Recently I have been reading about the strontium-calcium debate. Although research is inconclusive, some studies indicate that strontium and calcium may compete with each other for absorption. Personally, I find this puzzling, since both are needed to build strong bone. The fact that I take liquid strontium, calcium-magnesium, and cell-ready minerals together in my “Bone Cocktail” each night definitely peaked my interest. To get their take on the matter, I contacted Eniva Corporation, the company from which I purchase these liquid supplements. Here’s what Diane Rosby of Eniva Corp. wrote me this past week:

“In some cases the presence of calcium could possibly lower the absorption of strontium, as can food, although most studies have been inconclusive. To maximize the absorption of strontium they may wish to take strontium by itself with an hour separating the taking of strontium from food or other supplements.

But remember Kathy, we are never to tell people what to do….they should rely on their doctors for that information.”

Hmmm…I wonder…Does this mean I need to abandon my Bone Cocktail? Dr. Rogers said nothing to this effect, and I would have to hear it from him before I’d make the change. That’s my next step. I’ll let you know.

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2 Comments on The Strontium-Calcium Debate: Partners or Competitors?

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Kathleen, you don’t need Strontium to make strong bone; it’s not even considered an essential nutrient. You can live without it. It was only discovered recently that it incidentally increases bone formation.

  2. Anne says:

    I take Strontium Ranelate – I take it separately from calcium as yes, they do compete with each other so you should never take them at the same time. It’s no problem to take them apart though 🙂

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