Years ago I heard Suzanne Somers talking about the benefits of bioidentical hormones.   About 4 months ago, I finally decided to try them.  Why?  Sexual intercourse had become difficult and painful because of the thinning of the vaginal wall, and no amount of personal lubricants worked to make the situation better.  In addition, one of the benefits of bioidentical hormones touted by the literature from BodyLogic, MD is increased bone density!

Will it work?  Well, bioidentical hormone replacement has already worked wonders for my sex life!  Intercourse is now pain-free and pleasurable.  As for bone density, we’ll see.  Having just had a bone scan in October 2012, I’ll have another Dexascan in October 2013, compare the results, and let you know.

If you would like more information about bioidentical hormones, here the link to their website:

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