What a wet week we’ve had here in Delightful DeLand!  Tropical Storm Fay went above and beyond the call of duty in relieving our dangerously dry conditions in the area.  School was canceled from Tuesday through Friday because of wind gusts and constant rain.  This is the first truly sunny day we’ve had since last Monday!

Now, you would think that being marooned indoors would have given me lots of free time to write for OsteoDiet, but no.  Instead of writing, I spent lots of fun time with my husband, our children, their significant others, and our grandchildren.  We played board games, watched movies, ate lots of food, and just generally played.  I don’t do enough of that generally–play, I mean.  It was a welcome break from my deeply ingrained work ethic.

But now that the sun is out and I’ve been out running, I’m ready to settle down to the desktop again.  I have some exciting research to share, a new recipe, progress reports, and more.   It’s going to be an exciting week on OsteoDiet.com!  Stay tuned!

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