thyroidDay #19 weigh-in: 120.0, down .8 pound from yesterday and 3.4 pounds from Day #1.  Basal temp: 96.34.  The surf was too cold for swimming, so I spend the morning reading books in the shade on the beach.  Heavenly!

Reminder: Our goal is to consume as close to 1000 calories as possible each day of this 28-day diet, while maintaining the high nutrition and 80% alkaline/20% acid ratio of our OsteoDiet. At the end of the 28 days, we’ll determine our Metabolic Function Index, a measure of our metabolic rate, using the tables in Dr. Sanford Siegal’s book, Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?.

Here’s what on the menu today:

136      1 cup Multigrain Oatbran cereal
15        Almond milk, 1/4 cup (Had to switch to Original flavor, rather than Unsweetened, because the Publix in Port Orange didn’t carry unsweetened.)
99        Almond, 11
41        Blueberries, 1/2 cup
0          Raspberry tea + Vitality C powder
N/A      Supplements

81        Apple
200      Cocoa Cherry Standard Bar
0          16 oz. water


127      Salad (Romaine lettuce, 2 cups; tomatoes, 35; cucumber 1/4, 9; green pepper 1/3, 7; 1/2 tbsp. sunflower seeds, 25; raspberry vinaigrette dressing, 35)
0         Water

49       Cherries, 10
38       Watermelon, 3/4 cup

Supper at Chili’s:
210     3/4 DeBoles brand Jerusalem Artichoke Fetucchini
40       1 oz. lean ground beef, cooked
50       1/2 cup Hunt’s spaghetti sauce
0         Water

0         Raspberry tea + Vitality C powder
N/A     Supplements

Total Calories for the Day:  1086

See you tomorrow!


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