Last Wednesday I had a new bone scan done at Florida Hospital Fish Memorial.  The results are supposed to be in on Monday.  You would think I’d be anxious about my Dexascan readings, but I’m not.  After what Dr. Rogers said about my not needing one (“Once the blood is fixed, the blood will take care of the bones.”), this Dexascan is merely a way of documenting what a normal bone density level is for ME.  No, I will not have the bone density of a 20-year-old in top condition, which is what T-scores measure against.  I won’t even have the bone density of the average 55-year-woman, which is what Z-scores compare.  Instead, I will have the bone density of a small-boned, petite woman of Irish descent who is post-menupausal and in optimum health.  Whatever that score turns out to be is fine with me!

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