Boogie boarding has got to be one of the most enjoyable ways to get exercise and build bone density. It gets you out in the sun, which promotes the production of Vitamin D for stronger bones. It also gets you out in the surf where negative ions abound, which helps the red blood cells to circulate freely. Boogie boarding is safer than surfing, too, because the board is light and won’t injure you if it hits you in the head. Besides, you ride in on your belly with a boogie board, rather than standing up, so there’s no chance of falling.

Surfers often have to wait in line for a good waves, but not boogie boarders! Just about every wave is a good wave to boogie. All you need is a boogie board–make sure it’s big enough to keep you afloat–and a wet suit for cold weather. If you’re looking for a fun way to get more exercise for your bones, why not give boogie boarding a try?

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  1. […] The beaches were incredibly beautiful!  Costa Rica has some sort of rule about not building hotels or condos on the beach, so the natural surroundings were undisturbed.  George and I surfed and boogie boarded, respectively,  just about every day.  All that exercise and the negative ions from the ocean breeze were most certainly great for my bones… […]

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