imagesAt my three-month checkup yesterday, my naturopathic physician, Dr. Steven D’Antonio, found that my health is continuing to improve.  Osteoporosis no longer comes up in the conversation!   In fact, Dr. Steve said I no longer need a couple of the supplements I was taking, and he may further eliminate another supplement next time, if my thyroid scan shows no further need of intensive nutritional support.

A fascinating finding for me yesterday centered on the LSA system’s scan of my emotions.  (LSA = Limbic Stress Assessment bioenergic evaluation.)  As you may know, the chemicals of emotions are stored as polypeptides in various organs of the body, and imbalances can be detected by the LSA.  It is amazing how accurate the LSA scanning is!  Yesterday’s scan yielded my body’s need for a homeopathic flower remedy, FS-MND #17, from FuturePlex for “fatigue from detailed work” and “confusion and fatigue with mental work with inability to fix mind on one subject.”  I had said nothing to Dr. Steve about the fact that my mind felt on overload from my Academic Coach job at school.  Who would ever have thought that my mental strain would show up as an out-of-balance emotion?

I’m looking forward to the relief that will come from balancing these emotional chemicals.  Since the remedy centers on the thyroid–“communication central”– Dr. Steve pointed out that I that the need to communicate may be at issue.  It’s true.  I need to be able to be honest with others in communicating priorities and limits as Academic Coach on a daily basis, or else face overload and conflict at work, as well as at home from bringing work home with me to finish.

So, what supplements am I taking now?  I’ll list them in my next article.

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