Progress Reports

Kathy on July 12th, 2021

It’s been 5 years since I last posted on this website and 15 years since my initial diagnosis… and I’m here to tell you that an osteoporosis diagnosis is NOT a death sentence! Do I Still Have Light Bones? Do I still have light bones? Yup. But do my light bones affect my lifestyle? Only […]

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Who would have believed that one year after my shoulder fracture I would be mountain climbing?  The good news is that’s exactly what  happened! In our recent trip to Caritas, Alabama, George and I joined hundreds of others in climbing a mountain to a Marian grotto carved into the side of a mountain.  Near the […]

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Kathy on January 16th, 2008

I visited Dr. Rogers Monday evening to go over the results of the hormone panel (blood test) I took last month.  I didn’t understand every detail of the report, but he explained the most significant figures.  He said both my estrogen and progesterone levels are low, but my DHEA is high.  He went on to […]

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Kathy on November 23rd, 2007

During Wednesday’s appointment, Dr. Rogers was quite encouraged with my progress.  We viewed my blood using his high-powered microscope/TV, and the cells now look healthy and round with very little lipid peroxidation and no yeast at all. They are still somewhat stuck together however, and I will be concentrating on getting them “unstuck” by taking […]

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Kathy on November 12th, 2007

Today I picked up the results of my bone scan that was taken last Wednesday. The results are mixed. My lumbar vertebrae are slightly stronger–which indicates that osteoporosis CAN be reversed! However, the hip bone (femoral neck) has deteriorated another level. My husband and I have been discussing my options, which may include a job […]

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