For years I had wondered what would happen if I ever broke a hip or fractured my pelvis. Could I recover from such serious skeletal injuries? Little did know that when I woke up on February 23, 2022, I was about to find out!

Here’s what happened…

Early that Wednesday morning as I drove my granddaughter to school, I was in a terrible car wreck! I happened in an instant. Apparently, the other driver didn’t see me as I started into the intersection, and she slammed full force into my front end, T-bone style. The EMT on the scene told my husband that the other driver must have been going at least 40 miles per hour when the cars collided. The police noted that there was no skid mark left on the pavement, so the other driver did not attempt to stop.

Thank God, my granddaughter sustained only bruises! However, I was rushed by ambulance to Halifax Hospital’s Trauma Center in Daytona Beach. There, my x-rays revealed a pelvic ring fracture, with the pelvis broken in two places, as well as a broken sacrum, a broken right fibula, and assorted bruises and cuts. I was in agony every time medical personnel had to move me.

My daughter, Julie, who is a registered nurse, stayed with me until 2:30 a.m., when I was finally settled into a room on the sixth floor. Her expert care and encouragement made such a difference! My husband and other family members also supported me during my five-day hospital stay. My pastor even came to the hospital to anoint me for healing.

The good news, the bad news…and the best news!

The good news? None of my injuries required surgery. The bad news? The doctors said to expect a lot of pain. They weren’t kidding! Despite the breaks, the hospital staff had me up and using a walker the next day. Every step required the choice to endure pain.

As I write this article, three months have passed since that fateful day. The worst is over. I’m here to tell you that serious injuries such as these can and do heal. I am still in physical therapy and am receiving regular chiropractic care and PEMF treatments. I also take supplements, homeopathic remedies, bioidentical hormones, and NES Infoceuticals customized for my body’s needs. Day by day my situation is improving. Over the next few weeks, I will be posting several articles about my journey back to wholeness, so that if any of you suffer similar injuries, you will be encouraged.

God bless you all,


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