, try looking on, or check with a local Habitat for Humanity or similar organization. They often have recliners for sale at a low price. You could even explain your situation and see if they will lower their posted price. I am more concerned about your sense of isolation. It is good to have help when recovering from surgery, especially family! The more you allow in the love and care of others–both family and new people–the more whole and calm you will feel. We are not meant to live our lives in isolation. It is a blessings to others for you to accept help from them! Medicare generally pays for some home health care after hospitalization with a doctor’s recommendation.

    I will keep you in prayer.

    God bless you,

  362. Anonymous says:

    I was glad when I found this site. I am worried to death about my upcoming rotator cuff surgery. One of the major kind. I am 65. Always been active and love to run. I live alone with a 60lb dog which is not friendly with strangers and requires 2 long and 1 short walk daily. Am I going to be able to come home and do all I need without help? I have to wear the major kind of brace for 6 weeks. One that is solid and does not come off. I was told I have to sleep in a recliner for the 6 week duration and not to attempt laying flat. I am on a very limited income. However medicare said they would pay for a home health aide for a short time. My daughter is a state licensed care giver for the Dept social Health Services. We have tried and tried to find out if she can be my caregiver (if I need one) and get paid by medicare. I do not want a stranger in my home as my dog is old and a trained service animal. Trained to protect me. She does not let strangers approach me let alone put hands on me. I am so upset. This is not good for me. I suffer anxiety and panic attack disorder plus depression. The exercise and running with my dog really helped me with this. Now I have to stop all that. Oh another thing is I do not have a recliner! What is a poor person to do? No one seems to be able to answer these questions. I just get passed from one person to the next. thank you for listening to me. I have no one to talk to. Except a whole lot of prayer. I recently lost 40lbs. and was well on my way to the last 40lb. Now this. I am so depressed. Pray someone has some ideas. D.S.H.S. was no help at all. Medicare and my Dr. are doing all they can. Especially paying for the care. It just has to be my daughter and since this is her job she has to be paid. Do you think I can possibly do this without any help?? Thank you again, Bonnie

  363. Deborah says:

    To all of those on here that are in despair ….

    I KNOW how you feel. I broke my right greater tuberosity in April and had to be surgically fixed. Four months on and I am driving and living normally, apart from the odd twinge of pain and stiffness. I have to have the metal removed in a few months’ time. It is very very frustrating and an extremely painful injury – I have certainly never experienced pain like it. I was irritable with my family and couldn’t wait just to go to bed to be out of the pain for a few hours. I felt very low and could see no end to it.

    I now have virtually all movement back … well all movement really. It does get better. I felt so alone with my injury and I have a constant reminder in the form of a scar on my shoulder now. I felt so much stronger when I could drive again and move around without agony – I felt so useless, especially trying to look after my family and having to rely upon others. I realised what wonderful friends I have and I am forever grateful to them all. A week is nothing – I hadn’t even had surgery then – and I have been told a year for full recovery. Things will improve …. but it will take time.

  364. Patsy says:

    I am so jealous of those of you who are getting such good care…I broke my arm (between shoulder and elbow) and have been in a sling for a week. Going back to ortho doctor on Monday to see if I will need surgery. My husband tells everyone he is my nurse, but since I fell last week he has gone golfing, does yardwork, started out helping me get into the shower (but “forgot” and left the towel out on the bed while he played solitare on the computer. Thi morning he made me pancakes for breakfast, ate without me (I was in the bathroom struggling with that “constipation” issue) so I heated up my hardened pancakes and ate alone while he played solitare. He then left to go shopping without asking me if I wanted to take a bath (the highlight of my day) so I managed to do evertthing on my own. Luckily my neighbor came tp visit and helped me get my sling back on…I did the laundry and folded the towels from an earler load. He brought me flowers but was angry that I didn’t thank him…UGH! Everyone thinks I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband but I really feel like I am an annoyance right now and he can’t stand to even be in the same room with me. He and I had a screaming match before he stormed out of the house for work…MY ARM HURTS… And, to top it off my friend was going to take me for a mani/pedi today and she never even called me… Thanks everyone for listening…I guess I am just feeling sorry for myself today…

  365. Laurel Hayden-Downie says:

    I fractured my left humerus and there are concerns regarding the healing of the greater tuberosity(sp.?). I am completing my second week of being “immobile” with my arm in a sling and will have other x-rays again Friday. I also have, over the past three years, indications of decreasing bone density but not osteoporosis yet. I am a Sp.Ed. Teacher of special needs, three to five year olds and also have a 10 month old beautiful grandson and want to be able to run after them, carry them,etc. NOW!!!!!!!! I can at least sleep (in a recliner)for three and four hour stretches and have been able to cut down pain medication and nausea medication.Also my fracture is on my left side and I am right handed. Is lifting, carrying, driving something I can remotely expect in nine weeks? This Site is HUMBLING! I need to be less crabby and more patient.Thank you for all this information. Laurel

  366. Jane says:

    Hello All. I fell in the driveway July 2, rammed my elbow in the concrete and broke my shoulder. I am 63 years old, divorced and thank God everyday for my 86 year old mother. It took an ambulance to get me up and to the ER. The bones were set using an arm sling and the weight of the arm to reset the bones. The sling has been off one week. My first PT session is tomorrow. Allow me to make a few suggestions. Ladies have your hair cut in a style that can be handled one-handed. Take your pain meds, do not suffer needlessly. Invest in a detachable shower head with a flexible tube and a shower stool. Forgive me but, if you are modest, as I am, cleaning one’s self after bodily functions can be accomplished using the shower. Drying off will require help and the process will be easier if you spread a hand or bath towel on toilet seat and sit down. This will help dry you most intimate parts. For clothes invest in Moo-moos. They are roomy and easy to get on and off. Buy your underwear a size or 2 largwer for comfort and ease of access. Now if I could just make a fist. Thank you all for your very informative and helpful post.

  367. Mary says:

    Hi, I am 68 years old and fell April 25, 2011 breaking my left shoulder with the top of the humerus in 5 places.

    When I was 24 I had experimental surgery at Mayo. They took half of my biceps and rebuildt my rotator cuff. They did a key-hole incision in the humerous. One of the pieces of bone held this attachment.

    With almost everything in place I was placed in an immobilizer for 3.5 weeks while I spent 4 weeks in a nursing home because I could not care for myself. By the way, I am left handed.

    I am now in physical therapy and trying to get off the meds. The fentinal patch went away 2 days ago. I still need to occasionally take pain meds. I continue to be nausiated. The oxies are taken one or two times a day. If I could just get better and faster. I am just getting so impatient with this healing process. I am sure my age is a major factor. I have been taking d-3 & K-2 daily. I try to eat right and take enough liquids, but the pains have been horrid.

    Three weeks ago tendonitis occured in my rotator cuff and it took three weeks for that to let up so I could advance in PT.

    After I fell I was black and blue over the entire left half of my trunk. Breathing is still difficult and I have been trying to keep myself supported by my muscles, but there are times I have to get into that darn recliner for support. I really suspect that I injured much more than my shoulder, but the shoulder is the major and the rest are forgotten.

    Is there any idea as to what is happening?

    We have a family restaurant and I am a primary there, but can not work well at this time. I am at about 90 degrees at this time.

  368. gill says:


  369. Paula Renouf says:

    Dear Kathy,

    Can you please help? I am 52 and sustained committed fracture of greater tuberosity of humerous on 24th September 2010 to my left shoulder. I was in a lot of pain and thought with physio I was getting better. A month ago I started to get pain in my right shoulder, neck and right ear. I went to the doctor to rule out an ear infection. The pain has not lessened and yesteday I went to hospital and had another xray on my left shoulder and was told very alarmingly that part of my shoulder bone had been absorbed, gone away. I tried to ask the doctors to explain but they couldn’t really help until I have another MRI scan. Have you any pointers please what could be causing this. My Physiotherapist told me to exercise as much as possible I do do this but wonder if this is making the shoulder erode away faster. I had a bone density test and was told I was okay on this level. Just wonder if you have any advice please? Kindest regards

    Paula Renouf

  370. Rachel Goldie says:

    Hi – i am 8 weeks following a left fractured shoulder. Amazed about how much my ROM has improved with physio but since starting it, i have developed almost constant aching in whole of left arm. Am assuming it is just cause I am using it more but am unsure whether to slow down with exercises or to continue despite pain?
    Thanks Rachel

  371. Jane Bradley says:

    Hi Kathy. I broke my right shoulder a week ago when my dog pulled me over and i fell off the kirb edge. Trip to A&E and the othopeadic clinic, I have to see a shoulder specialist on tuesday as there is talk of having an operation.. hope not however the pain is excruciating.

    Its amazing what you take for granted, like washing, dressing makng a cup of tea.
    Sneezing is awful

    Thank you for sharing your exp[erience it really helps as it is a frightening experience.

    I am typing with my left hand so please forgive the punctuation etc


  372. Venna says:

    Hi Kathy.
    Thanks for creating this nice website, your story really inspired me, and helped me throught this ordeal , its almost 8 weeks since my shoulder fracture, i have regained 90% of my movement.The last movment is achive is side elevation which iam just over 90 degrees.
    My doctor believes , i will have full uncomplicated recovery in next 4 weeks time.

    At present going through PT,and my PT said ,that i should spend 90% of my time stretching, and this really works.I am determined to get my full range of movement.
    Iam back to riding my bike again, feel so good.

    Advice to everyone, we should have faith and determination,things get better with time and as Kathy has mentioned we should keep stretching and follow the advice of the PT , doc.

    Once again thanks kathy, God Bless You.

    Wishing Everyone full Recovery.

  373. Tj says:

    Hiya every one I’m so pleased to see that I’m not alone I fell about six weeks ago I was on a tread mill I join the gym to try and feel good about myself I was due to move home the week I fractured my shoulder. Well I’m glad to have found this site as at the min feeling rather low in mood possibly no sleep and as I live alone as some of you you can understand the frustration I still have little movement in my right arm and my hand and forearm is still very swollen and the top part of my arm is in terrible pain un like some I’m lucky enough not to have had surgery and my heart gose out to you all bless you x I’m still off work and feeling rather isolated I do go out for Walks and execise my arm 3 times a day but it’s very frustrating when you can see jobs that need doing so I do try and get on with it I’ve changed the bed and the curtains and hooverd and even took the car out today but it dose give me a little bit of pain but we can’t let this injury beat us guys and girls so keep your chin up and keep smiling and if and when u achieve a new task think well done me it might take a long time to recover but we will feel better knowing we aren’t alone good luck to you all xxx

  374. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the support! I broke my shoulder in two places, and decided to add six broken ribs to the equation. Your post is giving me hope that I will get to sleep in a bed agai, and that I will heal. While I have been a bit down, you have brought me back up. God bless.

  375. Dot says:

    Thank you all for sharing. I broke my shoulder 10 days ago, slipped on a wet floor in a bathroom after my Tai Chi class. I am 68 and so far they think I will escape surgery. I am in a sling and lots of pain. I am allergic to many painkillers and have been told not to use ibuprophen. Have had no luck with tylenol. Anyway, it is great to hear from everyone and makes me feel not so alone. My husband is an angel but he has never had this experience, thankfully, so doesn’t really understand the pain and frustration.

  376. Deborah says:

    Thinking of you after your surgery, Jim. I know you’ll be uncomfortable for a while but things will get better and the sling will be off in no time.

    I am now nearly 3 months post surgery for a fracture of the greater tuberosity which had been pulled out of position and doing regular, painful exercises. My movement is increasing on an almost daily basis but still can’t put my arm out to the side beyond about 90 degrees and still have a lot of pain, particularly when I get rather enthusiastic and “overdo” some of the exercises in my bid to get back to normal. The exercises become less painful when your range of motion increases but there are still a lot of things I can’t do, such as brush my hair or reach behind my back as well as out to the side.

    Seeing the PT this week, but I haven’t had many appointments – just being given exercises to do at home.

    Wishing everyone complete recovery.

  377. Jim says:

    My CT scan was not as positive as I had hoped. It was described to me as a ball of ice cream being pressed into a cone. The result was a 4-part fracture plus the break to the humerus itself. I am now 3 days post surgery. The surgeon said he was able to suture the bone fragments together without the use of wires or a plate. This is the sling I am in It has a block pillow between my chest and forearm. Trying to stay positive and looking forward to the first day of PT.

  378. Rita says:

    One word of advice concerning the recliner. It is important that the lever returning the recliner to the upright position is on the side of the good arm. Otherwise,once reclined it is hard to get it upright and get out. At least it was for me,I needed help, I was unable to move.

  379. Kathy says:

    Kathryn, you are so right! It makes such a difference when we’re in so much pain and misery to know that others have suffered through the same injury and have recovered.

    Venna, I broke my right arm–my writing arm–at the age of 42 while finishing my last semester of graduate school. As I could not write, my 7th grade daughter attended my college classes with me in the evening and learned to take notes from a lecture. At one point, she raised her hand to answer the professor’s question to the class. I whispered, “Mary, what are you doing?” She whispered back, “I have an opinion about his question!” The professor called on her, and she answered intelligently. I was amazed! You never know what kinds of growth and development can occur because of what appears to be a setback. πŸ™‚

    Deborah, having to rely on others is such a humbling experience! It has given me more patience with my elderly parents who need help, but are so reluctant to give up their self-reliance. Once you get to the more aggressive PT, you will see more progress with range of movement, but it still took me about a year of continued stretching to regain full range of movement.

    Jim, I think yours is the most unusual story I’ve heard about how a shoulder break happened. I cannot imagine how painful your drive home was! I’m glad you’re home safe and sound, and I will keep you in my prayers for a complete recovery.

    God bless you all,

  380. Jim says:

    Like everyone else here, I have a shoulder injury. Mine is only 3 days old. I tripped over a gas pump hose, fell into the driver’s side door, caught my arm on the door rest. My body continued to fall while my arm was caught on the rest. The result was a proximal humerus fracture. The x-ray was not clear enough to tell if there is further damage. I have CT-scan scheduled for tomorrow and then another consult with the orthopedic surgeon 3 days later.
    I don’t think I am in as much pain as some others have described. The hardest thing is asking my wife for help with the personal care. But as you say, don’t be too proud to ask for help.
    The worst part of all this was the injury occurred 966 miles from home when we were on a trip to MN. The ride home was excruciating. I find now that I am home, I am a bit more comfortable. Thank you for all the tips in dealing with this type of injury. I am optimistic about a successful recovery.

  381. Deborah says:

    Well I’m now 11 weeks post injury and 9 weeks from the surgery to repair the proximal humerus with wires and pins. I can’t yet raise my arm away from my body above my waist unaided but have to lie down and pull it up with the other arm. The pain isn’t too bad, the lack of mobility is awful. Have tried massage, which helped ease the muscles, as PT has to be gentle right now because of the delicate fracture and repair and hasn’t touched me – I just get series of exercises to perform. The massage was the first time that anyone had touched my shoulders or back since the accident and it really helped ease up the stiffened muscles. I get upset when I see people dancing, waving, playing sport, etc, because I think that will never be me. I still can’t use my right arm to do most things and can’t reach my hair to wash it with my right hand yet. I can at least put earrings in and have started to use two hands at dinner and do some light tasks such as small amounts of cooking, wipe surfaces, etc. Suffered stiffness in my hand and wrist through lack of use so am working on that. Not sure when I’ll be able to drive and the lack of independence and total reliance on my family is hard.

    I just want to be back to normal ….. Please!!

  382. VENNA says:

    Iam recovering well,two more days my sling will come off, cant wait to go back to will be 4 weeks on 20th this month,my pain has gone away and lost most of my shoulder muscle.within 2 weeks of my injury i started extending and flexing my elbow slowly, smoothly, just keep my biceps active.
    its almost 4 weeks since my fracture,i cant lift my arm, but have all my movement from elbow.

    initally i was very depressed, iam left handed and fractured my left shoulder, things were difficult, but i still try to see good thing out of every difficult situation.
    i have to sit for an academic exam next week 23rd, to prepare for this since iam left handed, i trained my right hand. now i can write with both hands. at least something good came out of all this, being able to write with both hands.
    Whatever happens , there is good reason for that, initially we might feel unhappy, depressed, but later we realise there was something good in it .


  383. Kathryn says:

    Hi Kathy. I fractured my Proximal Humerus 5/29/11. It’s been almost 3 weeks now and my x-ray showed the bone was lining up nicely – no surgery needed. I stayed home from work for 2 weeks. This has been my first full work week and it has been tough! I am a runner and I am worried about when I can resume. I tried walking two mornings this week – 1 mile Wednesday and 1.5 miles Thursday – I suffered terribly yesterday and last night I was in tremendous pain. I didn’t wear a swathe, just my sling. I noticed you started walking after 1 week and started running after 6 weeks. Could you tell me how you eased into it? What distance and how often? I’m trying to remain positive, but every few days I just can’t keep from crying. I think the pain, discomfort and lack of sleep is just wearing me down.

    Thanks for tending this site all these years. It has been so helpful to read that others are going through the same things like the scary bruising and swelling. I found your flossing tool! That was one of my first concerns.

    Best regards,

  384. Kathy says:

    Hi, Lisa. I used ice a long time–anytime that I thought I might make the swelling go down and the pain lessen. I probably could have driven before six weeks, but I didn’t want to take a chance of re-injuring myself, especially since the doctor had said no driving. Were you able to find a recliner?

    God bless you,

  385. Lisa says:

    Hello –

    I was so happy to find this site today! I fell one week ago inline skating and have two breaks in my Proximal Humerus. I have never been this uncomfortable in my life. I will see the ortho in a few days to hopefully rule out surgery. Your sleeping-in-a-recliner recommendation is great. My husband is seriously considering finding one for me.

    I’m wondering if you were able to drive at all before 6 weeks. Also, how long did you use ice?

    Thanks so much!

  386. Kathy says:

    Hi, Venna. I’m so sorry about your fall. You sound miserable, and I remember feeling exactly the same way. I will pray for you that your appointment will go well on Monday, that you will soon experience relief from the pain, and recovery fully. Time and love are great healers!

    God bless you,

  387. VENNA says:

    hi to all
    I fractured my proximal left humerus 5 days ago falling off my bike, this is my second accident just within a month.i was not yet fully recovered from my previous injuries.
    couldnt sleep for 3 nights , severe pain from shoulder, and all the bruises.arm is in sling.
    to make it worse iam left handed, cant even brush my teeth, eat with right hand.
    i was/ am so depressed, cried, cant do things which i love doing.iam 38.
    going to see ortho on mon 30th.

    Thank everyone for your postings – it’s comforting to know that others have recovered well.
    i hope to get full ROM.

  388. Alesha says:

    Had no physical therapy. Dr. gave me 1 exercise. To walk my hand up a wall. I am at the point now, where I will try anything!

  389. Kathy says:

    Alesha, did you have physical therapy sessions yet to build strength in your muscles and extend your range of motion? If so, have you continued to stretch your shoulder? If not, do you think stretching and weight training for your shoulder might bring relief?

    God bless you,

  390. Rita says:

    Excuse typos………… typing too fast……….not back to normal yet, ha ha…..

  391. Rita says:

    Hi Jinx.
    I think that you have done fantasic,given the length of time you have done it in,especially your ROM. I was a couple of years younger the first time around, 180 ROM back. Now, with no operation and ten years old, not so good ROM 150-160. This I can live with, as long as the pain goes away,which it has mostly, little sore, still papmer my -arm-right one.

    No one can say what the outcome will be, as far as ROM, so do not listen, it’s a day by day thing. Once you start your PT stay on track,it is slow going in the beginning,and then seems to get easier as you go along. I think that one’s mental state improves also. I was real depressed in the beginning this time, would get teary at the slightest provacation,very low boiling point. Now I am back to 95 of my old self,as far as washing dressing etc.etc. still have a hard time reaching objects on high shelves,use my left more than I ever did.

    Hang in There…………….have a good weekend.Rita

  392. Alesha says:

    I broke my left shoulder in 1988. I fell 16 feet from the roof of a house. This led to surgery and over 8 weeks of recovery. Lately, my shoulder hurts constantly. I can’t lift or turn the shoulder without a lot of pain. I was wondering if you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help.

  393. Deborah says:

    I haven’t got a plate in, just wires and pin, but I’ve been told they are to be removed. A friend’s daughter had a plate put in and she couldn’t stand it as it hurt to touch her arm. She had the plate out again and is fine, but she was very young and her bones not fully grown at the time. It may be more comfortable for you to have the plate removed; I guess you have to go by what your surgeon suggests and how you feel about it. I have tenderness too but not sure if that’s the metal or just the healing muscles after surgery. So encouraging to hear of your range of motion. I’m looking forward to starting PT in the next few weeks. May your progress continue and hope you get some answers to your question.

  394. Jinx says:

    rita and deborah and others, we have such similar stories. january 12, I fell on black ice, the ER surgeon told me my bones were like ‘swiss cheese’ and couldn’t be operated on. . . I thought I was supposed to mend naturally with no surgery. A second opinion had me in the hospital on january 25 for surgery. I had 4 fractures in the humerus and a ‘torqued’ shoulder so that the doctor had to put in a stainless steel plate. I am up to 160 degrees range of motion, going 3 times a week since March and have 6 more weeks. I cannot believe that MEDICARE is paying for this! My question to others is that the embedded plate has made my upper arm tender and bruised feeling. My surgeon says he may pull it out in September if I ‘can’t get used to it.’ The PT folks think I’ve hit a wall because of the plate and that I most likely can’t make any more progress with it in. I am 67 and very active and am feeling lucky and gratified that I’ve made such good progress after such a dreary january-february. Has anyone else had a plate put in (because of swiss cheese bones?). Will the soreness subside?

  395. Rita says:

    Hi all you fellow broken humerus clan. I am directing this to you who are a lot younger than I. The first time I went thru this,same arm same place ten years ago in my sixties I got full ROM 180 degrees in around 6 months. Took lots of time and effort, tears running down the face pain walking the wall, your age will work for you and u should heal faster,so as depressing as it gets some days,really hang in.I made a chart in my closet marking off my arm extensions every so often with dates etc. It really does give you a lift when you see the inches creep up.Also,bought a spare sling to shower in. Wore large shirts with buttons and things that I could pull up over the hips and not over the head. One becomes very inventive.
    Thank God for small mercies……..Cheers Rita

  396. Deborah says:

    Hello Kathy

    Well I’m two and a half weeks post surgery and typing this with two hands for the first time! Shoulder aching like mad but can at least use the hand whilst it’s in the sling. I’m just doing pendular movements and circles out of the sling several times a day and start proper PT at the beginning of next month, when I also see the surgeon and have a check X-ray. Taking fewer pain killers but movement still very restricted and robotic. I urge myself to do rotation after rotation and little by little the movement gets easier and it starts to feel more “free” but I guess it’s early days yet. Still very emotional and tearful at the slightest thing and worry about getting full motion back, stretching up, gardening, etc. I’m walking such a lot now the weather is warmer and it’s good to exercise and takes my mind off the shoulder pain, I will have the sling on for another few weeks yet and am still sleeping in it. The wound is healing nicely – not such a huge scar. I have wires and a pin which will be removed later, hopefully.

    I too am taking homeopathic remedies such as arnica and calcium phosphate; also have taken calendula and hypericum. I get very despondent sometimes that I am destined for a life ahead of restricted mobility and pain, but those are in my darker moments. Some people have suggested I will never be the same again and I know that may be the case. I do pray and I have wonderful friends who are positive.

    Wishing everyone here a successful recovery … I guess we all have to be patient

  397. Kathy says:

    Cherlyn, how are you doing now? Have you started any physical therapy yet? And yes, it is good to eat foods high in calcium when healing a bone fracture. I also took calcium supplements, as listed above. I will continue to pray for you for healing and to be able to forgive the lady who fell on you and caused you this injury. Who knows? Perhaps you will discover a blessing hidden in this situation that you did not expect to find!

    Wishing you joy and peace,

  398. Kathy says:

    Deborah, how are you doing after your surgery? Have you started any physical therapy yet?


  399. Kathy says:

    Hi, Sheryl, Chris, and Rita. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. As Rita said, hang in there. Better days are ahead! I will you all of you in my prayers for a complete recovery.

    God bless you,

  400. Rita says:

    Well it has been 7 long months since I took a “Flyer”, Humpty Dumpty is for the most part back together again, a little crooked…..ROM I think has gone as far as it will, around 150 or so. That’s a long way from not being able to lift the arm away from my side. Sleeping better,always being aware of and paranoid about protecting my right arm
    in bed,still better than the 7 weeks I sat up on the sofa and the 3am cups of tea. In stores cannot relax with people around and behind me,and walk on egg shells……. still having PT once a week, lift dumb bells at homes along with the other exercises. Muscles real hard to build up,and arm lifts front and especially sideways hurt big time.
    for the past few days managed to do the lifts without much pain. It is a time consuming and slow healing effort. Hang in,better days are ahead……………….

  401. chris says:

    hi to all
    one month now into having a left arm multiple fractured humerus, and can identify with all I’m reading. The intense swelling, the bruising, the limp arm clung to your side. the no sleep regardless of painkillers. My, how I took things for granted before!. Have my second PT appt Thursday, and worry about ROM. Love to garden,cook,sew, work partime also,and enjoy life to the full. reading this web site last night, makes me realise i’m not on my own. sorry for those that have had operations, thankfully my ct scan showed no splinters of bone around, so it’s conservative healing, and thankfully no op.

    wish you all well. sleep will hopefully become easier for us all, as time permits.

  402. Sheryl says:

    Hi Kathy, This has been informative and encouraging to read of others suffering with their injuries. I fell with a pile of sheets in my arms, blocking my view of the doggie gate, tripping over the 3 inch barrier at the base of it. Knew it was bad..laid there and cried as I couldn’t get the phone and no one home. Couldn’t get up as I landed on my knees on the tile with one arm out above my head..crawled on my bum to the bathroom and upright via the toilet! It was a month before I saw the surgeon..shoulder fx, torn rotator cuff, flipped torn meniscus. I fell March 5,2011, and was told April 20 to wear a sling. I wonder what has gone on in there since my injury! Dr. wants to wait 3 weeks and do the knee surgery while the shoulder fracture heals. May not do surgery to the rotator cuff. Thanks for all the ideas..anxious to sleep in a recliner tomorrow night!! Everyone.. take care and be careful! sacral fx at 30 when I was roller skating was worse than this at 57! Sheryl

  403. Deborah says:

    i am now 3 days post surgery to put back displaced bone along with the attached tendon. It’s over 2 weeks since i fell off the back of an exercise treadmill, walking not running, after going to the gym for the first time to spend some time with my daughter!

    I worry about healing and hope that I’ll regain allmy movement – I’m so active normally

  404. Deborah says:

    i was the “anonymous” poster as I’m finding it hard to use a computer. Have now seen another surgeon who says i need surgery because of my age and the position of displacement of my shoulder fracture. In so much pain and it will be two weeks after my accident when I have surgery. Very worried and hope it will increase my motion. He says because of my age I need surgery to give me maximum motion. I am fit and active and love to garden, sew, cook and decorate as well as working part time and I am feeling very debilitated by the pain and can’t believe I will ever do these things again pain free.

    Thank you for your prayers, Kathy. I just hope to feel better soon.

  405. Kathy says:

    Yes, God willing, you can do it! Keep praying and don’t give up! I will pray for you, too.

    God bless you,

  406. Anonymous says:

    I fractured my right proximal humerus 6 days ago. Intense pain and in a sling. Orthopaedic surgeon says I may not be able to reach my arm up above my head or extend it to the side again. This is a miserable prospect as I’m only 46 but I hope I will prove him wrong. Start physio later in the month. Pain awful. Determined to regain full range of movement again.

    Thank you for your postings – it’s comforting to come across others who have fractured their shoulders and to learn that they have recovered well.

  407. cherlyn says:

    hi, thanks for sharing your story, someone fell on me while dancing at a club, I broke her fall and my fall on arm and I have a fracture on my shoulder, she was like a dead weight and I broke the fall (idiot), I am so mad at myself and the lady who fell on me, thankfully I don’t need surgery but I have to wear a sling for 6 weeks, i will try sleeping in my reclyner, did you do simple housework such a making beds or light dusting also Iam a secretary and am hoping to go back to work soon, any suggestions for me, I am 32 years old should I take extra cslcium etc…pray for my speedy recovery and my hard feelings. thanks again.

  408. Kathy says:

    What has been done for your wife thus far? How did she break her shoulder? I will begin praying for you and your wife.
    Blessings to you,

  409. Anonymous says:

    Help my wife broke her shoulder in december the doctor is useless no help that has done anything to release from the pain ,is it nhs policy to let people suffer

  410. Rita says:

    Well,today I drove for the first time in 5 months, The weather was too snowy and roads too slick to chance a fender bender. Still going for PT, getting a little less pain these days. I can function with a loss of ROM, just let the pain go.
    My Dr.said 5 months is “nothing” can take best part of a year,because age and bone conditions play a huge part. Here’s hoping. Hang in everyone…………….Rita

  411. Kathy says:

    Hello, Vera. Will you be starting physical therapy soon?
    I’ll be praying for you,

  412. vera says:

    6 weeks since my break – pain is so bad I can not believe it , can only take paracetamol
    bad side effects with other pain killers , Any glad to read that this is normal ,I was starting to worry , thanks for the info .

  413. Rita says:

    I feel the same way u do, one step forward and three back. The rotation behind the back is very difficult to do…………
    painful. This being the second fractured humerus for me… really is hard to deal with……..and really get feeling down at times, the first time I was more motified and had more energy to cope, or so it seems……….
    I should have gone for a 2nd opinion way back, weather was bad, my husband came with the flue, took weeks to recover, everything at once.
    Oh well, have to pull up my socks and try a different approach.

  414. Rita says:

    Hi Kathy
    No nice of u to reply. Well here in the big A the snow is trying to go, first week without snow…..all I hear, are people, especially females breaking shoulders…………must be the fashion. Unfortunately, at this stage of the game my age….and not having the genes for strong bones, does’nt help either.
    Your site is a morale lifter, and the comp.a life saver, it’s slow going but I can type with my left hand……I’m right handed.
    Thanks again for your support, God Bless us all, hope for better days.

  415. Kathy says:

    Rita, my heart goes out to you! How long until the snow is gone, so that you can see the shoulder specialist? I also saw a specialist when I broke my shoulder, and I credit his expertise and lots of prayer with my complete recovery. I will keep you in prayer that your shoulder will mend the way it is supposed to.

    God bless you,

  416. Rita says:

    Hi everyone. Misery loves company, and I do. Reading all e-mails very comforting having others who are and have been in the same boat. i am early seventies, fractured upper humerus for the second time—first was 10 years ago, major pain, healed naturally and got all range of motion back. This time different, break in two places, opt to try a non surigal approach…..bones not too good. This was on Oct.4th 2010. So it’s been 4 months awful months..It has to all purposes healed……not in line…crooked. in PT but I am not going to get full ROM, sure of that. Maybe I should have gone for surgery,hard to know what to do. I can manage pretty well, my arm will raise past my shoulder. Now I hear clicking in my shoulder which is giving me the jitters. Think I will go, when all this snow is gone…to a top notch shoulder spec. to see what he says, just incase I need help in a hurry.

  417. Kathy says:

    Michele, I definitely experienced days of discouragement, where I felt helpless and hopeless and cried tears of frustration. Usually these were the days when the lack of peaceful sleep caught up with me -or- when attempts to do what seemed a simple task ended in failure. Even so, progress and healing were taking place bit by bit, and my best days happened when I focused on the positive changes. It took a l-o-n-g time before I was able to accomplish external rotation behind my back, too, but it did come eventually. Exercise expert Margaret Richard has an exercise DVD called “Beauty to the Bone”, which was a big help to me in getting my rotator cuff to work the way it’s supposed to. You can find it for sale on-line.

    God bless you and grant you a complete recovery!

  418. Kathy says:

    Thanks for sharing your story, Erika. Yes, you seem to be making tremendous progress! Kudos to you for your positive attitude and hard work and to your husband for his loving care. Isn’t it wonderful how recovering from such an event makes us appreciate our ability to complete even the smallest tasks? I wish you every success and will keep you in my prayers for a quick, complete recovery.

    God bless you,

  419. Michele Brown says:

    I fractured my right proximal humerus on 10/11/10/. I had a non stable fx resulting in surgery with plate and pins. I have been off work since the fx. I can empathize and relate to all of you.
    A natural product that helps with the pain and has few side effects is Curamin. I have been in therapy since the day after the surgery, much more intensive for the past 3 weeks.
    Did anyone get discouraged with your progress? I feel like I take a step forward and 10 back especially after the aquatic therapy-the swelling is throughout my arm, chest wall, back to my hip. Has any one found good motivational techniques to stay positive? I am having difficulty with flexion(reaching above my shoulder) and esternatl rotation behind my back. Any suggestions.
    Wii bowling is suppose to help too.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions and for the blog.

  420. Erika says:

    Hello all,
    I have enjoyed reading all the posts. I am 31 years old and have OI (Osteogenesis Imperfecta- a rare genetic bone disease also known as “brittle bones”. I have a minor case compared to others, I have lived a normal life, grew up dancing, bike riding and so forth. However I have broken many bones in my lifetime, approximately 15, not including ribs, toes, small bones. Anyway I broke my shoulder 3 weeks ago this Friday, it’s been about 20 years since I broke a shoulder…and I must say I am extremely shocked on how quick I am recovering. My husband did everything for me for the 1st week. But day by day I have started becoming a lot more independent. Now taking showers by myself-with a shower chair), washing my hair alone, even shaving under my arms and legs too, even my legs, blow drying and straightening my hair and washing dishes yes you read right. I was definitely in excrutiatibg pain for the 1st week but am not even taking anything for pain anymore. When it first happened the doc showed me 2 exercises to do to ease the pain..move my lower arm up and down as if I was doing curls, and doing the hang your arm and do pendulum type movements and circles. Everytime I do these it gets better and better, my range of motion is unbelievable. Still can’t grip or pull or really lift but can even bend over and everything. I do the exercises at least 3x a day. I start PT.on Thursday and while I am scared I am also excited bc I feel like I am recovering extremely well compared to a lit of the stories I have read on here. I wish you all luck and feel very fortunate that I am recovering so well, it’s definitely a painful bone to break for sure and you don’t really know until you have it, the sleeping, stiffness, no driving, and the smallest tasks are taken for granted!! Good luck to everyone and hope to hear more recovery stories.


  421. Kathy says:

    Hi, Doreen. Sorry about the delay in acknowledging your post. I was out of town and have just returned to the website. I like your method of showering! Sounds like a safe, more secure way than what I managed during my recovery. I hope you found someone to help with the shopping. πŸ™‚ I will pray for a speedy recovery for you.

    Jessica, I’m so glad you found the article to be helpful. Yes, my muscles were so sore, and not just my shoulder muscles! I will pray for you, too, for a quick recovery.

    God bless you both,

  422. Jessica says:

    Hi Kathy,

    This is extremely helpful. I have a left proximal humerus fracture from an ice skating accident. It’s been 8 days since the accident and the pain seems to be getting worse, not so much my arm but my chest and neck muscles are extremely sore. Is this normal? I’m only taking Tylenol right now cause I’m not big codeine fan. Did you experience this muscle pain?

  423. Doreen says:

    I am so glad I came upon this website, because I now feel I am progressing normally. I am nearing my third week of pure misery. At this point I was ready to call the Dr. tomorrow and ask him if he was sure they did not miss another fracture other than in my shoulder, because of the pain, swelling and bruising of most all of my arm all the way to my hand. My hand was also swollen so bad I had to get a ring cut off. But now my fingers will now move freely and the swelling is 90% gone. I am 56 yrs. old and now live alone, making it very difficult to manage. I don’t know if anyone has tried this, but I have the hand held shower with the flexible hose (originally used for bathing my little dog)and a two step plastic stool that I use to sit on in the shower. This is a great set up for showering and washing my hair. I am so afraid of slipping that this gives me alot of security. Hey! was even able to shave my legs for the first time today.

    Now if I can just find someone to go buy my groceries for me, since I cannot drive and refuse to go out in public without a bra on, especially at my age. You know what I’m saying ladies.

    Have a speedy recovery everyone that is in the same boat.


  424. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Jinx, for writing. I admire your courage and determination, and I’ll keep you in prayer for a full recovery.

    God bless you,

  425. Jinx says:

    Dear Kathy and All, Your comments are so helpful. I sense that I have found a like-minded group: interested in staying healthy, eating well, being active and going for non-invasive medical procedures. I am 67 and slipped on black ice on my morning walk three days ago and broke the upper humerus in several places. ER Doc said surgery would be” like putting a screw in a cornflake”. So, I am taking half the pain meds proscribed, using arnica cream and pills, using ice packs and feeling naturally impatient. I have gotten good tips about bathing from your blog. I’m prepared for the pain in PT from contributors’ comments. My contribution to others lies in the suggestion that “mixing” 400mg of ibuprofen with five mg oxycodone-acetaminophen made me very nauseous and I had to get a perscription for phenergan to ease the nausea and have been taking that in half and quarter doses. Second tip: a friend has told me about yoga for osteoporosis. I am exploring that locally now. Thank you for this conversation.

  426. Kathy says:

    Anita, I experiences quite a bit of bruising and swelling, too, which took weeks to improve. It’s been over a month since you last wrote. How are you doing now?

    God bless you,

  427. Kathy says:

    Hello, Liz. You have the best attitude to aid recovery–knowing that even this can be a blessing and can work together for good. It’s been a month since you wrote. If you have time, please write me and let me know how you’re doing. I will keep you in my prayers.

    God bless you,

  428. Liz says:

    Kathy ~
    What a blessing your site is. I have felt so isolated and discouraged through this ordeal so your site has been very healing emotionally. I am 48 and normally very active. I fell forward off of a 6 ft. ledge, about 7 wks. ago and have multiple fractures in my rt. proximal radius. The word they used was “shattered”. No surgery suggested. After 4 weeks x-ray revealed no bone healing yet.Not sure if my rotator is torn as well as i cannot position my arm for an MRI yet. My shoulder has become 80% frozen. Without intervention, that can take up to 2+ years to heal itself with PT. My ortho says I will need arthroscopic surgery to remove the adhessions to regain mobility. The normal course of treatment, as I understand it, is do do a rotation under anesthesia, however, not an option due to repeat fracture. I still have significant pain and do take one percocet in the morning as trying to sleep is so painful and mornings are the worst, Tylenol during the day. Physical Therapy begins in a few days and I am very hopeful that, while it will be painful, it will be very helpful. I think the best any of us can do is to trust our bodies, be kind and patient with ourselves and the process and celebrate the baby steps toward recovery πŸ™‚ All things work together for our good… even this.. Bless each one of you in your journey to recovery and thank you again! Any advise is welcomed. Liz

  429. Anita says:

    Thank you Kathy for replying – not done chat lines before but it helps when you have similiar circumstances. Like you, we have deep snow and cannot get out – I am in pain today (doing excercises I don’t know I can do – its only my 4 week) like reaching up and extending no-one has told me how often I do this swinging etc so do it until I have had enough. – just had a good cry cos I tried to undo my bra and get it off! Couldn’t do it.
    I want to have a bath cos I hate showers, but can’t. Husband and friends cross with me today cos I walked down road (6″ snow and icy) to go to chemist and PO, so did it – I’m obstinate but I guess you got that – but here I am talking to you. Did I tell you about the bruising – Well I could post you photo’s but I guess you all had the same. All down my arm to my fingers under my armpit and all around my ribs, I was (going now) black. Then went blue and red. My husband cried when these came out – 9 days later approx. So cannot imagine what is going on inside me. Got a pain in middle of my chest, ribs sections, coould be bruising I suspect so not panicking. How did you all fair re bruising? Love to hear your thinking and other folk too. Anita x

  430. Kathy says:

    Hi, Anita. I started being able to lift my arms high enough to wash my hair somewhere around 6 or 7 weeks, but it took a while to re-build the strength in my muscles. Seems like I was driving around 2 months after the accident. It sounds to me like you are making great progress for only being 3 weeks after the break! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  431. Anita says:

    Hi everyone – just picked your site up. Fractured my shoulder 3 weeks ago. I’m 67 and slipped in the garden. I am sure you will all know the agony I have been through and sleeping is awful, so I am getting ratty with my husband! Worst bit for me is not being able to drive as I need to visit my Mum daily, who is 94 and has dementia. So her life like mine is suffering. Husband showers me daily, have just tried to wash my own hair, styling it impossible, so still weekly trips to hairdresser. Can cook and do some cleaning but I get so frustrated as what with Christmas looming up, I can’t do many things still. By the way, I had nausea for 2 weeks, gone now, is this common? Hospital yesterday for x-rays, torn the muscle badly so painful. Physio to start urgently and thereafter 18 weeks of it. Not looking forward to that judging by your comments. Doing arm swinging and trying to push my arm up with my good one as I need to style my hair!!! Anyone when can I drive my car – and wear my nice tops. Happy Christmas to you all. Anita

  432. Kathy says:

    Hello, Wirda. I feel very hopeful that your break will heal naturally, despite the pessimism of your colleagues. The body wants to heal. As long as you keep taking care of yourself and eating a healthy diet, your body will do its best to put everything to right.

    And we never really know whether an event will turn out to be a tragedy or a blessing in the end. Even though I went through some terrible suffering with my broken shoulder, the fact that it healed perfectly showed me that my bones were working just fine, despite my supposed low bone density. After that, I didn’t worry about my bones anymore, but just kept eating healthy and exercising regularly.

    Look for the blessing that may be hidden in this event. Perhaps you will meet someone that you are meant to meet, or perhaps you will change your lifestyle in some way, or perhaps you will find a new joy in movement that you never experienced before. I will pray for you that God will reveal the blessing for your soul as He brings healing to your body.

    God bless you,

  433. wirda says:

    dear kathy,

    i broke my left shoulder from an off-road biking a month ago. at first it was just a fracture, so ER just put on a cloth sling on me. but an x-ray scan a week later at another hospital showed that they bone has already broken into 2. no wonder i felt an immense pain the first night of the accident. so the orthopedic gave me 2 options, surgery or natural healing. he said said both can give back 95% of the strength. the cons of the surgery is that it’ll leave a scar on your shoulder, the painful wound, the possibility to go through another surgery to remove the plate and of course the costly surgery. while the cons of natural healing is that the bone won’t be aligned again. instead the 2 pieces will be on top of another. so i chose the latter, mainly because they pain from the broken shoulder was already unbearable let alone the pain from the wound itself. so the orthopedic put on a brace shoulder.

    the first few days after the incident was physically and mentally difficult. it felt like time was moving so slowly. physically, things as simple as sitting and breathing were really painful. even eating was such a hassle that i lost my appetite. walking is another story. my body was smelly, my hair was oily, i was a total mess! i had to rely on my mom even to get myself up when i was awake. mentally it’s worse as i’m a very active who loves to workout so being unable to do the things that i love was really demotivating. so i was stuck at my parents unable to do basically anything.

    a week after wearing the shoulder brace, i went to a very popular local chinese traditional healer specializing in broken bones. he put some herbs on my shoulder and taught me some physiotherapy movements and sleeping posture. he also advised me to drink a lot of barley water. after 3 days i could lift my left hand 90 degrees. during my fifth treatment with him (2 weeks after the first treatment) i could lift up my left 180 degrees.

    in the meantime now and then i’ve consulted several other doctors on the options. and the answers were always either surgery or natural. some were more on natural healing.

    i went for my 3rd x-ray scan (3 weeks after the second one) and saw that the bones starting to touch one top on another. at first it makes me sad to see it misaligned but as you said, i should celebrate each progress. and i have made a lot of them. they’re probably slow, but it’s better than nothing. and patience is a virtue!

    today was a tough day because it was the first time my colleagues (my first week back at work) saw my x-ray. and too bad they’re too pessimist that i’ll get back to normal. that put me really down today and that makes me googled for ‘broken shoulder recovery without surgery’ and voila! i found your success stories. now i’m smiling again.

    i dropped down some pounds since the incident. maybe because i lost some muscle mass or maybe simply because i don’t eat as much as i use to, thinking that i won’t be able to workout much to burn the calories off.

    sorry this is such a long comment. i just wanted to share my story. as u said it could be worse and some did have worse. i should be grateful that i still can do a lot of things and there’s always hope when there’s a will. frankly i regret that my first time off road biking turned out to be a tragedy by i couldn’t turn back time and can only look forward.

    i would like to thank you for your very inspiring and motivating stories! πŸ™‚

  434. sylvia says:

    I fell & broke my shoulder in three places and have to go for an op tomorrow to put it all back together !

    the reason i am writing to you is to let everyone with a broken souulder know about this wonderful sling/vest which has given me so much relief, my friend was sking in france mar 2010, he broke his shoulder and was fitted with something i cant find anywhere on the internet, he has kindly loaned it to me, but i could do with a slightly smaller version. the label name sober/LABORATOIRE, its probably french. its blue padded vented fabric & lt is interchangable for either shoulder & it wraps around your body & fastens with velcro, it doesnt give you neck ache like the slings!

    • Kathy says:

      Hi, Sylvia. I searched the Internet, too, but didn’t find the sling/vest you mentioned. Readers–especially European readers, if you find where to purchase it, would you please let us know? Thanks!

  435. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely! Moving toward gratitude for all God has given us is so healing. Also, gratitude for each small step accomplished in the healing process gives joy to one’s spirit and to those around you.

  436. James says: