One of the conditions I need to clear up, according to both Dr. Rogers and Dr. D’Antonio, is the start of a Candida yeast invasion.  Because Candidiasis is a polysystemic condition, it is important to nip it in the bud, before the cells attack various organs of the body.

How does a Candida yeast condition start?  Sometimes it begins or worsens by taking antibiotics that kill off the “good” bacteria in the colon, thereby upsetting the natural balance in the colon and setting the stage for the proliferation of Candida yeast cells.  However, the culprit in my case, according to Dr. Rogers, is probably whey protein.  Remember, dairy is a no-no for me.  It just doesn’t digest well, leaving a sticky residue in my blood.  I didn’t realize that the whey in whey protein powder–which is dairy–would have the same effect on my blood as milk and cheese.  Well, now I know.

So, it’s back to soy protein powder for me, which I don’t like as well, but is better for me.  Dr. D’Antonio also prescribed two remedies to kill the candida yeast cells that have made their presence known:  1) FNG 1, a bioactive homeopathic preparation, and 2) CandiBactin-AR from Metagenics. I also take a probiotic capsule that contains Acidophilus and other good bacteria for colon health.

Within two months, following doctors’ orders, the condition should be completed cleared up–naturally!

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