On Monday, June 16, 2008, I was gliding down the hill on my daughter’s bike toward my house when I squeezed the left hand break. Little did I know that this action would lock up the front wheel. Over the handle bars I flew, landing full force on my left shoulder. Major ouch! A man who was driving by stopped, hopped out of his truck, and offered help. I was screaming–wailing aloud–and refused to stand. Doubled over and clutching by arm to my chest, I told him I lived at the yellow house only three or four houses away. He ran there to get help. Thank God, my daughter, Kelly, was home! She picked me up in her car and drove me to the hospital. I was still screaming and crying from the pain when an orderly sat me in a wheelchair and took me to the ER.

The ER nurse intended to cut off my shirt and bra, but I refused. This was the black pinstriped shirt that Kelly had given me! I would NOT have it destroyed! We managed to slide it off, as well as the bra, amidst tears of pain. The nurse then inserted an IV and administered a dose of morphine.

A series of X-rays were taken next. Diagnosis: Severe fracture of the shoulder. The neck of the humerus was broken. Treatment? The ER doctor had my injured arm put in a sling and wrapped with a swath to keep it immobile. Then he gave me the number of the on-call orthopedic surgeon, Dr. LeVoire.

We made the appointment with Dr. LeVoire. When we saw him on Wednesday, he said that an active, younger person will usually have surgery to align the bones and have a brace attached or pin inserted to stabilize the bone. However, he said that he did not do that type of surgery. George and I replied that we were seeing another orthopedic surgeon in Orlando on Friday, Dr. George White, who had been recommended by Zoe Paiva. Dr. LeVoire said that Dr. White was an excellent choice–the best.

So, this morning we saw Dr. White’s physician’s assistant, Steven Anderson. Mr. Anderson pointed out that the ball of the humerus was fractured, in addition to the neck, and that other fractured fragments were indicated by the X-rays. He consulted with Dr. White this afternoon. Dr. White wants a CT-scan done of shoulder area. Neither he nor Mr. Anderson think surgery will be necessary, but they just want to be sure. I am glad of that! The CT-scan will be taken on Monday.

In the meantime, I am grateful for all the help, support, and prayers coming from my husband, George, my children, parents, extended family, and friends. I’m also quite heartened that I did not break my hip or vertebrae, as might have been expected in one who is recovering from osteoporosis. God is so good!

I wonder if my bone-healthy diet will help this injury heal more quickly than it would have otherwise? I’ll keep you posted!


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