Walk Around The World

Kathy on January 17th, 2010

Okay, OsteoDiet readers, we’ve wiped the slate clean on our “Walk Around the World” scoreboard.  It’s time to slip on our walking shoes, pick up those weights, grab a tennis racket, or even pick up a broom and dustcloth, and rack up the miles! How does it work? 1) Just click on the “Walk Around […]

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Kathy on June 26th, 2009

The Wednesday Walkers trekked a total of 100.9 miles during the 2008-2009 school year! Who are the Wednesday Walkers?  We are a group of teachers, administrators, and clerical staff members from Southwestern Middle School in DeLand, Florida, who care about fitness.  Every Wednesday afternoon we don our walking shoes after school and speed walk through […]

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Distance added today was 1 mile from an after-dinner walk with my husband. Want to join me in our Walk Around the World?  All you need to do is tell me in a Comment (below) the Teammate Name you would like to use, and I’ll add you to Team Osteodiet.com.  You’ll receive a Password that […]

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Today I began keeping track of my fitness activities on our “Walk Around the World” tracker, posting 2.1 miles for Day 1.   Here’s how it worked: My fitness activities today included 30 minutes of upper body weight training and a one-mile walk at a moderate pace.  According to the fitness activity chart, each minute […]

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