ph-testing-tape2From Susan in Edmonds, WA:  Where can I buy the pH testing tape you use?

Susan, the pH testing tape that I use is labeled “Body Rescue pH Testing Tape.”  I buy it at my local health food store, but if it’s not available at yours, there are other ways to get it.    The cheapest on-line source for it that I found was  If you’d rather contact the distributor directly, however, the label says it’s distributed by Body Rescue, P.O. Box 845, Fargo, ND  58107.

Keeping my blood alkaline has made a tremendous difference in my overall health, and I’m sure it was a major factor in my victory over osteoporosis.  You were right in your email that the body leaches calcium from the bones to neutralize blood acidity. Keeping the blood at the proper pH level of approximately 7.38 makes this leaching unnecessary, thus benefiting the density and strength of the bone.

ph-chartTo use the pH testing tape, tear off an inch or two of the tape and dip it in either a small amount of your urine or saliva.  If the tape turns a dark green, your blood is alkaline; if the tape looks more orange, you’re in acid territory.  Check your results against the color chart on the tape dispenser for the most accurate reading.

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