I highly respect the work of Dr. Mark Hyman!  His newest book, The Blood Sugar Solution: 10-Day Detox Diet, outlines the ways in which sugar highjacks our body’s survival chemistry, causing spikes in insulin that in turn causing addictive food cravings, as well as all sorts of system-wide damage to the body.  (Remember, too, that sugar is highly acidic, causing the blood to have to use the body’s mineral supply from the bones, muscles, etc., to neutralize the acid.)

Dr. Hyman’s solution?  Detox!  Spend 10 days detoxing the body from sugar, while providing support through healthy foods, supplements, and his on-line community.  Tremendous!

I’m hoping to finish Dr. Hyman’s book today, which is absolutely fascinating.  It’s a fascinating read!  Then, when I officially start the detox, I’ll document on this website what happens over the 10 days.

Want to join me?

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