Osteoporosis Diet; Dr. Mark Hyman

Kathy on March 6th, 2014

I’m still in the prep phase for Dr. Hyman’s 10-Day Detox Diet.  I bought some baking soda last night, and will buy Epsom salts and lavender oil tonight to complete the supplies for the nightly detox bath.  I’ve ordered the supplements from Dr. Hyman’s website.  As soon as the supplements arrive, I’ll head out to […]

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I highly respect the work of Dr. Mark Hyman!  His newest book, The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-Day Detox Diet, outlines the ways in which sugar highjacks our body’s survival chemistry, causing spikes in insulin that in turn causing addictive food cravings, as well as all sorts of system-wide damage to the body.  (Remember, too, that […]

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High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a big no-no for the OsteoDiet! Read Dr. Hyman’s article, 5 Reasons High Fructose Corn Syrup Will Kill You, to find out why.

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