weekly plannerFor Teachers: Part 4 of Balancing School, Home, and Health – Scheduling for Success!

With my total to-do list in hand, I sit down with my weekly planner and pencil in items from the to-do list in appropriate time slots.   If I don’t assign a time slot for task for each task, I have a tendency either to pile up too many tasks to accomplish in one day -or put off finishing jobs that aren’t as fulfilling as others.

Posting large jobs takes special care.  Tasks that take more than an hour to complete must be broken into a series of “mini-jobs” that take less than an hour.  For example:  I have to prepare a PowerPoint presentation for a book study on Purposeful Co-Teaching at my school.  Definitely more than an hour’s worth of work!  I have about two weeks to prepare the entire presentation, and the book contains nine chapters.  So, I will post the preparation for each chapter onto one hour per day for nine days.  By the end of the ninth day, if God so wills, the project will be done!

What if my schedule changes?  What if other tasks come up that are more pressing?  That’s why erasers were invented!  Just erase and re-schedule!

Don’t forget to pencil in time for sleep, prayer,  romance, exercise, relaxation, and hobbies, too!  In fact, why not pencil them in first?  Your body,  soul, and spirit will be glad you did!

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