ph-testing-tape2-150x150Reader Question:  I have recently started an alkaline diet, and I hope it will help heal my osteoporosis. The problem I’m having is when I check the pH level of my urine–which I’m doing regularly–it is perfect, but when I check my saliva, it is always acidic no matter what time of day I check it. I don’t check it immediately after eating, so it doesn’t pick up on what I have just eaten.  I’m wondering what is wrong.  Have you heard of this happening?

Answer:  I had to do some research to find an answer to this question!  My doctor told me that the mouth tends to be a more acidic environment, but I wondered why that would be.  Then I came across this article online, “Measuring your own pH,” at  The article says saliva can be affected by bacteria in the mouth and goes on to give a thorough explanation of other factors that can affect the test results.  I hope you find the article as interesting as I did!  🙂

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