Buddha-QuoteThis excerpt is taken from my journal.  Could it be an entry in yours?

“I’m getting over a cold. I slept probably about 10 hours last night. Now I am drinking green tea with key lime juice and a greens shake, trying to boost my pH and my body’s ability to function correctly.

“I must get it through my head that I can’t eat the way my husband eats. I can’t drink coffee and creamer every day and expect my body to be happy about it.” Now, see, I type that, but I don’t quite believe it. I think to myself, “But, the caffeine helps my pulmonary vessels and blood vessels to start the day on a better note.” And there’s the rub: I haven’t really made a solid deduction about which is better. I still haven’t decided whether it’s good to drink coffee in the morning or not. And I still haven’t decided whether my body is okay with eating dairy, sweets, and breads along with my husband.

But, I’ll tell you what: I know that my body prefers green tea with lemon and a greens shake when it’s trying to get well. That ought to tell me something, if I were paying attention. And I know that my body functions at a higher metabolism when I go to the gym in the morning. And I know that sugar really isn’t good for me because it causes a rise in triglycerides and fat storage. And finally, I know that my body is leaner when I eat exclusively fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, lean meat, high quality oils, and pure water.

“So, when am I going to act decisively on this knowledge?”


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