Over the past two months, I have started seeing Dr. Ashley Bourne for chiropractic care.  He has made adjustments to my spine and hip joints, and his work has made a positive difference in my ability to move and bend without pain.  I especially notice the difference in my neck and right hip.

If you are interested in seeking chiropractic care, I highly recommend Dr. Bourne.  He has been treating my daughter, Kelly, for injuries received in a recent auto accident, and she can tell you what a difference quality chiropractic care makes!

By the way, Dr. Bourne recommended a change in my workout schedule.  He said that, at my age, the body needs time to recover from  heavy weight training.  He recommended two sessions of full-body weight training per week, with other exercises throughout the week.  This would include my belly dancing, walking, yoga, stretching, and whatever else I come up with.  He also recommended at least one day off of complete relaxation.  He said that learning to “power down” was an important part of maintaining health, both one day a week and for 10- to 15- minute intervals here and there throughout the day, as one might do with mediation.

I’ll include Dr. Bourne’s contact information on this site tomorrow.  I’ll also include a new workout schedule for next week!


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