My dear friend (you know who you are),

How wonderful that you have decided to travel the natural road to health and bone strength!  Time to thank Our Lord for blessings received!  Now that you are ready for the second step, I invite you to do the following during this month:

1) Test your pH in the morning before breakfast.  You can spit onto an inch or two of tape, or you can place a strip of tape in the urine stream.  Or, you can do what I do:  I do both and then average the readings, if they are different.  Later in the day, you can test your pH level again to see what effect your eating is having on your body’s acidity/alkalinity.

2) Begin collecting and trying out alkaline recipes from and other resources.  Keep the ones you find delicious and satisfying; get rid of the rest.  The more alkaline dishes you can add to your diet, the easier it is to let go of acidifying foods that harm your bones.

3) Begin an moderate exercise plan of stretching and weight-bearing exercise by joining an exercise group or by working out at home to an exercise video or DVD.  I do both!  I belong to the YMCA, and I have a whole collection of exercise DVD’s that accent strength training and flexibility.  I also walk everyday, or as often as possible.  Hint:  Choose a time of day that works for you and stick with it for one month.  Note:  You might like to weigh in before you start your exercise plan to see what effect increased alkalinity and exercise have on the scale.  🙂

4) Borrow or buy Dr. Susan Brown’s book, The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide: A Quick Reference to Foods and Their Effect on pH Levels.  You’ll be glad you did!

When you’ve completed Step 2, let me know.  By then, you’ll be ready for Step 3!

Blessings in abundance to you and yours,

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