Daily DietBefore breakfast weight (in pounds):  121.6

pH level:  6.0 (urine), 7.4 (saliva)…Better than yesterday.  Salivia reading is perfect, but urine level is still low.   Bring on the Greens Shake!

Before breakfast:  8 oz water

Breakfast:  2 slices of Ezekiel bread, Greens Shake with 1 tbsp liquid chlorophyll, supplements, water

Between meals:  Water

Lunch:   Protein shake with my favorite whole food protein powder + 8 frozen strawberries, 12 raw almonds, and 8 oz. water

Between meals:  Cocoa Cherry Standard Bar (from Standard Process), Camomile Citrus tea

Supper:  Beef cubes, potato cubes, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, water

Bedtime:   Water

Supplements taken today:    Twice Daily Essential Packets (from Designs for Health)

NES Infoceuticals:  New protocol begins today!  ED 3 Cell Driver, ED 5 Circulation Driver, EI 4 Neurotransmitters-Heart Meridian, EI 10 Circulation-Heart Protector Meridian, ET 8 Nero, ES 8 Chill

2 Comments on The Daily Diet – Friday, January 14, 2011

  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Carol. Are you asking about the EI 10 Infoceutical from NES Health? If you are, what I can tell you is that the Infoceutical contains water in which fulvic acid suspended and upon which has been imprinted subatomic information (the code of the spherical standing wave) that rebuilds the Circulation-Heart Protector Meridian. Sounds complicated, I know. You can read all about the science behind NES Health by reading, Decoding the Human Body-Field by Massey and Fraser.

  2. carolrogers says:

    Can you tell me what is in E1 10? I just bought one, and I was wondering what is in it??

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