nutritionHello, OsteoDiet readers!  It’s been several weeks since I’ve had time to write.  Between the birth of three grandchildren this summer and the start of school in August, my schedule has been booked to the limit.  Nonetheless, I’ve had some new developments in the area of health.

1) Iodine Load Test. I took the Iodine Load Test and found that only 69% of the iodine load was excreted.  So, over the summer I took a daily dose of Lugol’s solution (Iodine-Iodide solution) by staining the inside of my left forearm with 2-4 drops of the solution.  A couple of weeks ago, I started to have that “metal taste” in my mouth, so I assume I am now “loaded.”  I can’t know that for sure, however, until I take a second Iodine Load Test.

2) Becoming a Nutritional Counselor. I am currently taking course work to become a Certified Nutritional Counselor.  I hope to complete the course by the end of September, so that I can sit for the test.

3) Keeping on’ keepin’ on. As for the OsteoDiet, it has become a way of life.  I barely give it much thought except when foods I eat are not readily available.  Since I usually take a lunchbox packed with OsteoDiet foods with me on the road, that situation rarely comes up.  🙂

Hope you had a great summer!


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