This is a salad that you can eat on days when you have to work at your computer during lunch.

Combine in a salad-size plastic Take-a-Long container:

Bottom layer: 1/2 cucumber, sliced
Next layer: 10-12 cherry tomatoes
Next layer: 10-12 almonds
Next layer: 10-12 baby carrots
Top layer: 1 stalk of celery, cut into bite-size chunks

Squeeze a slice of lemon over your salad, and seal the lid onto the container. Be sure to pack a towelette or a hand towel in your lunch, so that you can wipe your fingers off between bites and keep typing.

3 Comments on Recipe – Computer Salad

  1. Matthew Munyon says:

    This is a practical, yummy salad, and a cute description…”so you can keep typing.”


    Matthew & Teresa

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