During Wednesday’s appointment, Dr. Rogers was quite encouraged with my progress.  We viewed my blood using his high-powered microscope/TV, and the cells now look healthy and round with very little lipid peroxidation and no yeast at all. They are still somewhat stuck together however, and I will be concentrating on getting them “unstuck” by taking liquid silica, using a negative ion generator near the computer, and spending more time at the beach.

As far as the Dexascan results went, Dr. Rogers was encouraged that the bone density of the lumbar vertebrae has improved! He accented that more time needs to be spent working out the lower half of my body by treadmill, jogging, walking, machines, etc. He is also having me take a hormone panel (blood test) to check my hormone levels, as he said that may be an area that might help absorption.

In addition, he is going to retest my thyroid in 8 weeks to see if it is healing and producing more of its own thyroid hormone. That was encouraging news to me!

So, Dr. Rogers says I am on the right track. Full speed ahead!


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