In a time when the watchdogs of the health of our nation’s children decry the obese, junk food junkies that increasingly inhabit our classrooms, today I saw hope for the future.

A young lady named Lily, a student in my 3rd period Algebra 1 Honors class, stated in front of her peers yesterday that she intended to keep her weight down and eat healthy snacks.  She even questioned why I had a jar of cookies and a container of candy on my shelf as rewards for students when I espouse a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family. “Good question,” I replied, “because it violates my conscience every day.”  I told her and the rest of the class that if they could find something that I could keep on my shelf that was both healthy and affordable on a large scale basis–I have about 140 students–I would stock it.

That’s my challenge this week–to find a nutritious reward snack for my students.  In the meantime, I told Lily that, if she brought a healthy food item with her to class, she could eat it at the beginning of class with no complaint from me.  True to her principles, she showed up today with a ripe banana and enjoyed her mid-morning snack at the start of the period.

Lily, my hat’s off to you!  You have inspired me to renew my search for healthful, affordable classroom treats.

Readers, any ideas?


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  1. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Patty, for sharing your tips for keeping from being hungry during the morning. I’ll share your suggestions with Lily on Monday. 🙂

  2. Kathy says:

    Thanks, Ryan. I’ll look for them at DeLand Bakery and Natural Foods, and I’ll see how much they are. If at all reasonable, I will put them on my shelf as reward treats!

  3. Patty Lechner says:

    I have found that a shake that I make for breakfast holds me from being hungry. If I need something more while cleaning up the kitchen I have sunflower seeds. That fiber indeed helps. Ingredients in my shake: 8 Ounces 1 & milk
    8 strawberries frozen
    1 scoop whey
    1/2 Bananna when I have them on hand
    Sweetner (xyspelling?)
    I quit eating so many carbs…muffins toasted, or bread with honey is one of my great weaknesses. I always have pears, apples and fresh fruit on hand. That seems to satisfy the sweet tooth I have.

    I think the bananna is great because its filling.

  4. Ryan says:

    Kashi has cookies too! They’re a bit more expensive than the less healthy ones, but there’s a few varieties that I like just as much as the unhealthy ones!

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