The quick answer is “no.”  Having low bone density in itself doesn’t hurt at all.  However, here’s the catch: If your bones start to fracture because of low bone density or other factors, that can hurt plenty!  Compression fractures in the vertebrae can be extremely painful and may even require surgical intervention to find relief.

Having said that, low bone density does not mean your bones are going to fracture.  Bone strength results from a combination of factors, not just from bone density.  It is possible to have low bone density and never experience a fracture, and it is also possible to have high bone density, yet have brittle bones that are prone to break.  For more information on this topic, I recommend reading The Myth of Osteoporosis by Gillian Sanson.  A review of this outstanding book is coming up soon on this website.

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7 Comments on Does Osteoporosis Hurt?

  1. Shirley Ledet says:

    My Knee is swollen not my legs but my legs hurt awful

  2. Kathy says:

    Hi, Stephanie. I had a lot of body aches and pain in my feet when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. When I changed my diet to the 80% alkaline / 20% acid OsteoDiet, I was amazed that my aches and pain went away and my overall health improved. I also had to make sure to get vitamin D, calcium and other minerals, and extra vitamin C to help the body absorb the calcium. As I am not a doctor, I cannot comment on whether you might have arthritis or not, but I will keep you in my prayers for continued healing.

    God bless you,

  3. Stephanie says:

    I am 41 and had a bone density test done last year and was told I have osteoporosis in my hips. Was told by my MD take 2000 IU vitamin D and calcium. My question is should my hips and legs ache feeling more like arthritis? I can feel its in the bones.
    Or do you thinking may have arthritis on top of osteo? Seems like if I take the vitamin Its manageable, but if I go couple days without I sure Can tell.

  4. Kathy says:

    Hello, Heidi. Has the doctor recommended any course of treatment for you?

    God bless you,

  5. Heidi , 46 says:

    hey Linda, i had 3 broken ribs 18 months ago they r still sore from time to time. I was diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis just last week. For the pain relief i was prescribed tramadol. Hope you heal well take care

  6. Kathy says:

    Linda, my heart goes out to you, as I know how painful bone fractures can be. Anyone who doubts that bones are alive need only talk to anyone whose bones have broken to know the truth. From what I have read, some fractures require surgery to reduce the pain, but others simply take time to recovery for the pain to lessen. If you can move toward a more alkaline diet, that will free up the minerals you eat to work toward healing bone, rather than working to neutralize acid in the blood. I will keep you in prayer for pain relief and increased healing.

    God bless you,

  7. Linda says:

    I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis about 2 years ago and have had 3 fractures, my last fracture also fractured a rib and the pain is overwhelmingly painful. How long does it take for rib to heal and is there anything I can take to help with this pain.

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