I wasn’t feeling well today.  I think I’ve got whatever the kids are passing around at school–headache, swollen throat, nausea.  I followed my cravings today.

Breakfast:  Kamut Pancakes (See Recipes) with applesauce topping, water, supplements, strawberry tea

Snack:  1/4 apple

Lunch:  Tomato soup, millet bun, jar of organic baby food for dessert (apple-banana flavor)

Snack:  Carrot, bottle of water

Snack:  Tostitos chips

Supper:  Turkey, 4 slices of oatmeal bread, long grain and wild rice, stir-fry vegies, water, blueberry tea

Bedtime:  Water, supplements

Midnight snack:  Sunflower seeds, water


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