broccoliIn American culture, we usually plan our menus around the meat/fish course.  For instance, we’ll say, “I’m fixing baked salmon,” and then we pick out “side dishes” of broccoli or rice to accompany the salmon.  Or, we might say, “I’m in the mood for barbecue chicken,” then add green beans and mashed potatoes to the mix.

Instead of planning around the meat, what if we started planning our menus around a vegetable?  Example:  We could serve a plate of sauteed cabbage as the main dish, with a few turkey sausage medallions and a small baked potato on the side.   Or, how about serving a large serving of broccoli with cherry tomatoes as the main attraction with small portions of salmon and rice? 

Remember:  The secret of the OsteoDiet is the 80% alkaline/20% acid balance!  Giving 1st place to vegetables helps us maintain the alkaline balance that results in the desired 7.38 blood pH level which allows bones to absorb and keep the calcium and other minerals that keep bones strong.

1st place goes to…vegetables!


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