mosquitoWhen I’m out walking or running as my weight bearing exercise here in Central Florida, I’m sometimes bothered by hungry mosquitoes.   So, what’s a devoted bone builder to do?

Here’s a handy trick.  You can keep mosquitoes from attacking by mixing in a spray bottle:

1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup water

Spritz the mixture on your pulse points, and no more mosquito bites!  The aroma of vanilla blocks mosquitoes’ antennae receptors, keeping them from detecting your scent.

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2 Comments on Bugged by Mosquitos? Try this!

  1. Barb Kleeege says:

    Can you tell me what Beyond C Powder is? You mention it a lot.

    • Kathy says:

      Good question, Barb! The short answer is that it’s a synergistic combination of Vitamin C and GMS Ribose that allows the consumption of mega doses of Vitamin C with minimal gas or diarrhea. The long answer is coming up in the next OsteoDiet article, thanks to you!

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