People ask me from time to time, “Does your family eat the same foods you do? If not, how do you handle the cooking?”

Answer: Yes and no. Yes, I always make plenty of the healthy choices, so that they can dig into these–and most of the time, they do. However, several family members still want the old “family favorites” that are filled with processed carbohydrates, milk and cheese, unhealthy fats, and lots of sugar. I don’t feel like it’s my place to force my husband, my children, or my aunt to eat the way I do, so I still prepare these dishes for them.

Does fixing the old family favorites present a temptation for me to leave my alkaline diet? Not any more. Here’s my secret: I pretend that I’m cooking with play dough! Remember when you were little and made all sorts of food from Play-Doh–skinny green beans, little round green peas, brown hamburgers, and the like? We’d put them up to our mouths and pretend to eat them, but of course, no one would really eat them because Play-Doh isn’t real food! It wouldn’t be nourishing at all. Well, that’s how I look at chocolate cheese cake and cheddar cheese soup. For me, they “look” like food, but they wouldn’t be nourishing for my body. Instead, I know they would acidify my blood and create digestive problems and a toxic colon. I certainly don’t want that to happen!

So, when I’m cooking the old family favorites, I simply treat the preparations like play dough. I don’t eat a bite. I don’t even take any “taste tests” along the way!

But I also offer healthy, delicious alternatives at the same meal. Slowly, but surely, these healthier dishes are becoming new family favorites! Check out my “Recipes” and “Desserts” sections for tasty dishes that you can offer your family, and watch to find one they enjoy. Serve that dish again and then gradually add others. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking mostly healthy foods for everyone, with only a few occasional “play dough” dishes to prepare. 🙂

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