thyroid3The results are in from following Dr. Siegal’s 28-Day Diet to determine metabolic function, and they indicate that I have hypothyroidism, a condition of low thyroid function that results in slower metabolism.  I suspected as much, but I find it fascinating that doing the math from Dr. Sanford Siegal’s book substantiated the condition.

Using the worksheet and tables from Chapter 13 of Dr. Siegal’s book, Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?, I was able to calculate these results:

Day 1 weigh-in:     123.4 pounds
Day 29 weigh-in:  118.6 pounds
28-Day weight loss:  4.8 pounds

UCML (Uncorrected Caloric Maintenance Level):  1,625 calories per day

Total calories consumed during the 28 Days:  30,430
– 1,000 calories/day:                                          -28,000
Extra calories to be figured in:                              2,430

CCML  (Corrected Caloric Maintenance Level figuring in 2,430 extra calories during the 28 days):  1,714 calories per day

Baseline Body Weight (from table on page 166):  117

Standard Caloric Maintenance Level (for Moderately Active Woman age 31-60):  2,086 calories per day

MFI or Metabolic Function Index (CCML ÷ SCML) = .82 = 82%

Here’s what Dr. Siegal has to say about this score (page 172):  “I regard 90 percent as the borderline, and I would consider 90 percent as an indication of very mild hypothyroidism.  As the MFI percentage falls lower, the likelihood of hypothyroidism becomes more certain.  At 80 percent, I believe we have full-blown hypothyroidism….”

So, where do we go from here?  Another “human guinea pig” experiment!  I recently read Dr. David Brownstein’s intriguing book on iodine deficiency and the beneficial effect of iodine supplementation on the thyroid.  I recently ordered the kit for the Iodine Load Test that Dr. Brownstein advocates, and I intend to perform the test within the next few days to find out if I am iodine deficient.


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