A friend of mine asked me the other day, “Where do I begin?”  She had been feeling so tired and worn out and was concerned about her bone density.  She wanted to start taking supplements and work on improving her health.

In my mind, my friend has already begun.  Knowing that you need to make a change in your health practices in the most important first step.  “Change your mind and you change yourself,” a wise man once told me.

The next step, in my opinion, is to find a doctor who will lead you to healthful eating habits and who can prescribe supplements or pharmaceuticals that will help your body to heal.

On your own, there are a number of ways you can start on the road to better health, too:

1) Drink more water.   Drop the coffee and sodas, and drink water instead.  Try to drink a glass of water with every meal and one in between each meal, and upon rising.  That gets you six glasses of water, and that’s a good start.

2) Find a good multivitamin at your nearby health food store.

3) Work toward substituting natural foods for processed foods.  For example, try eating Ezekiel bread instead of biscuits; fruit for dessert instead of cake, vegetables with nuts and spices for flavor instead of veggies with cream sauces.

Each small change carries big benefits.   Keep a list of each change you make, and celebrate your progress by giving yourself well deserved rewards–especially the gift of time to do something you enjoy doing.  If you give yourself the gift of time to go for a walk in the evening after supper, you’ll be taking another step toward better health and stronger bones.

And you’re on your way!

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