CocommuneBarCaseJust when I thought I’d never get to eat another candy bar, Design for Health’s Cocommune Bar made its grand entrance into my life!  Granted, it’s not a candy bar, but it sure tastes like it to me.  Who would have believed that something this delectable could actually be good for me?

What it’s for:   Cocommune Bars are a coconut-filled immune system support bar!

What’s good about it:   Contains 500 mg of  Tegricel™ per bar.  Tegricel® (patent pending) is a novel nutriceutical designed to enhance general immune function and toheal and repair damaged gastrointestinal mucosal tissue.    The fat content of the bar is provided by coconut and coconut oil, which are known to possess anti-bacterial and immune-enhancing properties. Coconut oil is very easily burned into energy.  The coating is made of nutritious, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate, and there’s only one net carbohydrate per bar.

What’s bad about it:   Well, my husband doesn’t like it.  He says it tastes weird, but I think it tastes great!

It’s better than:   a Mounds bar because it doesn’t give me nasty sores on my tongue when I eat it.

It’s not as good as:  an Almond Joy candy bar…I miss the almonds.

Why I use this product:   Cocommune Bars came up on my LSA scan as highly beneficial for my immune system.  I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark chocolate and coconut!

Best place to get it:   I get mine from Dr. Steven D’Antonio in Winter Park, Florida.  You can also find them advertised on-line.

For more information about the product, check with your health care professional or Google Search “Cocommune Bars” on the web.


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