scale2Reader question:  I’ve been strictly following an alkaline diet and have lost too much weight!  How can I can gain weight on an alkaline diet?

Answer:  Perhaps you might need to follow the advice that my doctor gave me when my weight started dipping too low.  He told me to eat more fat!  He told me that healthy fats were essential to good health–for skin, hormone production, and much more.

To that end, I began including avocado, walnuts, and roasted sunflower seeds in my salads.  I also started eating healthy desserts, such as Healthy Carrot Cake.  Since my aim is an 80% alkaline, 20% acid diet–not a 100% alkaline diet–I include some meat in my diet, too, as well as Deboles brand Jerusalem Artichoke fettuccine and spaghetti.

Including more healthy fat has made me feel better, with more energy and calmness.  My weight hovers around 118-120 these days, which seems to be a healthy weight for me.

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