Who among us is not busy-to-the-max?  We juggle responsibilities and activities as best we can, letting out a sigh at the end of the day as we finish our sunup-to-sundown race with time. What we generally don’t see is what’s that constant stress is doing inside our bodies.

During my last visit with Dr. Rogers, however, I saw in a coagulated drop of blood ample evidence of what is termed “adrenal stress.”  Using the dark field viewer, I could easily see the pattern of white crystals that indicated the high level of stress at which I generally operate. Dr. Rogers said, as he has in the past, that I need to find a way to relieve the stress because an overload of stress chemicals is harmful to the body.  In the meantime, he prescribed once again several supplements to support the adrenal glands and minimize damage from constant cortisol response.

I’ve been thinking and praying about Dr. Rogers’ advice, wondering how I could find a better balance among my life activities, so that I can give my adrenals a break.  I don’t see a way to cut anything out of my schedule at present.  The alternative, then, is to try to find a more peaceful rhythm of life.  To that end, as of two days ago I’ve started keeping track of exactly where my time goes during the day, hour by hour.  How much is given to relationships?  To work?  To ministry?  To health?  To hobbies?  I’ll keep track for a full week and then take a good look to see where my life is currently out of balance.

Readers, if you have words of wisdom to share with me on this topic, I love to hear from you.

Have a blessed day!

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